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初中英语 The 3rd Day

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The 3rd Day

One day a great general asks his soldiers," What is the strongest power in the world?" Four of his soldiers put up their hands.They want to answer the question.The general asks the first man to speak. The first man is younger than the other three,and he's not strong.He says,"My gun is the strongest.It can kill anyone.""Thank you.Next ,please."The second man is very strong.He says,"I don't think so.Soldiers use guns. So the soldier is the strongest."The third man says,"Soldiers use guns,but our general gives orders.So I think our general is the strongest."The fourth man is the oldest.He says ,"Love is the strongest.For love,people don't use guns."The general says nothing .He takes out a medal and gives it to him.

一. True or False

1.( ) One day a soldier asks his general a question.

2.( )A great general asks " What is the strongest power in the world?"

3.( )Three of his soldiers put up their hands.

4.( ) They want to answer the question.

5.( ) The first man is younger than the other three,and he's not strong. He says his gun is the strongest.

6.( )The second man is very strong and he says the soldier is the strongest.

7.( ) The third man says the general is the strongest.

8.( )The fourth man is the oldest and he says Love is the strongest.

9.( ) The general takes out a medal and gives it to the fourth man.

二. Arrange these words in their correct order

1.One day /asks/ his soldiers /What/ the strongest power in the world/is/?/a great general /

2.Four of his soldiers/ their hands/./put up

3.They/to /answer/ the question/. /want

4.The general/the first man /to /speak/. /asks

5.The first man/ younger than/ the other three/,/and/ he's not strong/./is
6.My gun/the strongest/./ is

7.For love/,/people / guns/./don't use

8.The general / a medal/ and/ gives it to him/./ takes out

三.Choose the best answers A , B , C or D

1.___ soldiers answer the general's question.

A. All B. Many of the C. One of the D. Four of the

2.The youngest man thinks ___ is the strongest power in the world.

A.the general B. a soldier C. a gun D. love

3.The second man is __ than the ___.

A.stronger , other three B. Older , fourth man

C.younger , third man D. taller ,general

4.The fourth man ___.

A.doesn't want to use his gun B.wants to be a general

C.wants all the people to love

D.wants the general to give him a medal

5.The general thinks ___ answer is the best.

A.the first man's B. the second man's

C.the third man's D.the fourth man's

四.Answer the following questions

1.What does a great general asks his soldiers?

2.How many soldiers put up their hands and want to answer his question?
3.what does the first man say?

4.what does the second man say?

5. what does the third man say?

6. what does the fourth man?

7.Whose answer does the general think is the

best ?

8.Who(whom) does the general give a medal to?

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