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1. — If a = 3, b=4, what’s the answer to the problem, a+2ab+1=?

— The answer is ___.

A. twenty eight B. twenty-eighth

C. twenty-eight

2. In our school several __ students are able to search the Internet.

A. hundred of B. hundreds of

C. hundred

3. Many ___ sheep were killed in the accident.

A. thousands of B. thousand

C. thousands

4. There are over nine ___ workers in the factory, but ___ of young people hope to work in it.

A. hundred; hundreds

B. hundreds; hundreds

C. hundreds; hundred

5. Our summer holiday is coming. Two ____ the students in our school will go to the beach.


A. hundred B. hundreds

C. hundred of D. hundreds of

6. In order to find ____ better job, he decided to study ____ second foreign language.


A. the; a B. a; a

C. the; the D. a; the

7.Two days isn’t enough for me to finish the work. I need ____ day. (2008宁波市鄞yin州)

A. a third B. the third

C. the other D. other

8. In order to make it clear, I must go up to _______ second floor and ask him _______ second time.


A. the; a B. the; the

C. a; the D. a; a

9. — It’s already 7:40 now. When will the film start?

—___. We still have five minutes.

A. A quarter to seven

B. Seven past forty-five

C. A quarter to eight

10. There will be more chances in _____century than in ____century.

A. twenty-one, twenty

B. twenty-first, twentieth

C. the twenty-first, the twentieth

11. The city changed a lot ___.

A. in 1980s

B. in the 1980s

C. in the 1980

12. He graduated in ____ of ____ century.

A. the sixtieth; twenty

B. sixty; the twentieth

C. the sixties; the twentieth

13. He got the prize ______.

A. in his fifties B. in fifties

C. in his fifty

14. When Mr Liu was ____, he became a famous professor.

A. on his forties B. in the forties

C. in the forty D. in his forties

15 .(填空)My father began to learn Russian when he was over fifty. ?

My father began to learn Russian ____ _____ ______.

16 . The accident happened on ___.

A. April 5, 2001

B. 2001, April 5

C. April 2001, 5

17. I was born ___.

A. in March 8, 1993

B. on July 9, 1994

C. on May, 1995

18.About _______ of the workers in the factory were born in the _______. (2008无锡市;2009兰州市)

A. two-thirds; 1970

B. two-thirds; 1970s

C. two-third; 1970

D. two-third; 1970s

19.____ of the students ____ boys in our class.

A. Two three; are B. Two thirds; are

C. Two thirds; is

20. __ of her money __ spent on clothes.

A. Two three; are B. Two thirds; is

C. Two third; is

21. __ the teachers in our school is about one hundred, and __ of them are women teachers.

A. The number of; two third

B. The number of; two thirds

C. A number of; two thirds

22 .The boy always stays there for _____.

A. one and half hour

B. one and a half hour

C. one and a half hours

23. The old man drank _____ beer.

A. two bottles and a half

B. two and a half bottle

C. two bottle and a half

24. This building is _____ that building.

A. three time as high as

B. twice higher than

C. three times as higher as

25. The winner is ___. He is an ___ boy.

A. eight-year-old; eight years old

B. eight years old; eight-year-old

C. eight-years old; eight-year-old

26 .He came to China ____.

A. at the age of 20

B. when he is 20

C. at age of 20

27. The river is about ____.

A. 6,000 meters long

B. 6,000-meters-long

C. 6,000-meter-long

28 .Our school is only _____ walk from here. (2002南京市)

A. five-minute B. five minute’s

C. five minutes D. five minutes’

29 .Every morning Mr. Smith takes a ___ to his office. (2001甘肃)

A. 20 minutes walk B. 20 minute’s walk

C. 20-minutes walk D. 20-minute walk

30 .It is ___ walk from here to my school.

A. two-hours B. two hours

C. two-hour D. a two-hour

31 .He had a _____ visit to Canada last month. (2002深圳)

A. ten days B. ten-day

C. ten-days D. ten day

32 .He wrote a _____ report.

A. 2000-words B. 2000-word

C. 2000 words D. 2000 word

33 .Kate is _____ girl.

A. a 18-years-old B. an 18-year-old

C. a 18-year-old D. an 18-years-old

34 .Our teacher told us that we would have a ____ holiday after the exam. (2005湖南衡阳市)

A. two week B. two-week

C. two weeks D. two-weeks

35 .Harry has just finished writing a ________ composition. (2005无锡市)

A. nine-hundred-word

B. nine-hundred-words

C. nine-hundreds-word

D. nine-hundreds-words

36 .The young woman has _____ daughter.


A. a two-years-old B. a two-year-old

C. two-year-old D. two year’s old

37 .I’m _____, and I have a _____ sister.


A. 15 year old, 16-year-old

B. 15 years old, 16-years-old

C. 15-year-old, 16 years old

D. 15 years old, 16-year-old

38 .In the past twenty years, many tall buildings have been built in our city. Look! This is a ________. (2008张家口市)

A. 70-floor building B. 70-floors building

C. 70-floor buildings D. 70 floors building

39 .①Just a moment, please. I’ll finish it in ___ five minutes. (1998呼市)

A. another B. other C. more D. less

40 .--Have you finished your report yet?

--No. I’ll finish it in ___ ten minutes. (2002呼市)

A. another B. other C. more D. less

41 .If you want to change for a double room, you’ll have to pay ___ ten dollars. (2000高考)

A. other B. more C. another D. each (01呼市)

42 .The bus is full. We can hardly make ___ for ___ persons.

A. a room, three more

B. room, more three

C. room, three more

D. a room, another three

43 .Beijing is really an interesting city with a long history, so I want to stay here for ___ ten days. (02奥赛高一组)

A. another B. other C. more D. the others

44. -How long will you stay here? (06武汉)

--I think I will be here for _____ more days.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

45 .You’ve stayed in this school for several days, haven’t you?

--Yes. I think I’ll be here for ______ more days. (2008湖北襄樊市)

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

46 . The Smiths have moved to No. 5 Building, and are now living in ___.

A. 208th Room B. Room 208

C. Room No. 208 D. the 208 Room

47 .--There is a wrong word in Line ___.


--In the ____ line.


A. Two; two B. Two; second

C. second; Two D. second; second

48 .--What was the date yesterday?


A. It was Friday.

B. It was the fifth day.

C. It was April fifth.

D. It was April the fifth.

49 . Abraham Lincoln was ______ President of the United States.

A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th D. the 16th

50 . Do you think there is any room for us ________?

A. two B. the two

C. second D. the second

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