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英 语 科 试 卷

听力部分 (25分)

A. 听句子

根据所听句子的内容和所提的问题,选择符合题意的图画回答问题,并将最佳选项的字母编号写在题号前的括号内。每小题听一遍。 1.

What has the boy borrowed?


What class did John like last year?


What does the man do in his spare time?


What does the girl like?


Which is the heaviest?

B. 听对话


听第1段对话,回答第6小题。 6. Where did this conversation happen?

A. At a doctor’s. B. In a shop. C. In the teacher’s office. 听第2段对话,回答第7小题。 7. Where are they talking?

A. In a restaurant. B. In a library. C. At home. 听第3段对话,回答第8小题。 8. Where are they talking?

A. In a park. B. In a zoo. C. On a farm. 听第4段对话,回答第9小题。

9. How long will it take to go to Beijing on the next train?

A. Less than two hours. B. More than two hours. C. Two and a half hours. 听第5段对话,回答第10小题。 10. What does the man mean?

A. He’s known Peter for a long time. B. He’s just got to know Peter. C. Peter has gone home.

听第6段对话,回答第11 – 12 小题。 11. What happened yesterday?

A. A car accident. B. A fire. C. An earthquake. 12. What did Zhanghua do?

A. Saved Miss Sun out of fire. B. Sent Miss Sun to the hospital. C. Called 120 for help.

听第7段对话,回答第13 – 15 小题。 13. Who was calling on the phone?

A. Mr. Smith. B. Sally. C. Mr. Green. 14. What is Mr. Green going to talk to Mr. Smith?

A. About the new park. B. About the new building. C. About the old school.

15. The telephone number you hear is ________ . A. 7084298 B. 7042898 C. 7029848 C. 听短文

根据所听内容,在每小题给出的三个选项中,选出一个最佳答案,并将其字母编号写在题号前的括号内。短文听两遍。 16. Where can you hear the passage?

A. In a hospital. B. In a shopping center. C. In a school. 17. How long do they learn English in the classroom in the morning?

A. Three hours. B. Four hours. C. Three hours and a half. 18. What do they do in the afternoon?

A. They must learn English. B. They may take exams.

广东省初中毕业生学业考试模拟考试英语试卷 第1页,共5页

C. They are free to do anything.

19. What may a student take to the exam?

A. A computer. B. A dictionary. C. A mobile phone. 20. How soon will they get the result of the exam?

A. In about 4 weeks. B. In about 3 months. C. In about 4 months. D. 听填信息

一、 单项填空 (20分)

26. This is ________ one-eyed sick animal that needs ________ X-ray.

A. a; a B. an; an C. a; an D. an; a

27. Would you ________ close the window? It’s very cold.

A. please B. mind C. to D. like

28. The students are sorry to hear that the famous writer ________ for ten minutes.

A. has left B. has gone C. has gone away D. has been away 29. Tina was looking forward to ________ to Mary’s birthday party. A. inviting B. being invited C. invite D. be invited 30. She got married ________ .

A. in her thirty B. at thirties C. in her thirties D. in her thirtieth 31. All ________ I ever wanted to do was to travel. A. what B. that C. which D. it

32. She is good at ________ Chinese ________ math. Her favorite subject is English. A. either; or B. not only; but also C. neither; nor D. both; and 33. Everyone except Jake and John ________ seen the film.

A. have B. has C. is D. are

34. ________ plastic bags we use, ________ it will be to the environment.

A. The less; the better B. The less; the worse C. The fewer; the better D. The fewer; the best

35. – It’s raining, Kathy. Please ________ an umbrella with you. -- Thanks. I’ll return it to you when I ________ next week.

A. bring; will come B. bring; come C. take; will come D. take; come 36. – Do you prefer drawing to music? -- No, I like music ________ .

A. best B. better C. well D. most

37. – Hello, may I have an appointment with the doctor? -- ________

A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment. B. Why didn’t you call earlier?

C. Can I leave a message? D. Certainly! May I know your name? 38. – How’s everything going? -- ________ .

A. Not good. B. Everything is finished. C. Everything has been done. D. I am just thinking about it. 39. My friends didn’t tell me ________ .

A. which room he lived in B. which room he lived C. which room did he live in D. which room does he live in 40. – How can I get on well with others, Dad?

-- Try to smile to others, boy. That will make ________ much ________ .

A. it; easier B. it; easy C. them; easier D. them; easy 41. – Did you ride your bicycles to the beach yesterday? -- Yeah. ________ we had!

