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2013-2014学年度中考英语二轮复习 词法 数词专项练习

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1.— Excuse me, sir. Here’s a package for Lin Tao. Which room does he live in? —————.

A.308 Room B. Room 308 C. The Room 308 D. The 308 Room

2.doctors are against H7N9 in China.

A. Thousands B. A thousand of C. Thousands of

3.On February 25, 2013, Li An, a Chinese director, won the best director again. It is his time to win an ―Oscar‖.

A. first B. three C. twice D. second

4.Where is Class________ ?

It’s on the ______ floor.

A. Six: third B. Sixth; third

C. Six; three D. Sixth; three

5.Today is my little sister’s ______ birthday. My family will get together to celebrate it.

A. nine B. ninth C. the ninth

6.------ How many people were invited to the meeting?

------About six ________.

A. hundred B. hundreds

C. hundred of D. hundreds of

7.of the coats made of cotton. They feel comfortable.

A.Two-thirds; is B. Two-thirds; are C. Two-third; is D. Two –third; are

9.There are floors in my house and my bedroom is on the______floor.

A. three; two B. three; second C. two; third D. second; three

10.We planted trees last year.

A. hundreds of B. hundred of C. five hundreds D. five hundred of

11.Everyone knows ______ Olympic Games will be held in London in July, 2012.

A. the 30th B. the 30 C. 30 D. a 30

12.Every year, _____ people go to visit their factory

A.a thousand of B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of

13.There are about _______ students in their school now..

A. hundred of B.nine hundred C. nine hundreds D. nine hundreds of

14.Computers of today can work than the ones in the 1970s.

A. hundred of times faster B. a hundred time faster

C. hundred times faster D. hundreds of times faster

15.—Which is the biggest number of the four?

— .

A.One-third B.Two-thirds C.A half D.A quarter

16.--- Do you mind telling us something about this area?

--- Not at all. ________ of the land in this area _________ covered with trees and grass.

A. Two fifth, is B. Two fifth, are C. Two fifths, is D. Two fifths, are

17.---__________ is the most difficult of all the lessons.

--- I agree. But it’s the most interesting.

A. Lesson Three B. Lesson Third, C. The Three Lesson D. Third Lesson

18.–Can I help you?

-- Yes, I’d like _______for my twin daughters.

A.two pair of shoes B. two pair of shoe

C. two pairs of shoes D. two pairs of shoe

19.We know that 80 of the cases of blindness can .

A. per cents; cure B. percent; cured C. per cent; be cured D. percent; are cured


20.______ people were found ______ after that earthquake.

A. A number of; died B. The number of; died

C. A number of; dead D. The number of; dead

21.of the gravity on earth.

A. three-eighths B. third-eighth C. third-eighths D. third-eight

22. girls took part in the Super Girl competition, but only few of them succeeded.

A. One million of B. Thousands and millions C. Millions of D. Two millions

23.How do you say 15,858 in English?

A. Fifteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty-eight

B. Fifteen thousand, eight hundreds and fifty eight.

C. Fifteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty-eight

D. Fifteen thousand and eight hundred and fifty-eight.

24.—When do you usually get up?


A. At fifty past six B. At half to seven

C. At a quarter to seven D. On a quarter past six

25. —How old is Steve?

—He is ____________ and he has an ___________ sister.

A. 13-year-old; 10 years old B. 13 years old; 11-year-old

C. 13 years old; 10-years-old D. 13-years-old; 11-years-old

26.How much do you want?

A. honey B. shoes C. tomatoes

27.There are months in a year. month is December.

A. twelve; Twelfth B. twelve; Twelve

C. twelfth; The twelve D. twelve; The twelfth

28.—Hefei is a beautiful city, isn’t it?

—Yes. There are about two ____ visitors here week.

A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand D. thousand of

29.______ of the students in my class plan to go abroad for ______ study in the future.

A. Two-thirds; farther B. One-thirds; farther

C. Three-fourths; further D. Three-fifth; further

30.We don’t have enough nurses to look after the patients. At least _____ are needed.

A. ten another nurses B. more ten nurses

C. other ten nurses D. another ten nurses

31._______ of the materials I listened to at the beginning of the exam _______ easy.

A. three fourths; is B. third four; are C. three fourths; areD. three fourth; are

32.______ people went to the concert that was held in Reming Square _____ the night of May 25.

A. Two thousands, on B. Many thousand, in

C. Thousands of, on D. Several thousands of, in

33.----What did you see on the large farm last Sunday?

----Oh, I saw about three ________ hens and _________ of eggs.

A. hundred; hundreds B. hundreds; thousands

C. thousands; thousand D. hundred; thousand

34.______ of the floor _______ wet.

A. Three quarter;is B. Three fourths; is

C. Three fourth;are D. Three quarters; are

35.Tom lives on the ________ floor.

A. two B. twice C. second

36.—How many birds can you see in the trees?

—I can see birds in them.

A.hundreds of B.five hundreds C.hundred of D.five hundreds of

39.When is April Fool’s Day?

A. On December 25th. B. On October 1st. C. On January1st. D. On April 1st.


40.Cars were invented in .

A. 1885 B. 1976 C. 1876 D. 1927

41.There are about ____________ students in our school.

A. four thousand B. four thousands of C. four thousand of D. thousand of

43.---Is the Great Wall a wonderful place?

---Yes, tourists come here for a visit every year.

A. thousand of B. thousands of C. thousand D. thousands

44.About _____ of the workers in my company ______ to work every day.

A.two-nineths; drives B.two-nineths; drive

C.two-ninths; drives D.two-ninths; drive

45.—Bruce,how many students are there in your school?

—A. two thousands B. two thousands of

C. two thousand of D. two thousand

46.Their school has more than two _____ teachers and _____ students.

A. hundreds of, thousands of B. hundred, thousands of

C. hundred of, thousand D. hundreds, thousands of

47.______ of that country is covered by snow.

A. Second thirds B. Two thirds

C. Twos thirds D. Two third

48.–We’ll be back for our school’s _____ anniversary ceremony(周年庆典). --I see. That means you’ll have a get-together with your classmates in ___ years.

A. twelve, ten B. twelfth, ten C. twelve, tenth D. twelfth, tenth

49.How do you say 15,858 in English?

A. Fifteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty-eight

B. Fifteen thousand, eight hundreds and fifty eight.

C. Fifteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty-eight

D. Fifteen thousand and eight hundred and fifty-eight.

50.In our city, ________ college students want to work in West China in the future.

A. million B. millions of C. million of D. three millions of


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