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Lesson 26

What’s the lady She is with blue hair doing?

typing .

What is the girl blouse doing ?


a yellow



What is the lady dress doing ?


a red



going to work .

What is

the boy with

a running nose doing ?



crying .

Past continuous tense
过去进行时 Deming’s father is newspaper now.
n. 报纸

reading his

Deming’s father read his newspaper last night. What was Deming’s father last night? doing

[ e ]

at 7:15

He was

reading his newspaper.

Past continuous tense
be + v.+ing
( was / were)

What were Deming’s grandmother and her friend doing between 6:20 and 8:15 last night? talking They were .

Please make some sentences:
Kitty / go fishing / at 9:00 last Sunday Kitty was going fishing at 9:00 last Sunday. Piggy / climb up and down / from 2:00 to 4:00 yesterday afternoon Piggy was climbing up and down from 2:00 to 4:00 yesterday afternoon.

Piggy / play football / at this time yesterday Piggy was playing football at this time yesterday. Candy / sing and dance / between 7:30 and 8:25 last night Candy was singing and dancing between 7:30 and 8:25 last night.

The tigers / go travelling / at that time The tigers were going travelling at that time. The cats / sleep / at that time The cats were sleeping at that time.

Now ask and answer:
What was your grandfather doing at 8:00 last night? He was watching TV at 8:00 last night. What was your cousin doing between 6:20 and 8:15 last night? She was practising the piano between 6:20 and 8:15 last night.

What were his mother and aunt doing in the kitchen at 6:35 last night?
They were cooking in the kitchen at 6:35 last night. What was Deming doing 6:20 last night? at

He was doing his homework at 6:20 last night.

Listen to the tape and answer a few questions according to the picture:

Ask and answer:

1. Was last night a very quiet night in our house? No, it wasn’t . It was a very noisy night.
adj. 嘈杂的

2. What time did I start to do my homework ? At 6:20. 3. What were the neighbours doing? They were making a noise. make a noise
n. 噪音;响声 吵闹;制造噪音

4. What time did I stop doing my homework? At 8:15. 5. Did I learn very much? No, I didn’t.

Language points
1. stop doing sth. 停止做某事

We stopped talking when the teacher came in.

2. stop to do sth.


If you are tired, please stop to have a rest .
(stop working to have a rest ) 如果你累了,请停下来休息一下。

Listen again and try to write what everyone was doing between 6:20 and 8:15 last night.
was reading a newspaper and 2.Deming’s father laughing loudly was watching a football 4.Deming’s grandfather match on TV

was trying to do his homework



3.Deming’s grandmother was talking to her friend . .

was practising the piano . were cooking in the 6.Deming’s mother and aunt kitchen . 5.Demi

ng’s cousin

7.The neighbours were dancing/ making a noise .

Please talk with your partner about what you were doing between 8:00 and 10:00 last Saturday evening.

be + v.+ ing noisy; noise
( was / were )

1.Past continuous tense: newspaper; make a noise

2.New words:


stop doing sth. stop to do sth.

stop doing sth. & stop to do sth.
1. 班主任进来时,我们停止了玩耍。

We stopped playing when the class teacher came in.
2. 电影开始时,孩子们都停下来看。

The children stopped to watch when the film began.
3. 请停下来听我说。

Please stop to listen to me.
4. 停止吵闹! Stop making a noise!

Last night was a very noisy night in our house. I started my homework at 6:20. But my father was laughing loudly at a funny story in his newspaper. My mother and my aunt were cooking in the kitchen . My grandmother was talking to her friend. My grandfather was watching a football match on TV. My cousin was practising the piano . The neighbours were making a noise,too. I think they were dancing.And what was I doing ? I was trying to do my homework! At 8:15, I stopped doingmy homework. But I don’t think I learned very much.

Fill in the blanks:

Ask and answer
What did the girl She cried .

do yesterday ?
at 9: 00 .

What was the girl doing yesterday evening? She was crying

What is the man doing now? He is riding a horse . What was the man doing at this time last Sunday? He was riding a horse .

What did the girl do two days ago ? She cut her hair . What was the girl doing at 9: 00 yesterday morning? She was cutting her hair .

What did the tiger It took a bath

do yesterday ?
. at 8: 30 .

What was the tiger doing yesterday evening? It was taking a bath

Part 2.
2. The girls in Room 302 were dancing. 3. The cat and the dog in Room 201 were watching TV. 4. The woman in Room 202 was talking on the phone. 5. The boys in Room 101 were playing computer games. 6. The man in Room 102 was reading a newspaper.

2.Annie’s mum was talking to Annie’s other grandmother when Sally arrived. 3.Annie’s dad was talking to Annie’s grandmother when Sally arrived. 4.Annie’s other grandmother was holding the baby when Sally arrived. 5.Aunt Huang was holding some glasses when Sally arrived. 6.Aunt Huang’s husband was standing when Sally arrived. 7.Fangfang was looking at a picture book when Sally arrived. 8.Shu Yan was looking at a picture book when Sally arrived. 9.The baby was smiling when Sally arrived.

Part 4

The two cats were looking up when we saw them.

Wen Xiaoying was holding Lin Xiuqin in her arms when the photographer took the picture.

The man was they came in.



Snoopy was running when the bell rang .

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