A. What fun B. What a fun C. How fun D. How a fun 42. People are often made ________ by the ________ man.

A. laugh; interested B. to laugh; interested C. laugh; interesting D. to laugh; interesting 43. Do you still remember ________ ?

A. that I told you B. what I told you C. did I tell you D. what did I tell you 44. -- Is this article difficult to understand?

-- Yes, ________ it isn’t long and there aren’t any new words in it. A. though B. so C. because D. since 45. Tom had his bad tooth ________ yesterday.

A. put out B. to put out C. pulled out D. to pull out 二、 完形填空 (10分)

There was once a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She everyone, except her boyfriend. He was always there for her. The blind girl said that if she

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to the blind girl. She could see including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “me? ” The girl was surprised when she saw that her boyfriend was blind, too. “Just take care of my eyes, dear.”

广东省初中毕业生学业考试模拟考试英语试卷 第2页,共5页

that you have lost a diamond (钻石) while you were too busy collecting stones. You learn to ( )46. A. loved B. hated C. helped D. missed ( )47. A. marry B. invite C. visit D. teach

( )48. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything ( )49. A. future B. world C. dream D. gift ( )50. A. agreed B. refused C. decided D. planned ( )51. A walked away B. went through C. hanged out D. came over ( )52. A. many B. a lot of C. few D. some ( )53. A. most difficult B. most beautiful C. best D. poorest ( )54. A. mean B. realize C. show D. forget ( )55. A. busy B. important C. perfect D. active 三、 阅读理解 (30分)


Years ago, I lived in a building in a large city. The building next to ours was only a few feet away from mine. There was a woman who lived there and whom I had never met, yet I could see her seated by her window each afternoon, sewing (缝纫) and reading.

After several months had gone by, I began to notice that her window was dirty. Everything was unclear through the dirty window. I would say to myself, “Why doesn’t that woman clean her window? It really looks terrible.”

One bright morning I decided to clean my apartment, including cleaning the window. Late in the afternoon I finished the cleaning, I sat down by the window with a cup of coffee for a rest. What a surprise! Across the way, the woman sitting by her window was clearly seen. Her window was clean!

Then I was watching hers through my own dirty window.

That was quite an important lesson for me. How often had I looked at and criticized others through the dirty window of my heart, through my own shortcomings (缺点) ?

From then on, whenever I want to judge (判断) someone, I ask myself first, “Am I looking at him through my own dirty window? ” Then I try to clean the window of my own world so that I can see others’ world more clearly.

( )56. The writer couldn’t see anything clearly through the window because ________ . A. the woman’s window was dirty B. the writer’s window was dirty C. the woman lived far away D. the writer was near-sighted

( )57. After the writer finished the cleaning, he was surprised to find that ________ . A. the woman was sitting by her window B. the woman’s window was still terrible C. the woman was cleaning her window D. the woman’s window was clean ( )58. The underlined part “it dawned on me ” probably means “________ ”.

A. I began to understand it B. it cheered me up C. I could see myself through the window D. it began to get light ( )59. From the passage we know that ________ .

A. both the woman and the writer lived in a small town B. the writer often cleaned his window

C. both the woman and the writer worked as cleaners D. the writer never met the woman

( )60. From the passage we can learn that ________ .

A. one shouldn’t criticize others very often B. one should often keep his windows clean C. one should judge himself before he judges others D. one should look at others through his dirty window


At 18, many American young people go off on their own. They go away to college or find full-time jobs, and they often pay for their own apartments. Some get married and start families. This independence(独立) is learned from childhood.

From an early age, American children learn to do things by themselves. Children as young as 2 begin to put away their toys and dress themselves. At 3, many children do simple chores like setting the table.

Using money in the right way is also taught early. As soon as a child understands the value of money, he or she receives a weekly This is used for things the child wants, like toys or treats. The child can spend or save it, usually with little help or advice from parents. If the child wants more money, it must be earned by doing extra chores.

Children are taught early in life to think for themselves. They are allowed to make some decisions and make mistakes. Failure often teaches more than success. ( )61. Many young American people begin to live on themselves ________ . A. at the age of eighteen B. from an early age C. after they get married D. when they find jobs

( )62. An American child learns to ________ at the age of 2. A. do a lot of chores B. put on their own clothes C. study for a test D set the table

( )63. The underlined word “allowance” means ________ . A. pocket money B. present C. prize D. toy ( )64. A child can get some more money by ________ .

