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初三上模块七Unit 2

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Module 7 Australia
Unit 2 The camel that I rode had a bad temper.

?Have you ever been to Australia? ?How much do you know about it?



Sydney Opera House

the Great Barrier Reef







What can you see / eat / do in Australia?




Talk about Australia (its position, weather and something else).

December– very bright and sunny


Canberra the capital the Australia's largest inland city

Parliament House

National Library of Australia

? the largest city in Australia ? Harbour City
Sydney Tower

Sydney Chinatown


in the centre of Australia Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock the centre of Aboriginal culture 3.6 kilometres long 348 metres high

Aborigines 土著人
They are the first people of Australia.

Listen to the letter and choose the best answer. Tony is going to say_____ in his letter. A A. Australian food and wine

B. sheep in the fields and on the hills
C. beach life

Read the Paragraph 1 and choose the best heading.
Paragraph one:____________ B A. Aluru is the center of Aboriginal culture. B. Aluru and the Aborigines. C. Aborigines are the first people in Australia.

Read Paragraph 1 again and answer the questions.
1. What’s the other name of Uluru? Ayers Rock. 2. How did Tony go to see Uluru? He took a helicopter tour over Uluru.

3. What’s Uluru like? The rock’s colours are fantastic. At different times of the day, the colours change from purple to red. 4. What do the ancient Aboriginal stories describe? The ancient Aboriginal stories describe the spirits that created the world.

Try to talk about Uluru.
a huge rock

3.6 kilometres long
348 metres high fantastic at different times change from purple to red

a centre of Aboriginal culture

Read the Paragraph 2 and choose the best heading. Paragraph two:_______________ C A. Australians and British people. B. Australians’ favourite food and sports. C. Australians’ lifestyle.

Read Paragraph 2 and discuss:
How is Australians’ life style? similar to British Food and drink Sports

Read Paragraph 3 and fill in the blanks.
1. The sunshine is very ________. bright green 2. The countryside is very _______. 3. The sheep are in _________ and on the fields

_________. the hills 4. The outback is more like a _______, desert full of _________ and ________. rocks sand

Read Paragraph 4 and answer the questions. 1. What language do Australians speak? Most Australians speak English.

2. What are the differences between Australian English and British English?
“Good day!” means “Hello!”. “No worries mate” means “Don’t worry about it; it’s not a problem!”.

Read Paragraph 5 and answer the questions.
What was wrong with the camel that Tony rode? The camel had a bad temper. It kept lying down.

Look, listen and read the letter. Then, check (√) the true statements.

1.The Aboriginal name for Uluru is Ayers

Rock. × 2.The rock is always pu

rple. × 3.Stories about the creation of the world are an important part of Aboriginal culture. √ 4.Water sports are the most popular in Australia. ×

5.When it’s winter in Australia, it’s summer in China.

√ √

6.The special expressions which
Australians use are still in English.

7.Tony didn’t find riding a camel very

Read the letter again and write notes about these.

also known as Ayers Rock; 3.6km long, 348m high; colours change; centre of Aborigine culture The Aborigines

first Australians; old stories about creation

Australian life style similar to British life style; enjoy food, wine and sports weather December - very bright and sunny


English , though different Events during the trip flew over Uluru in a helicopter; rode a bad tempered camel

Language points 1. Their family life is similar to ours, and they enjoy the same food and hobbies. similar 是一个形容词,意思是“相似的”, 常作表语和定语,其反义词为different。 经常用到的结构有be similar to,意思是“ 同……相似”;be similar in“在……(方 面)相似”。 Their house is similar to ours, but ours has a bigger garden.

be similar to的反义词组是be different from“与……不同”; the same as “和……一样”。如: His brother is very different from him. She felt just the same as he did.

2. There are lots of sheep in the fields and on the hills ... sheep是一个名词,意思是“绵羊” ,但是它 的特殊之处在于其单复数形式相同,这类 单复数同形的名词还有: fish, deer, Japanese, Chinese等。如: I see some sheep on the mountain and some fish in the river. 注意: sheep的意思是“绵羊”, lamb的意 思是“羔羊,小羊肉”, goat意思是“山羊”。

3. Most Australians speak English, although they have some special expressions such as "Good day!" and "No worries, mate."

expression是一个名词,在本句中的意思 是“表达方式”,另外它还有“表达(感情、 思想等)”的意思;表达“表情;神色”时, 是可数名词。 There was no expression on her face.

His son is badly ill on bed and there is a worried expression on his face. [拓展] express是expression的动词形式,有“表 示;表达(感情、思想等);表露”的意思。 如: We have expressed sorry to them. I only know a little English, so I can’t express myself well in English. She is shy so sometimes she can’t express herself very well.

Write a letter to a friend and tell them where you have visited.
?Imagine that you are visiting a city / town of China. Write three places that you have visited and things you have done there. ?Now write a letter to a friend and tell them what you have seen there.

Begin and end the letter like Tony’s. Write about: ?the people/ lifestyle/ countryside/ food/ language / events during the trip Use these expressions. ?First… On the first day… , Then… The next day… After that

… , Finally…
On the first day of our trip to the Three Gorges Dam, we…

Write a letter. Dear Diana, I’m writing to you from….On the first day, we took a helicopter tour… Yours, Tony Then write a reply, giving your advice.

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