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How much do you know about the Passive Voice?

当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者, 或者 没有必要指出谁是动作的执行者时, 或 者只需强调动作的承受者时, 要用被动 语态。 *被动语态:主语是动作的承受者 。 *被动语态的构成:be +vt. p.p.

Passive voice
be动词 + 及物动词的过去分词
Many people speak English.

English is spoken by many people.

English is spoken by many people.
否定句: English isn’t spoken by many people. 一般疑问句: 特殊疑问句: Who/Whom is English spoken by? By whom is English spoken?

Is English spoken by many people?

认识被动语态 (1)肯定形式 The child loves this song.

This song is loved

by the child

? Jane looks after the cat. The cat is look ed after by Jane.

? Children love these songs. These songs are loved by Children 被动语态的肯定结构: 主语+be + v. pp + (by---)


技巧:被 be done !

(2) 否定形式 ? The child doesn’t love this song. This song is not loved by the child

? They don’t plant the trees The trees are not planted by them 被动语态的肯定结构: 主语+be + v. pp + (by---) 被动语态的否定结构: 主语+be + not + v. pp + (by---)

(3)疑问形式 The child loves this song. This song is loved by the child.
Is this song loved by the child ? Yes, it is No, it isn’t

将下列句子改为被动语态。 We clean our classroom every day.

Our classroom is cleaned (by us) every day.


2.把动词变成“be + 过去分词”;
注意:be 动词有人称、数和时态的变化 !

? ? ? ? ?

一般现在时: am/is/are + 过去分词
I am called Jimmy. Football is played all over the world. The car is made in China. Knives are used for cutting things.


一般过去时: was/were + 过去分词
A bank was robbed yesterday. The kite was made by them. The clothes were washed by my mother. Many houses were washed away in the flood.

? ? ? ?

一般将来时: will/shall be + 过去分词
am/is/are going to be + 过去分词

? ? ? ? ?

The work will be finished in 2 days. We shall be given a warm welcome. I am going to be sent to America. The painting is going to be sold to Canada Trees are going to be planted by them tomorrow.

? 现在进行时:am/is/are being + 过去分词
? I am being asked some questions now. ? A speech is being given in the hall. ? The clothes are being washed by Jane.

? 过去进行时: was/were being +过去分词
? A letter was being written by her at 2pm yesterday. ? The meal was being cooked by my mother this time yesterday. ? The men were being questioned by the policeman.

? 现在完成时: have/has been + 过去分词
? ? ? ? The work has been finished by t

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