A. understanding the value of money B. doing a lot of homework C. reading a lot of books D. doing some more chores ( )65. Which is NOT true according to the passage?

A. American children learn to be independent from an early age.

B. American children always use or save their money with the help of their mother. C. American children are allowed to make some decisions and mistakes. D. Failure is needed in children’s life as well as success.

广东省初中毕业生学业考试模拟考试英语试卷 第3页,共5页





In Xinjiang, most people knew the stories of Avantis (阿凡提). Avantis was a very clever man. People liked him because he not only spoke for the 71. ________ but also was always ready to help them.

One day Avantis 72. ________ two men arguing with each other. A lot of peple stood around them. One of the two men was the owner of the eating house in the town and the 73. ________ was a young man. The young man just 74. ________ by the eating house. The owner of the eating house told the young man to 75. ________ him money. The young man explained that he hadn’t taken anything from the eating house., 76. ________ the owner said that the young man had taken the 77. ________ of the nice food from the eating house, and he must pay for it. So Avantis went up to the owner and said, “I’ll pay you the money. ” Avantis 78. ________ out some 79. ________ from his pocket and put them into his own bag. He shook his bag, and people heard the 80. ________ of the coins. Then Avantis said to the owner, “I have paid you the money. ”

五、 读写综合 (本大题分为A.、B.两部分,共20分) A ) 信息归纳 (本部分共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)

Scientists who study the climate (气候) are still arguing about how fast the earth is warming and how much it will warm, but they do agree that the earth is warming and that it will keep warming if we don’t do anything about it.

Scientists agree that the burning of fossil fuels (化石燃料) like oil and coal cause greenhouse gases to escape (释放) into the air and that these gases are causing most of the warming. Another cause is deforestation ( cutting down trees ) . Trees soak up carbon dioxide (二氧化碳) , one of the greenhouse gases, from the air.

There are already some changes happening because of global warming. Sea level is rising and some animals are already moving to new homes. It’s already too late to stop global warming completely.

If the warming gets worse, as scientists expect, there may be some kinds of plants and animals that become extinct (灭绝的) because they can’t move to new homes. There may be more storms and floods. Sea level may rise so much that people have to move away from the

广东省初中毕业生学业考试模拟考试英语试卷 第4页,共5页

coasts. Some areas may become too dry for farming.

Global warming is a very difficult problem to fix. People are having a hard time agreeing on what to do about it. For example, everyone agrees that wasting energy is a bad thing to do. But some people think that the federal government (联邦政府) should make laws about it, while other people think it should be up to each person or business to decide what to do.

Many states and businesses in the United States are not waiting until the federal government decides what to do. They have already started working on the problem. 根据短文内容,完成下面表格中的信息。每空词数不限。




1 – 5 CABBA 6 – 10 AABAA 11 – 15 BACBA 16 – 20 CACBA 21. CA987 22. close 23. flying 24. 35000 feet 25. noodles 笔试部分


26 – 30 CADBC 31 – 35 BCBCD 36 – 40 BDAAA 41 – 45 ADBAC 三、完形填空

46 – 50 BADBB 51 – 55 ACABC 四、阅读理解

56 – 60 BDADC 61 – 65 ABADB 66 – 70 DCABF 五、看图填词

71. poor 72. saw 73. other 74. passed/ walked 75. pay 76. but 77. smell 78. took 79. coins 80. sound 六、读写综合 A )信息归纳

81. Burning of fossil fuel 82. Deforestation 83. Sea level is rising 84. There are more storms and floods 85. Stop wasting energy B)书面表达

Studying Abroad

In recent years, studying abroad has been popular with Chinese high school students. Thousands of them have gone to foreign countries to study. Many more are trying their best to go abroad.

There are many advantages in studying abroad. First, students who study abroad can make friends with people of different cultures. Second, they can improve their foreign languages more quickly.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. Most of the students are too young to live by themselves without any living experience. And the high cost is also a problem for common families.

B) 近年来中国中学生中出现了“出国留学热”,成千上万的中学生已经去国外学习,而另外的一些学生也一直在设法出国,对此人们有不同的看法。请根据下面表格的提示,以注意:2、80词左右,开头已给出(不计入总词数)。

Studying Abroad

In recent years, studying abroad has been popular with Chinese high school students. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________广东省初中毕业生学业考试模拟考试英语试卷 第5页,共5页

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