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新人教版八英下册期中复习练习题 姓名 得分


( ) 1. —I hope to work outside .

—OK, you can work for ______ animal hospital .

A. a B. the C. an D. / ( ) 2. I live at home and I feel . A. alone, alone B. lonely, alone C. alone, lonely D. lonely, lonely ( ) 3. ---Mom , ________ I go shopping with you ? ---Yes , you ________. A. Should,should B. Could, should C. Could,can D. Can , could ( ) 4. My brother is 8 years old .He is to go to school. A. enough old B. enough young C. old enough D. young enough ( )5. ---Why not go shopping together? ---Sorry, I have a lot of homework ____. A. do B. to do C. doing D. did ( )6. ---My parents always argue a lot ,what should I do ? ---Maybe you could do more jobs around the house _________ they have more time for proper communication. A. although B. so that C. if D. but ( )7. ---He is never late for class . ---_________ am I A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None ( )8. My watch is broken. I ask my father to ____________. A. fix it up B. fix up it C. put it up D. put it up ( )9. Tom _____his father . They are both tall and like to help others. A. looks the same B. takes after C. looks after D takes care of ( )10. ---Could you please pass me the salt ? ---______________. A. Yes, of course B. No, thanks C. That’s right D. That’s all right . ( )11.—Do you know the song Gangnam Style?

—Of course. It interesting.

A.tastes B.smells C.sounds D.feels ( )12.—How do you learn English,Toby?

—I often practise English chatting my friends.

A.in;to B.by;of C.by;with ( A.clean B.to clean C.cleaning D.cleaned ( )14.Kevin will give less homework to his studeteacher. A.becomes B.become C.became D.becoming ( )15.——Sorry. I won’t be long.

A.come B.to come C.coming ( on the road because it’s dangerous. A.not to play B.to play not C.not playing D.not play ( )17.Don’A.turn off B.put on C.get off D.set up ( )18.—I saw your friend at the hospital. What’s the matter with her?

—Oh, .She is a doctor there.

A.you’re right B.it’s pity C.don’t worry D.you are welcome ( at the party last night. A.I B.me C.myself ( )20.—Who taught you Japanese?

—Nobody. I learned it by .

A.myself B.my C.me ( )21.—Which do you like better,Crazy Reading or Teens’ Space?

—I like of them. They are useful for English learners.

A.none B.neither C.all D.both ( a life without it? A.understand B.imagine C.consider D.expect

( A.gave out B.cut out C.put out D.found out ( TV at home after supper. But now she is out for a walk. A.watch;go B.watching;go C.watching;going D.watch;going ( )25.—So many people! Could I stand here? — .Don’t you see the sign “Line up, please”? A.My pleasure B.No problem C.Of course D.Sorry, you can’t ( ) 26. In fact, he _______________ gets up very late.

A. sometime B. some time C. some times D. sometimes

( ) 27. Monkey King keeps fighting and never ____________ . A. gives out B. gives off C. gives up D. gives away. ( A. marry B. marry with C. marry to D. get married ( truth. A. the all B. the whole C. whole D. all ( A. moving; moving B. moved; moved

C. moving; moved D. moved; moving ( A. reminded B. made C. got D. let ( A. good B. well C. weak D. surprised ( ) 33. The boy with two dogs ________ in the yard when the earthquake hit the city. A. is playing B. are playing C. were playing D. was playing ( ) 34. My father was reading a newspaper while my mother __dinner. A. is cooking B. cooks C. was cooking D. will cook ( ) 35. I tried several jackets on, but ______ of them looked good. A. both B. All C. none D. neither

( you. A.win B. beat C. beats D. wins ( in the east.

A. rise B. rises C. raise D. raises ( his illness. A. because B. but C. so D. because of ( silence.

A. with B. for C. in D./ ( in the flood(洪水).

A. taken off B. taken away C. taken out D. taken down ( ,the accident happened.

A. shopped B. is shopping C. was shopping D. shops ( out of the station. A. gets B. getting C. was getting D. got ( ) 43. _______he studied hard, ______he didn’t do well in the exam.

A. Though, but B. Although, / C. /, though D. But, though ( ) 44. Mr. White was ill, Mr. Green gave this class for us, _______.

A. too B. either C. so D. instead

( ) 45. We need to work hard at school _________get into a good university in the future. A. so B. so that C. such that D. in order to ( ) 46. Jack got up ________late that he arrived late for school.

A. so B. too much C. such D. much too

( ) 47. I’m hungry. Could you please _________me something to eat? A. give away B. offer C. hand out D. provide ( ) 48. ______my opinion, we should get on well ______each other.

A. In, with B. With, in C. In, / D. With, / ( ) 49. “What happened _____Jack?” she asked me______ surprise. A. with, to B. to, to C. with, in D. to, in ( ) 50. _________clean your room? It’s really dirty.

A. Why don’t B. Could you please C. What about D. Would you like

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