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[名校联盟]安徽省亳州市风华中学八年级英语上册课件-unit4 What’s the best movie theater 周芳芳

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What’s the best movie theater?


..\04 倒霉熊第二部 高清.mp4 Do you like going to a movie?

How do you choose a movie theater to go to?

movie theater


How do you choose a movie theater to go to?

big screens

comfortable seats

It’s important to have big screens. It’s important to have comfortable seats.

How do you choose a movie theater to go to?

new movies

best sound

It’s important to have new movies. It’s important to have best sound.

How do you choose a movie theater to go to?

home IMAX Movie City is close to my home.

It’s important to be close to my home.

How do you choose a movie theater to go to?

buy tickets quickly


What does a good movie theater have?

It has

It is

short waiting time 等候时间短 新电影 new movies good sound 好的音响效果 comfortable seats 舒适的座位 大屏幕 big screens 离家近 close to home cheap 便宜 popular 受欢迎的


How do you choose which movie theater to go to? Write the things in the box under “Important” or “Not Important”.

comfortable seats big screens best sound cheap new movies close to home buy tickets quickly popular


Not Important

comfortable seats big screens best sound new movies

close to home cheap popular buy tickets quickly

Save some of your pocket money(零花钱)to buy tickets for your family at special time .You family and you can share the happiness(幸福,快乐) of seeing movies together.

Sun Cinema Moon Theater)



Star Theater

home Star Theateris ________________ close to my home.

Distance (from home)


City. closer to my home Moon Theateris __________________than Screen

Sun Cinema __________________________. is the closest to my home.

Sun Cinema

big screens(屏幕)
Sun Cinema has a big screen.
Moon Theater


Moon Theater

has a bigger screen. Star Theater has the biggest screen.

Star Theater

Sun Cinema

comfortable seats
Sun Cinema has comfortable seats. Moon Theater has more comfortable seats.

Moon Theater

Star MovieTheater World(电影世界)

Star Theater has the most comfortable seats.

Sun Cinema

Sun Cinema is popular . Moon Theater is more popular .

Moon Theater

Star Theater is the most popular .

Star Theater

waiting time to get tickets
Sun Cinema Moon Theater

Sun Cinema has short waiting time.
Moon Theater has shorter waiting time. Star Theater

Moon Theater

Star Theater
Town Cinema(市电影院)

has the shortest waiting time. we can buy tickets

good sound

Sun Cinema

Sun Cinema has good sound . Moon Theater has better sound .

Moon Theater

Star Theater has the best sound .
Star Theater

Sun Cinema


The tickets to Sun Cinema cheap is_________. The tickets to Moon Theater cheaper is________. The tickets to Star Theater the cheapest is___________.

Moon Theater)


Star Theater


Many new movie

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