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一. 单项填空。

1. Tom feels ________ today. He has got a gift from his father.

A. worried B. happy C. friendly D. exciting

2. —Excuse me, could you tell me ________ you did it? —All right. I’ll show you.

A. why B. how C. what D. if

3. Usually people’s hobbies can bring ________ enjoyment.

A. you B. us C. me D. them

4. Every morning my mother________ breakfast for me.

A. prepared B. has prepared C. prepares D. is preparing

5. There ________ a big party to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday this weekend.

A. is going to have B. is going to be C. are going to be D. are going to have

6. Could you tell me when ________ their student English newspaper?

A. will they start B. would they start C. they will start D. did they start

7. After having the summer camp with the American students, we all agree _____ as pen friends.

A. to stay in touch B. staying in touch

C. stay in touch D. stayed in touch

8. I asked Emily why she didn’t bring me my notebook, but she couldn’t remember ________it.

A. lending B. borrowing C. to lend D. to borrow

9. You won’t print the photo if you ________ the wrong button.

A. will press B. pressed C. press D. have pressed

10. You must find out how much it ______ to have a one-year study in England before going there.

A. costs B. spends C. pays D. uses

11. We didn’t know each other at that time, __________ we’re good friends now.

A. because B. since C. though D. if

12. —Why didn’t you stop the ball?

— ________I could catch it, a boy from Class Three came and caught it.

A. Until B. When C. After D. Before

13. The computer doesn’t work well. There ________ something wrong with it.

A. seems to be B. seem to be C. seems to have D. seem to have

14. Do not make any noise while you ________.

A. waited B. were waiting C. will wait D. are waiting

15. Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 is the most amazing place I’ve ever ________.

A. worked B. been C. seen D. gone

16. —“Have you already got well?” she asked. — What did she say to you? — She asked me________.

A. if I have already got well B. whether I had already got well

C. whether have I already got well D. if I had already got well

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As Anon quotes, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” he means that life is very short. There is no what may happen tomorrow.

Many times in life, especially when we are the limit (限度) of that we have. It seems like so much time to get we want finished. When you’re in would be “ Will I be still nk about it, it would seem like your life is full of danger every day. Is it possible for you to live tomorrow? A girl named Meg was always a always thought that she had so much time left of her life, so she decided to some of it. Who would have thought that one night when she went out to rob an old man, she was going to be shot? She make much out of her life.

Every moment that you have of your life is life. Try hard to reach your because life is there for you to live in and sometimes it might be quite unpredictable (不可预测的). 17. A. telling B. imagining C. thinking D. choosing 18. A. sick B. healthy C. young D. old 19. A. life B. time C. patience D. energy 20. A. which B. why C. whether D. what 21. A. danger B. need C. public D. trouble 22. A. alive B. alone C. lonely D. perfect 23. A. beyond B. through C. past D. towards 24. A. teen thief B. strange traveler C. trouble maker D. dangerous killer 25. A. spend B. keep C. take D. waste 26. A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. needn’t 27. A. special B. different C. wonderful D. usual 28. A. results B. goals C. hopes D. success 三、阅读理解。(共24分,每小题2分)

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When: 2 May—16 August

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