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U1 Voluntary work

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U1 Voluntary work

There teenagers offered to do some work during the school holidays. They wrote the following report.

I did some voluntary work in a children there all suffer form serious illnesses. We organized a painting competition for them.

I met a girl called Cindy. She wanted to paint a picture of park near her home. I went there and took some photos of it. Cindy used them for her painting.


There many children without parents. I met some of these children with my mother. We taught them to tell stories. This helps them express their feelings. One child said,“My friends don’t understand my pain.”

We spent time with a girl called Vivien. Her parents deid in a car accident, and she is unhappy and very lonely. She needs friendship.My mother and I will continue to visit Vivien.


I wanted to help disabled children. They have difficulty walking or moving. I taught them to sing because music can bring them joy and peace.

I met a boy called Tim. He hurt his legs in an accident,but he has lots of courage. We need to help children like Tim and raise their spirits. I will continue to do voluntary work in the future. Annie

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