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八年级英语下册Unit1单元检测题 .


1.less pollution

3. fewer trees

5. over and over again

7. like living alone

9. 30年后



15. 爱上…. 2. very crowded 4. wake up 6. get bored 8.在将来 看上去像人类 我不同意 实现 10. 12. 14.


( )1.I live in an apartment two living-rooms.

A. has B. with C.and D.have

( )2.There a volleyball match in our school the day after tomorrow.

A.will have B.is going have C.will be D.has

( )3.Yesterday Xiao Ming uniform and took

umbrella to school.

A.a; a B.an; an C.a; an D.an; a

( )4.Lin Tao is good at computer and he wants to be a

in the future.

A.astronaut B.computer programmer

C.engineer D.reporter

( )5.What do you think the weather tomorrow?

A.will be B.is C.will be like D.will like

( )6.Their life will be if there are children in

a family.

A.richer; less B.poorer; fewer C.richer; more D.richer;


( )7.There are teachers in that school.

A.two hundreds B.two hundreds of

C.two hundred of D.two hundred

( )8. They will be back .

A.for half an hour B.after half an hour

C.half an hour ago D.in half an hour

( )9. Please pass me two ____ .

A .pieces of paper B. pieces of papers

C. pieces paper D. piece papers

( )10. I think he _____ finish doing the work.

A. will B. will can C. will be able to D. be will able to

( )11._____ do you think of your life will be like in 10 years?

A.How B.What C.When D.Why ( )12. I can’t believe ____ a little girl can write ______well.

A. so, so B. such, such C. so, such D. such, so

( )13. Mr Brown will come back ____ a week. You can call him then . x kb1 .co m

A. after B. in C. at D. for

( )14. The work seems ______ . He can finish it soon.

A. difficult B. simple C. boring D. possible

( )15. --- Will people live to be 200 years old?

--- ___________ . They can’t live so long.

A. No, they won’t B. No, they don’t C. Yes, they do

D. Yes, they will


We can not stop earthquakes(地震), but we can do things to make sure they do not destroy(破坏)whole cities. First, it is not a idea to build houses along the lines where of the earth's plates join together. Second, if you think there be an earthquake, it is better to build houses on rock, not on Third, you must make the houses as as possible. Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake, but strong ones may

Scientists were that one day an even bigger earthquake would hit the part around San Francisco. They call it “the Big

One”. However, people today are still building more . The population in and around San Francisco is ten times more than it was in 1906. This means that there is another earthquake a great many houses and buildings will be destroyed.

( )1.A.bad B.good C.poor D.new

( )2.A.one B.most C.two D.none

( )3.A.may B.should C.can't D.won't

( )4.A.sea B.land C.space D.sand

( )5.A.high B.big C.strong D.low

( )6.A.keep up B.set up C.stay up D.grow up

( )7.A.sorry B.pleased C.afraid D.wondering

( )8.A.walls B.stores C.cities D.houses

( )9.A.now B.still C.always D.never

( )10.A.before B.if C.or D.until



Let us suppose(假设) it is now about A.D.2060. People go to the moon every day. It is as easy to take a holiday on the moon today as it was for the people in 1960 to take a holiday in Europe. What are people eating now? People are still eating food. But many foods now come in pill(弹丸)form. Farming, of course, is very highly developed. Very few people have to work on the farm. People are now largely vegetarians(素食者)and we are healthier both in our bodies and in our minds, and we don't have any diseases(疾病). No one has to be ill any more.

( )1.The writer thinks in 2060 people can go to the moon .

A.every day B.every hour C.every minute D.every second

( )2.Now people are eating .

A.grass B.flowers C.food D.books

( )3.Many foods now come in form.

A.water B.pill C.air D.trees

( )4.In 2060, work on the farm.

A.no people B.no farmers C.many D.very few

( )5.No one has to be ill any more because .

A.there is much medicine(药物) B.there are few people

C.there are no diseases D.there are no doctors B

Are you able to send a letter with pictures and sounds to someone somewhere in the world without a stamp on it? Using a

computer you can send e-mails quickly and easily. The post is much slower than e-mail. E-mail can send its message to the other side of the world in seconds. E-mail is easy to use and it saves time and money. The differences in time in different parts of the world do not matter when sending e-mail. It’s twenty-four-hour service that you can send e-mail at any time of the day or night. No one has to be there to get e-mail. It does not matter if your friends are in beds when you send e-mail to them, or you are seeing a movie at the movie theater when they send e-mail back.

( )6.We can use a _______ to send e-mail.

A. robot B. video C. computer

D. letter

( )7.E-mail is ______ the post.

A. faster than B. as fast as C. much slower than

D. not so fast as

( )8.It takes_______ to send e-mail to the other side of the world.

A. minutes B. seconds C. seven days

D. hours

( )9.You can send e-mail at any time______.

A. in the daytime B. at night C. on weekends D. of the day or night

( )10._______ send e-mail to your friends when they are sleeping.

A. You can’t B. you must C. You can

D. You shouldn’t


Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, but what is it?

The Internet is many different networks around the world. A

network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet.

Maybe that doesn’t sound interesting. But when we’ve joined the Internet. There are lots of things we can do. We can have a lot of interest on the World Wide Web (www). We can use the internet instead of a library to find all kinds of information for our homework.. We can find information about our favorite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. We can also send messages to other people by e-mail. It is much cheaper and quicker than calling our friends or sending letters.

Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information they need. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98%of the information is English? So what will English be like


( ) 1. The passage is mainly about_____.

A. the Internet B. information C. computers D. e-mail

( ) 2. The quickest and cheapest way for people to send message


A. by post B. by e-mail C. by telephone D. by TV

( ) 3. The Internet can not be used to _____.

A. find information for our homework..

B. get some information about our favorite sports stars.

C. do some shopping. D. do some housework

( ) 4. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The Internet is a big computer.

B. The Internet is lots of computer networks.

C. The Internet is very helpful.

D. People can work at home with the help of the Internet.

( ) 5. What does the writer try to tell us with the sentences?

A. The Internet is more and more popular.

B. All the information is English.

C. English is important in using the Internet.

D. Every computer must join the Internet.


last two

people in People can do sports inside the room. Some people like to watch that people all enjoy them. Football is very in the world . People often become good



Ann, ____1___

Ann: The future? Well, I think we’ll study at home on computers. And ____2___

John: You think so ? What else will we do ?

Ann: ________3_____

John: Where will we be able to go on vacation ?

Ann: _____4________

John: The moon? ______5_____

Ann: Because it’s much more interesting on the moon than on the earth!


假设你叫Dennis, 以下表格内容是你对自己10 年后的设想。请以My Future



一. (略)

二. 1—5 BCCBC 6—10 DDDAC 11—15 BDBBA

三. 1—5 BCADC 6—10 ACDAB


五. 1. around 2. good 3. different 4. outside 5. other

6. tickets 7. watch 8. exciting 9. popular 10. friends

六. 1---5 EACDB

七. (One possible version)

In 10 years, I think I’ll be tall, strong and have short straight hair. I’ll live in Beijing., because it’s a beautiful city and I like it very much. I’ll be a police officer. In my free time, I’ll play a lot of sports. I’ll probably go swimming and play table teenis. They are my favorite sports. I also think I will have a family . Maybe I will have two children.

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