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七年级英语下M7期末复习 模拟题


( )1. ____ were you born? I was born in a small village in Tianjin in 1999.

A. What B. How C. When and where D. Where and when

( )2. —Were you born in China? —Yes, I ________.

A. were B. is C. was D. am

( )3. —Was he a teacher? —No, he ________.

A. weren’t B. wasn’t C. isn’t D. was

( )4. Mr. Black is very strict ________ his students.

A. with B. in C.for D. to

( )5. —What was your uncle like? —He was very kind and ________.

A. friend B. friendly C. strict D. happy

( )6. —When were you born? —I was born ________ June 16th,1996.

A. in B. at C. on D. of

( )7. There is a white house ________ many trees around it.

A. has B. have C. with D. of

( )8. There ________ nothing interesting in today's newspaper.

A. is B. was C. were D. are

( )9. —Was there a school in the village 10 years ago? —_____,there _____.

A. Yes;were B. Yes;wasn't C. No;was D. No;wasn't

( )10. They are very strict ________ their work

A. at B. in C. to D. on

( )11. I lived in a town ________ the east coast of American..

A. on B. in C. to D. at

( )12. Tony is looking forward to ________ his new friends.

A.see B. saw C. sees D. seeing

( )13. Did you ________ breakfast at home?

A.have B. had C. ate D. got

( )14. ________you at school last Friday?

A.Are B. Was C. Were D. Did

( )15. Where________you________ during the vacation?

A.did,went B. do,went C. did,go D. Do,goes

( )16. His friends didn't ________ a nice weekend.


A. has B. had C. have D. with

( )17. —Who ________ the floor just now? —My mother ________.

A. swept;swept B. swept;did C. did;did D. was; was

( )18. Sandy ________ at home and read ________ interesting book.

A. stay;an B. stayed;an C. stays;a D. staied ; a

( )19. —Did you ________ a film last night? —Yes, I ________

A. saw;did B. see;did C. see;do D. saw do

( )20. ________ to me carefully!

A. Listen B. Hear C. Listening D. Hearing


1. Tom ________(be) late this morning.

2. They ________(go) shopping last Saturday.

3. Did you ________(make) a lantern yesterday.

4. He ________(read) a new novel this morning.

5. It was great ________(play) in the garden.

6. Mrs Li is very kind. She is ________(friend) to us.

7. The ________(child) are flying kites in the park.

8. Last night,I ________(not do) my homework.

9. ________ Lily ________(get) up late this morning?

10.He________(put) an interesting story on the table last Sunday.

11. His son ________(die) in a car accident a few years ago.

12. Look!Lingling ________(clean) her room.

13. It isn't easy ________ (learn) English.

14. You should find something ________ (eat) for your son.

15. He spent two hours ________ (do) his homework

16.Thank you for ________ (give) me so much help.


1. 我1999年出生于昆明。

I ________ ________ in Kunming in 1999.

2. 三年前他住在一个小村里。

He lived ________ ________ ________ ________ 3 years ago.

3. 那时候你的老师怎么样?

What ________ your teacher ________ then?

4. 我父母对我要求严格,我对我的工作也很严格。

My parents ________ ________ ________ me,and I ________ ________ ________ my work. 2

5. —周末过得如何。 —非常棒

— ________ ________your weekend?

—It was great.


What was the name of your first ________ ________ ?


Qingdao is ________ the ________ ________ of China.


Shanghai is ________ the ________ ________ China.



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