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2013-2014学年度中考英语二轮复习 词法 冠词专项练习

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1.—What do you want to be in the future, Lucy?

—I want to be _____ pilot. It is _____exciting job.

A. a; a B. a; an C. a; the D. the; an

2.Mary was born in 1998 and she began to play _______ guitar at the age of seven.

A.a B.不填 C.the

3.The house is very nice. Has it got ________ garden?

A. / B. a C. an D. the

4.This is 3-D printer. And this is an artificial (人工的) ear. Can you believe that scientists printed this artificial ear by this 3-D printer?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

5.What do you usually have for________ breakfast?

A piece of bread and ______ egg.

A. a; an B.不填; the C. a; the D.不填; an

7.What do the neighbors think of Li Lei?

They say he is ______ lucky boy.

A. a B. an C. the

8.It is believed that travelling to Yangzhou in ________ March is ________ enjoyable experience.

A . /; the B. the; an C. /; an D. the; the

9.My cousin Andy can play piano very well, but he isn’t god at playing basketball.

A.the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; /

10. longest wall in the world.

A. The , the B. A .a . C. The ,a

11.Lin Shuhao is ________ good basketball player in the NBA.

A. / B. a C. an D. the

13.My sister likes playing_____guitar and she also likes playing______soccer.

A. the; the B. /; / C. /; the D. the; /

14.Do you know a spaceship flies at about nineteen kilometers ________ second?

A. the B. a C. / D. an


bus to Jinan or Zhengzhou.

A. an; the B.an;a C.the;a D.a:a

16.A: I enjoyed the performance very much.

B: Yes, it was really good. I think ________ boy in white was the best actor.

A: a B: an C: the D: /

17.There is egg in the bowl.

A. a B. (不填) C. an D. the

18.— What's in the box?

—There is apple and some oranges in it.

A. a B. an C. the

19.football with us.

A. A; the B. The; a C. The; / D. A; /

20.Hurry up,or we’ll be late.

Take your time—it’s just ______short distance from here to ________cinema.

A./;the B.the;a C.a;the D./;a

21.Perhaps the famous football star won’t play__________ football any longer.

A.a B.an C.the D./

22.---Excuse me, is there ________ book by Mo Yan?

---Yes. It’s on _________ bookshelf over there.

A. a; / B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a


23.Maria would like orange, not orange juice.

A. a; the B. /; an C. an; / D. an; an

24.-This is a useful dictionary, I think.

-So it is, and it’s ______ unusual one.

A. the B. an C. a D. 不填

25.I like _______ color of your coat. I’ll buy _______ blouse like this color.

A. the; the B. a; a C. the; a D. a; the

26.A. a B. ∕ C. the D. an

27.Who is ___________ man under the tree?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

28.My friend Amy often takes walk with her dog in the park after dinner.

A. 不填 B. a C. an D. the

29.-----What’s _____matter with you?

------I have_____ flu

A. the, / B . /, the C. the, the

30.Do you know ______ girl in green? She is our monitor.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

31.We play ________ basketball after class.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

32.-Are you going to Beijing by ______ train?

-No. I’m taking ______ car.

A. /;a B. A; the C. /; / D. the; a

33.It is a good habit to go to ______ bed early and get up early.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

34.I think it’s really _________ hard work for me to finish the job in twenty minutes.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

35.—How do you like ________color of my dress?

—Wonderful! I like it very much.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

36.— What’s matter?

— A car is in way.

A. a; a B. /; the C. the; a D. the; the

37.—Lily, there is _________ schoolbag near the window. Is it yours?

—Yes, it is. Thank you!

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

38.She has got two cats now. ______ black and white one is called Rosie and ______ brown one Joseph.

A. The; a B. A; the C. The; the D. A; a

39.GuanTianlang is _____________ 14-year-old boy, but he is famous all over the world.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

40.—Do you know ______ woman in red?

—Yes, she’s a professor of_________ university.

A. the;a B. a;an C. the;an D. / ; the

41.Look at ______ girl with sunglasses. She is my cousin.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

42.Lily is _____ girl .

A . a 8-years-old B. an 8-years-old

C. an 8-year-old D. a 8-year-old

43.—Which coat would you like?

—I’d like _________ orange one with white flowers on it.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

44.-- Are you _______ American or English? -- English. We both work in Shanghai.

A. a B. / C. the D. an


45.Ge You is ______ interesting actor. He has lots of fans.

A. a B. 不填 C. an

46.---Do you think that Obama is honest and capable man?

---Yes. And that is why he was chosen president of America.

A. a;a B. the; the C. an;/ D.a;/

47.He is_____American. I’m_____English.

A.a,a B.an,a C.the,the D./,/

48.---I would like to sit in __________ front of the bus.

---Me, too. And we can have ________ better view.

A. /, the B. /, a C. the, a D. the, the

49.---This is story I’ve told you about several times.

---It’s great. I’ve never heardmore moving one.

A. the, a B. the, the C. a, a D. a, the

50.---- What do you think of_______ tour around our city?

----- Oh, what_______ different Yangzhou! I like it very much.

A.the;不填 B.a;a C.the; a D.a;不填


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