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9A Unit 1 Revision

He was born on April 18th. Aries

A year is divided into 12different star signs.





A year is divided into 12different star signs.





A year is divided into 12different star signs.





What characteristics would you like to be?

active outgoing

confident humorous easy-going creative

kind modest generous


? It is +形容词+of sb +(not) to do sth. ? 该句型常用描述人物特征的形容词, good kind nice clever right careful rude wise foolish stupid selfish careless wrong silly thoughtful honest generous


Choose the best answer. 1.It’s clever____ D you to work this maths problem out. A. for B. with C. about D. of 2.He ____his pen everywhere and ____ it at D last. A. looking for, found B. found, looked for C. found, found D. looked for, found B hard to get on well with her. 3.We found____ A. that B. it C. this D./ C us to learn English well. 4.It is important ____ A. to B. of C. for D. with

5. We will have an evening party this week. B us? Would you like to____ A .take part in B. join C. join in D. attend 6.What are the teachers ____ C about the exam? A.speaking B. talking C. saying D. telling D 7.Don’t ____his health. A. worry B. be worried C. be worry about D. worry about D 8.Would you please bring the book ____me? A. give B. with C. about D. to

It is +形容词+of sb to do sth. It is +形容词+for sb to do sth. 如何区别?

? ★首先,两者使用的形容词不同,

? …for sb.的句型通常使用表示客观 情况的形容词, ? …of sb.的句型一般用表示主观感 情、人物性格的形容词。如:

? It was hard for him to mend the car. ? It was careless of the girl to leave her bag on the taxi.

★其次, ? …of sb. 句型一般都可以转换成带一个不 定式作状语的句子, ? …for sb.的句型则不可以这样转换。如:

It was very kind of you to help me. =You were very kind to help me.

★后面能够接…for sb.的常见形容词有: hard/difficult 难的 easy 容易的 interesting 有趣的 important 重要的 necessary 必要的 uninteresting 无聊的 impossible 不可能的 possible 可能的

语法二、 主语+be+形容词+enough +to do sth.

这个句型用来描述主语的人品和能力. 表示“某人或某物在某方面已经能够 达到做某事的程度”。 e.g. Andy is outgoing enough to

make friends easily.

Change the sentences: 1.Betty is so imaginative that she can come up with a new idea. Betty is ____________ imaginative ________ enough _______ to come up with a new idea. 2.You are clever to help me work out the maths problem. It’s clever ____ ____ of you ___ to help me work out the problem. 3.We must speak to the old men politely. The old men must____ be ________ spoken ___ to politely. 4.” The moon circles the earth.

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