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module 7 unit2 fill out our form and come to learn English in Los Angeles(填表,来洛杉矶学习英语吧)

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Module 7 Summer in Los Angeles

Unit 2 Fill out our form and come to learn English in Los Angeles!(阅读课第一课时) 教学年级:初二

教学内容:外研社 八年级下册Module 7 Summer in Los Angeles

Unit 2 Fill out our form and come to learn English in Los Angeles 授课时间:40分钟


1. 知识目标:扩充词汇量,拓宽知识面

2. 能力目标:运用多层读等阅读技巧、scanning等阅读策略,进行阅读训练,


3. 情感态度目标:通过了解不同国家暑假培训班的相关信息,拓展视野,实现情感体验


4. 教法和学法:PWP阅读、Skimming、Scanning阅读策略、Group Work 及Pair-work小



Ⅰ. Pre-reading:

Step 1 :warming-up: (Watch a video)


Step 2 : Lead-in :

Do a survey: Have you ever dreamed of going abroad?


Ⅱ. While-reading:

Step 3 :Fast reading

1. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

The passage is

a) a guide to Los Angeles

b) An advertisement to ask students to learn English in Los Angeles

2、Match the headings with the paragraphs.

a)Teaching paragraph 1

b) Free time paragraph 2

c) opening paragraph 3

d) more information(tips) paragraph 4

e)where to stay and what to eat paragraph 5

设计意图:向学生渗透Skimming 和Scanning阅读策略

Step 4 :Careful reading

Read Para 1-2, finish the blanks about the opening and the teaching

● What to learn?

● How long? Last for ● When? Start

●Teachers? ●Group size? Work in or groups.

Read Para 3,finish the blanks about ‘where to stay and what to eat’

● where to stay:

You can stay ;

You can stay

● what to eat : You will with the family.

Read para 4-5, the blanks about free time and tips

● What to do ?

or you can

● When to pay:




Step5:Group work

Report: My name is…... I’m a …..and I’m a student of ……Middle School. I’ d like to take part in a summer English with a small group of ……students.I hope the course lasts for … It would be better if I can live with………, because ……

Step 7:summary:

Step 8: Homework :

1.Finish your composition

2.search the Internet to get some information about Los Angeles

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