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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived? Revision

? 1.本单元重点单词,短语。 ? 2.复习过去进行时。 ? 3.辨析'when'和'while'引导的时 间状语从句。 ? 4.中考习题链接。

bought 动词buy的过去式 murder 谋杀 land 着陆 playground 操场 anywhere 任何地方 close 关闭 take off 起飞 destroy 破坏 while当……的时候 meaning 意思 含义 experience 经历 体验 flight 航班 strange 奇怪的 陌生的 fly-flew-flown 飞行 climb 攀爬

根据句子中所给的单词首字母或中文提示填入正确的单词。 1. Yesterday someone destroyed _____(毁坏)many desks and chairs. modern 2. The things in his room are ______________ (现代化的). climb 3. Don't ________________ (爬)up the tree. It's dangerous. 4. My mother is washing the clothes in the _______ bathroom(浴室). 5. He_________ murdered (谋杀)the man for his money last week. 6. --- Where is your mother? kitchen --- She is cooking in the k________now. 7. The little girl likes to f___________ her mother follow everywhere. strange ? 8. A s________thing happened this morning. I saw a UFO out of my window. kidding ? 9. You must be k__________ ! I can’t believe what you said. experience ? 10. It was my first e___________ of taking a plane. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Key phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 在理发店里 in the barber shop sleep late 睡懒觉 做晚饭 cook dinner 理发 cut hair get out of the shower 洗澡出来 在电话中交谈 talk on the phone 参观飞行博物馆 visit the Museum of Flight 降落在中心大街 land on Center Street 从UFO里出来 get out of the UFO call the police 给警察打电话 起飞 take off


have an unusual experience


go down Center Street
in surprise run away outside the station walk around the station think about doing sth. in front of the library jump down in front of in the front of


考虑做某事 在图书馆前面 跳下来 在...前面 (外部) 在...前面 (内部)

被选为主办者 奥林匹克运动会 碰巧做某事

be made host Olympic games

happen to do sth 发生(强调必然性) take place the most everyday activities 最日常的活动 the Museum of Flight 航天博物馆 go into space 进入太空 玩得开心 enjoy oneself 在诊所 at the doctor ’s 收到…来信 hear from/ get a 听说 hear about letter from 因公出差 on business 你在开玩笑吗? Are you kidding?


land on

be in hospital 住院 北京国际机场 Beijing International Airport 世界贸易中心 the World Trade Center 闻名世界 be / become famous all over the world in/ on the playground 在操场上 last about 22 hours 持续了大约22个小时 被谋杀 be murdered


be destroyed by

默默地一起走 40多岁了

walk together in silence over / more tha

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