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()1.I play ___guitar in the morning and play ___football in the afternoon.

A.the,/ B./,the C.the,the D./,a

()2.Do you know when the planes will ___?

A.take off B.take away C.take part D.take around

()3.Can you give me _____?

A.smoe advices B.any advice C.some advice D.any advices

().4.There are ___workers in that factory.

A.two thousands B.two thousands of C.two thousand D.thousand of

() 5.It is difficult for us ___English.

A.learning B.to learn C.learns D.learned

()6.---How long has he had that nice car?


A.In B.Since C.From D.After

()7.He likes music,I ___like music.

A.too B.also C.either D.yet

()8.----I’m poor in English.

-----Why not ___English in class and what about ___English in the morning.

A.speak,reading B.to speak,to read C.speaking,to read

D.to speaking,reading

()9.---Where is your father?

---He ____Beijing.

A.has been to B.have been to

C.has gone to D.have gone to

()10.I am ___in the ___book.

A.interested;interested B.interested;interesting

C.interesting;interested D.interesting;interesting


_______ ________he worked here?

2.You have never been to Japan,_____ ____?(改为反义疑问句)

3.They have already finished the work.(改为否定句)

They _______finished the work _____.

4.Why don’t you come here earlier tomorrow?(改为同义句)

_______ ________coming here earlier tomorrow?

5.Lucy listened to the radio.(改为过去进行时)

Lucy _____ ______ to the radio.


1.The boy ______________(study)English for six years.

2.Look!The rabbit _________(run) towards us.

3.There is a girl _______Alice(call).

4.Some children _________(play) in the park at seven yesterday.

5.It is a good idea ________(check) your vocabularynotebook.

四.请从II栏中找出I 栏的答案(20分)


()1.Have you ever been to New York? A.Three times

()2.How many times have you read the story? B.No,never

()3.Were you flying a kite at 10:00 yesterday? C.Great.

()4.How is it going? D.Yes,I was

()5.Why not go shopping? E.Good idea.



1.He is s______ with his life,but he never stops working for higher aim.

2.She will take the b_____today.She takes out the money.

3.There are sixty s________in a minute.

4.She is h______.She always helps others in need.

5.Zhao Benshan is an excellent d______.He directed many interesting TV plays.


1.They have to stay at home for a long time ____ _____(由于)the heavy rain.

2.I’m a stranger here,so I can’t ______ ______(适应) right now.

3.Running is a good way to _______ _______(保持健康).

4.Yao Ming ‘s father and mother are very ______(骄傲) of him.

5.He has a lot of ______(经验) in this subject.

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