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一、 单项选择

1、-What's your telephone number? -________2828-56348. A. It's B. Its C. It 2、Her name is Ann Miller. Ann is her name. A. first B. last C. family 3、--- Is his name Jack?----________ A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, he is. D. No, it isn’t. 4、Look , This is_______eraser. ______eraser is Lucy’s. A. a, An B. an, An C. an, The D .a, The 5、----- Your picture is beautiful.-----_________ A. You’re welcome. B. Thank you. C. Nice to meet you. D. No, just so-so. 6、Mike, ____is my sister and ______are my cousins. A. these, this B. this, those C. she, those D. this, that 7、---Is Linda your sister?---____________.She is my friend. A. Yes, she is B. No, she isn’t C. No, she is D. Yes, she isn’t 8、Please write it _______Chinese. A. in B. at C. on D. to 9、How _____your mother? A. am B. is C. are D. be 10、.--_______my hat?----It’s on the table. A. Where B. Where’s C. How’s D. Who’s 11、—Is your photo in the drawer? —______. A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

12、——You can't play them now. A. computer games B. desk C. basketball D. soccer 13、This is _____ old picture _____ his family . A. a …of B. an …of C. a …to D. an …to 14、Here ____ your books. A. is B. are C. has D. have 15、Sorry, my sister______ have a ping-pong bat. A. am not B. aren’t C. don’t D. doesn’t 16、. -- Let’s play computer games. -- _______. A. Yes, I do B. That’s a good idea C. Sorry, I don’t D. No, I don’t 17、They don’t haveA. some; some B. any; some C. some; any 18、___she have a soccer ball? No, she _______. A. Is, isn’t B. Does, doesn’t C. Does, isn’t D. Is, doesn’t

19、.Do_____have a baseball? A. your parent B. they C. our friend D. she 20、Mary has four basketballs, ____ she doesn’t have a soccer ball. A. and B. but C. so D. at 21、The music sounds ______.I like it very much. A. difficult B. boring C. relaxing D. interest 22、—How much____ the apples? ---______ five dollars. A. is, It’s B. are, They’re C. is, they’re D. are, It’s 23、The cousins ___ vegetables and fruits. A. likes B. like C. is not like D. doesn’t like 24、We have many clothes ____ very good prices. A. on B. at C. in D. with 25、The pants are very cheap . I’ll _____ . A. take it B . bring it C. take them D. like it 26、Bob wants to eat ____ apples and salad. A. much B. an C. some D. many 27、The red shirt is _____ sale ___ 6 dollars . A. in , of B. on , for C. for , in 28、The man has _____ basketballs. A. fifty-twenty B. fifty-five C. fifty-fifth D. five-fifty 29、We have socks _______ all colors _____ just ¥2 each. A. in, in B. in, for C. for, in D. for, at 30、Twenty-eight and twelve _____. A. are fourty B. is forty C. is fourty D. are forty 31、The girl is ______. Today is her ____ birthday. A. nine, nineth B. ninth, nine C. nine, ninth 32、Our friend John __English and we help him ______Chinese A. teaches our, teaching B. teaches us, teach C. teach us, teach 33、___ is the last month of a year. A. January B. October C. November D. December 34、We have a soccer game____September and we have an art contest __ October 9th . A.in, on B. in , at . on , on D. on , in 35、There are _______ in a year. The_____ month is December. A.twelve, month. twelve B.twelve, month .twelfth C.twelve, months. twelfth D.twelfth, months .twelve 36、David is a _____ player. He plays baseball very _____. A. good, good B. well, well C. good, well D. well, good 37、are in Class 4. A. Tim , you and I B. You , Tim and me C. you ,Tim and I 38、There ___________a pen and two books on the desk..

A. are B. have C. has D. is 39、I have history _________ the afternoon of Monday. A.in B.at C.on D.for 40、_________ is the second day of a week. A.Sunday B.Monday C.Tuesday D.Wednesday 41、She gets up ________ seven ________ Saturday morning. A. in; at B. at; on C. at; in D. on; on 42、—What _________ do you like best?—Football. A.food B.subject C.sport D.music 43、After class I do sports two hours. A. at

B. for C. on D. in 44、Our class is _______8:00_______ 12:00. A. begin, to B. from, to C. at, to 45、— is your favorite movie actor?—Jackie Chan A .What B . When C . Where D. Who

the fruit.

6. The big store sweaters in all colors.

7. My friend can

sports very well.


1、The baseball is his uncle’s.(变为否定句)


2、Frank has some yellow jackets.(变一般疑问句并做否定回答) __________________________________________________________




5、 How much are the shorts?(同义句)

6、 we do our homework every day.( 变一般疑问句并做肯定回答)

8、 We ,not, science,do, on ,Tuesday ,Thursday, have,

and (连词成句)

9、她最喜欢的学科是什么? 地理。


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