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2014八年级下册英语新目标Unit1What’s the matter

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2014八年级下册英语新目标Unit1What’s the matter?





4.教育学生学会关心他人,通过询问他人的健康情况并能给予帮助,增进人与人之间的感情 教学内容

1.Language focus: What’s the matter? Cut myself, lie down and rest, drink some hot tea with honey, take your temperature, see a dentist, have a headache, without doing something, have a cold, have a stomachache

2.Vocabulary: matter, back, sore, throat, stomach, stomachache, foot, neck, fever, lie, rest, cough 重点难点

1.To express health problems and give advice.

2.To learn to take care of yourself and care for others




Multimedia, flashcards, tape-recorder


Step 1 Greeting

T: How are you?

Ss: I’m fine. Thank you. How are you ?

T: I’m OK. But I have a cold.(我感冒了。)What should I do?(我该怎么办?)

学生也许会提建议:看医生(see a doctor)、休息(have a rest)、吃药(take some medicine)等。教学以上词汇,为学习下面的对话做铺垫。

设计意图:通过询问他人的健康状况并能给予帮助,增强学生之间和师生之间的感情。 Step 2 Lead-in

Today we are going to talk about the matters. Let’s learn Unit1“What’s the matter?”(板书并教学课题)

Step 3 New words

1.Now let’s look at the picture. This is a body. we are going to learn the parts of the body.(利用图片、单词卡片进行教学)


2.通过老师的表情、动作让学生用句型“What’s the matter?”询问,引出表示疾病的单词,如:sore throat, sore back=backache, toothache, stomachache等,并利用单词卡片进行教学。同时让学生用句型“You should...”提出建议。

Step 4 Practice


1.A:What’s the matter with her?

B: She has a headache.

A:What should she do?

B: She should lie down and rest.

2.A:What’s the matter with you?

B: I have a fever.

A:What should you do?

B: I should see a doctor/ have a rest/ take some medicine...


Step5 Listening

Listen and number the picture(1~5) in th order you hear them in 2a.

Listen again. Match the problems with the advice in 2b.

Step6 Pair work

Make conversations using the information in 2a and 2b.

A:What’s the matter?

B: My head feels very hot.

A:Maybe you have a fever...

B: ...

Step7 Role-play

1.Go over the conversation in 2d, and deal with the difficulties in groups.

Go over the conversation in 2d quickly, if you have any trouble, discuss them in your group. The teacher goes through the classroom and offer help if necessary.

2.Read aloud the conversation in pairs.

3.Make up their own conversations.

4.Act out their conversations in groups, then in class.

Step8 Homework

1.Memorize the new words.

2.Practice a conversation about health problems.

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