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1、The boy likes questions.

A.ask B.answer C.to ask

2、We'll try there on time.

A.to get B.getting C.got

3、They hoped their mother soon.

A.to see B.saw C.seeing

4、I'm glad you again.

A.meet B.met C.to meet

5、He often helps me my bike.

A.mending B.to mend C.to mended

6、I heard Alice in the next door.

A.sings B.sang C.sing

7、The work is easy. Let him it by himself.

A.do B.to do C.doing

8、He saw Dick in and take a book away.

A.came B.coming C.come

9、Does Jack want a writer?

A.be B.is C.to be

10、The boss had them from morning to night.

A.worked B.working C.work

11、It's time home.

A.to go B.went C.going

12、Tom is kind. He would like you.

A.to help B.help C.helped

13、Don't forget your books to school.

A.bring B.to bring C.brought

14、I don't know .

A.where does he live B.what is he doing

C.where he lives D.what he is dring it

15、Ask him how much .

A.did it cost B.cost it C.it costed D.it costs

16、I wonder used for.

A.what was this room B.which was this room

C.what this room was D.that this room was

17、I really don't know .

A.where he was born B.where he is born

C.where was he born D.where is he born

18、We have no idea .

A.how worried was he B.how worried he was

C.that was he worried D.what was he worried

19、He wanted to know there.

A.how long time I had been B.how long had I been

C.how long I had been D.how long I was

20、My mother wants to know .

A.how is Tom getting along B.how he is getting along

C.what is he getting along D.what he is getting along

21、What shall we do it rains tomorrow?

A.if B.when C.since

22、The doctor didn't have a rest the operation was over.

A.before B.after C.until

23、She didn't go to the cinema she was very busy.

A.when B.until C.because

24、His parents didn't send their children to school life was hard.

A.if B.while C.because

25、Finish doing your homework you go to bed.

A.before B.until C.after

26、The film was interesting all of us wanted to see it again.

A.as, as B.so, that C.such, that

27、 he heard a girl crying for help outside, he rushed out of the room.

A.Before B.As soon as C.after

28、There are students in Class One in Class Two.

A.as many, than B.as much, as

C.more, than D.so many, as

29、 I was watching TV, my sister was litening to the radio programme.

A.After B.While C.Before

30、Let's wait for him he back.

A.until, will come B.until, came

C.if, will come D.until, comes

31、I'll remember her the letter.

A.give B.gave C.to give

32、He turned on the radio and stopped to the radio.

A.listened B.to listen C.listening

33、He had decided it again.

A.written B.writing C.to write

34、It's cold. You need warm clothes.

A.to wear B.wearing C.wore

35、Mr Black mill agree there with you.

A.to go B.went C.will go

36、They were able to last year.

A.swam B.swim C.swimming

37、She is pleased her friend.

A.to meet B.met C.meeting

38、They were sorry that.

A.to hear B.heard C.hearing

39、He is sure tomorrow.

A.to come B.will come C.coming

40、Teacher told us quiet.

A.is B.are C.to be

41、He will teach me this year.

A.to skate B.skating C.skated

42、They asked him any noise.

A.not making B.no make C.not to make

43、Did you hear her the song in English last night?

A.sing B.sang C.to sing D.sings

44、The students don't know next.

A.to do what B.what to do

C.what do D.do what

45、The boss made them ten hours a day.

A.worked B.working C.work D.to work

46、I'd like my good friend to my home.

A.come B.will come C.coming D.to come

47、Will you help me this morning?

A.do the wash B.to do the wash

C.do the washing D.doing the washing

48、I'd love that film, will it be on tomorrow?

A.see B.to see C.seeing D.seen

49、He told them on with the work.

A.to go B.going C.go D.went

50、We'll try the work before seven o'clock.

A.finished B.finish C.to finish D.finishing

51、It's raining hard. You'd better .

A.go out B.not go out C.no to go out D.to not go out

52、This maths problem is difficult. Let me it over.

A.to think B.thinking C.think D.thought

53、Sorry I've kept you for a long time.

A.wait B.to wait C.waiting D.waited

54、It's not easy a foreign language.

