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上交 九年级英语Unit 9 第一课时导学卡

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There is a will, there is a way.

I control my class and my fate.


There is a will, there is a way.

Consolidation in practice


There is a will, there is a way.

The design of Unit 9 When was it invented? Section A 1a-2c

The first period

A. Knowledge goal: learn some new words and sentence pattern.

B. Ability goal :Master the words in this unit, the usages of the important words “invent,be used for” C. Emotion goal :Learn about the history of inventions A. Important pattern :S + was / were + vt.p.p + ... B. Difficult points: important words and expressions Step 1.Leading in

1. The teacher asks a question: How many inventions do you know in your life?

2. Ask students to think about the questions for a few minutes and then give answers. 3. Ask several students to show their opinions.

4. Teacher continues asking: Are these inventions perfect? You can choose one of them to

make it better.

5. Several students show their answers. Step 2. Autonomous Learning

1. 2. 3. 4.

Translate these phrases into English .

Ask several students to write down their answers and read them to other students. All students read the word together.

Ask students whether they have questions about autonomous learning.

2. Make a dialogue with their partner. 3. Show their dialogues. Task 3

1. Ask them to look up the history of the four great inventions in China. 2. Report the results of the survey.

3. Talk about these great inventions. For example, they can talk about the advantages and

disadvantages of them.

4. Show their results. The teacher gives encouragement evaluation. 5. Ask students whether they have questions about this part.

Step 4. Class test

1. Ask them to finish the test by themselves. 2. Check the answers.

Step 5. Summary

1. Let students summarize first. 2. Teacher summarize then.

3. Through this lesson, what they have learned.

Step 6. Homework

Step 3. Cooperative Inquiry Task 1

1. Let them observe the task carefully, and then summarize the two following questions. 2. Let them know that they can talk about them with their partner. 3. Teacher guides and helps in need of help. 4. Ask several students to give answers. Task 2

1. The teacher explains the task.


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