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Maybe you should learn to relax!

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Maybe you should learn to relax!

Who gives you stress and pressure the most?

Do they know they give you too much stress ?
Do they also want to cut out some of ... ?

In fact, do they really do it?

What’s their opinion on/about stress?

In their opinion,

They know ____________________, and they ____________________, but in fact, ____________________.

What’s the reason that they push us so hard, although they know how we feel?

No pain, no gain
We need train ourselves.
They want us to have a good development and be successful. We need to compete with others and nobody wishes to lose

It’s important for the future.

It has a relation with competition.

It’s normal to compare with others.
Humans go after a feeling of satisfaction.

What’s your opinion? What kind of life do you want?
Agree with(sb) Disagree with Argue with
It depends on what kind of life you want !

Learn to relax in the stressful life.
=save time

Main idea: Main opinions: 1. 2. 3. Main reasons: 1. 2. 3.

Guessing by context(篇章):

skill, typical, the Taylors, continue, crazy, cause

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