A.learns B.learn C.to learn D.learning

55、The doctor was busy on the woman at that time.

A.operate B.operating C.to operate D.operated

56、I'm hungry. Please give me something .

A.eat B.eating C.to eat D.eaten

57、Mr Smith enjoys to light music.

A.listens B.to listen C.listening D.listen

58、It was very late at night he still went on .

A.works B.worked C.working D.work

59、When they walked along the river, they suddenly heard somebody

A.call B.calling C.called D.to call

60、Stop and listen to me carefully said the teacher.

for help.

A.to talk B.talking C.talk D.talks

61、The teacher asked me the question in English.

A.answer B.to answer C.answered D.answering

62、It was eleven o'clock, she stopped the child from TV.

A.watch B.watching C.to watch D.watched

63、He is strong enougn the box.

A.carry B.to carry C.carrying D.carries

64、Please be quiet. You talk loudly in the library.

A.needn't B.mustn't C.need D.must

65、Don't be late. You be there on time.

A.must B.can C.may D.needn't

66、" I speak to Ann?" "Speaking."

A.Must B.May C.Need D.Shall

67、I've looked for my pen everywhere, but I find it.

A.couldn't B.can't C.mustn't D.didn't

68、Excuse me I ask you a question?

A.will B.do C.may D.would

69、This science book good care of.

A.must be take B.must take

C.must be taken D.must to be taken

70、"Must I finish my homework now?" "No, you ."

A.mustn't B.can't C.needn't D.may not

71、"You must be here at six tomorrow morning." "Sorry I be here so early."

A.need B.must C.may D.can't

72、 you answer the telephone, please?

A.Must B.May C.Need D.Could

73、Don't be late. You be there on time.

A.must B.can C.may D.needn't

74、We catch up with you. Please speak a little more slowly.

A.can B.can't C.may not D.must

75、This watch next Monday.

A.can mended B.can be mended

C.can be mend D.can be mending

76、The stars in the daytime.

A.can't be see B.can't see

C.can't be saw D.can't be seen

77、Tom was very hungry he ate all the cakes.

A.and B.but C.so D.or

78、The teacher is very tired she is still working very hard.

A.but B.so C.and D.or

79、Mr Wang has worked there it opened.

A.because B.since C.for D.so

80、We'll go to visit the Great Wall it doesn't rain tomorrow.

A.since B.before C.when D.if

81、 I came into the office, the teachers were having a meeting.

A.When B.While C.Which D.Since

82、It's a long time we met last.

A.before B.after C.since D.so

83、I didn't watch TV I finished my work.

A.after B.when C.while D.until

84、I hear easy.

A.that physics isn't B.if physics isn't

C.what physics is D.that physics

85、She tole me her teacher.

A.Mr Green is B.that Mr Green is

C.if Mr Green was D.Mr Green was

86、Do you know to that post offece?

A.How much is it B.how far it is

C.how far is it D.how long it is

87、Do you remember how many times to America?

A.have you been B.had you been

C.did you go D.you have been

88、I didn't know in the classroom.

A.is she B.if she is C.if was she D.if she was

89、Does anybody know for Xi'an tomerrow?

A.if is Licy leaving B.if Lucy leaves

C.that Lucy is leaving D.that Licy leaves

90、Do you know back soon?

A.when she will come B.if will she come

C.if she will come D.if she comes

91、I heard badly hurt.

A.that his son is B.if his son was

C.that his son was D.if his son was

92、I'm not sure this way.

A.the word can be used B.if can the word be used

C.if the word can be used D.that the word can be used

93、I don't know .

A.what's his name B.what name is his

C.what his name is D.what was his name

94、Do you know so worried?

A.why is your friend B.why was your friend

C.why your friend is D.how is your friend

95、Do you know ?

A.whose clild he is B.whose child is he

C.whose clild he is D.who's child he is

96、He asked which picture .

A.Is Mike's B.Mike's was C.was Mike's D.Mike's is

97、Can you tell me how often to see his brother?

A.does he go B.he goes C.he go D.he is

98、The teacher didn't tell me to have a test next week.

A.if we are going B.if we were going

C.that we are going D.we are going

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