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2014春八下U3 课文重点详细讲解

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Unit3 Could you please clean your room?

1、take out 取出(v+ adv), 跟代词做宾语,代词放中间; 跟名词做宾语,可放在中间,也可放在后边 (take的其它短语)take out the trash 倒垃圾 take a walk 散步 take away 拿走,取走

take back 收回 take place 发生 take off 脱下; 起飞/ The gift is in the box. You can take it out.

2、at least 至少, (反) at most 至少,不超过3、finish v 结束;完成 finish doing sth 做完某事

I think two hours of TV is enough for you! 我觉得你看两个小时的电视已经足够了。

3、enough ,enough 修饰名词时,置于名词前;修饰形容词时,置于形容词之后。

4、take 的用法:1)、Please take some books to the classroom.(拿;取)

2)、Take this medicine three times a day.(吃;喝;服用)

3)、 They usually take the bus to work [乘(车;船等)] .4 )、take sb to sp ( 带某人去某地 )

5)、It takes me two hours to do my homework every day. [花费(时间;金钱) ]

take 构成的短语: take a walk 去散步 take a rest 休息 take care of 照顾 脱下;起飞

take up 占据 take one’s time 不急;慢慢来 take one’s temperature

6. The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom came over .

1) the minute = as soon as “一...... 就......” 2) in front of 指在物体外部的前面 in the front of

【注意】有the无the区别大: in hospital 住院 7、come over 过来,顺便来访,与come有关的短语有: come up with

come true实现 come from=be from来自,出生于赶快,

come out出来,出版,发行,(花)开,(照片)冲洗出来

8,all the time = always 一直;总是。与time相关的短语: 及时at the same time同时 form time to time偶尔 the first time 第一次 有时

last time上次 next time 下次 9、as...as 和

9. neither +助动词/系动词/主语

⑴ neither两者都不 …也不…,

⑵ 表达“…也不……” 情 + 主”

10. find:find ++found v寻找 (1) find sb. doing sth 发现某人做某事


11. in surprise ,surprising adj. 令人吃惊的(物) →surprised adj. 吃惊的(人)/ 吃惊地 (人)be surprised at 对……感到吃惊

12. need v (1)人做主语,sb. need to do sth 某人需要做某事

(2)物做主语, 没有必要

(2)need ,must must,否定回答用needn’t

— Must I go there now? — ,you must/No, you needn’t

13、share sth 分享或共用某物share sth with sb. 与某人分享某物

14、hang out 闲逛 hang up 把......悬挂/挂起

15 pass ⑴v 给;递;走过;通过 pass sb.sth 把某物递给某人 Pass on 传递 Please pass the paper on the other students. ⑵ v 通过;路过 I pass your home. ⑶ v 通过(考试) ;及格 Tom can pass his math exam.

16、borrow /lend/keep (1)borrow 借入 ,与from 连用,尤指主语“【借进来”】

borrow sth from sb. 从某人那里借某物You can borrow the book from the library.

(2)lend 借出 ,与to 搭配 【指借出去】 lend sb sth=lend sth to sb 把某物借给某人

(3)keep 保留,保存(延续动词,可以与表示一段时间的状语连用)【指借一段时间】

【记】 I want to __________ a bike from my friend but he didn’t ____ it to me,

Because Tom had _____ it for two days.



16. try (not) to do sth努力(不)做某事。 try v 试图,设法,努力

(1)try on 试穿(2) try to do sth 努力做某事 【侧重尽力做】(3) try doing sth 试图做某事 【侧重尝试做】

(4)try one’s best to do sth= do one’s best to do sth 尽某人最大努力做某事

17. hate to do sth 讨厌做某事, 表示某次具体行为或动作。 I hate to trouble him.

hate doing sth不愿意做某事 表示经常或习惯性行为或动作。She hates smoking in her room.

18、ask sb. to do sth 要求某人做某事。ask for 请求, ask sb. about sth 向某人询问关于某事

(1)ask sb. for help 向某人请求帮助 (2) ask sb. (not) to do sth请求某人做某事

ask sb. to do sth要求, 请某人做某事 ask sb. not to do sth请求 / 让某人不要做某事

ask sb for sth向某人要某物 ask for help寻求帮助

help sb. with sth. 在某事上帮助某人。

19、help v 帮助 → helpful adj. 有帮助的 (1)help sb. do sth. =help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事

(2)with the help of sb.=with one’s help在某人的帮助之下 …的帮助之下 invite sb. to Sp. 邀请某人去某地

20、invite (v)→inviting→ invitation n邀请(1) invite sb. to do sth 地点 邀请某人去某地You should refuse his __________(invite) .He is really friendly.

①We invited him _______(join) us to practice speaking English.

②21、make sb. do sth 让某人做某事make → made → 使得

(1) make sb/sth + 形容词 “让某人或某物…” mak(2) make sb/sth do sth 使某人做某事 make me laugh.(make确信

make a dialogue编对话 make a mistake犯错误(by mistakemake a noise吵闹 make faces做鬼脸和..交朋友给..让地方

make tea沏茶 make money赚钱 整理床铺

make a living 谋生 取笑

have time to do sth.有时间做某事(22)a waste of 浪费 浪费金钱

waste v “浪费” 在做某事上花费时间/金钱

23、spend... on 花费的区别: (1)spend→spent→spent花费,主语是人 sb.+ spend +时间/◆)doing sth◆spend. ... on= pay. ... for 支付

(2) pay →钱+for sth I pay 10 yuan for the book.

(3) cost→ cost ◆sth cost sb. +钱 某物花费某人多少钱

(4)take→took → 做某事花费某人多长时间

A new computer costs me a lot of money.

24、in order to “ 后接动词原形。in order to do sth 为了做某事

25、get into =enter 进入。与相关的短语: get up 起床 get back 返回 get over 克服

get dressed穿衣 get into进入 get/be lost丢失 get off/on下/上车

get on well with sb.与某人相处得好 get out of从…出来 get warm 变暧

get ready for +n.为…做准备 get ready to do sth.准备做某事

get well康复 get a chance 有机会、得到机会get/go to sleep(fall asleep)入睡 相关:(be asleep睡着) 26,get older 长大 get/ become/ go辨析: ⑴ become 强调变化的结果 It's becoming colder and colder. ⑵ get+adj较多地与形容词比较级连用。The days are getting longer and longer.

⑶go+adj.''表示令人不快的事情 go bad变坏,go blind变瞎,go hungry挨饿

37、provide sth. for sb. 为某人提供某物, provide v 提供provide sb. with sth. (sb 前介词用for)

=provide sth for sb.( sth 前需加介词with)供应某人某物相当于:offer sb. sth. = offer sth to sb. 侧重表示“愿意给予 38、anyway 无论如何, (一般放在句首,用逗号和句子隔开)



39、It is important for sb. to do sth. 对某人来说做某事是重要的

Children these days depend on their parents too much. 现在的孩子太依赖他们的父母。depend on 依靠;信赖

40. Everyone should do their part in keeping it clean and tidy. 每个人都有责任保持家里的干净和整洁。

1】 do one’s part 尽职责;尽本分Do one’s part in doing sth 在做某事上尽职责2】keep +sth /sb. +adj. “使......处于某种状态” keep 系动词 “保持” keep + adj . We must keep healthy.实义动词 “保持;继续”

(1) keep ( on ) doing sth 继续做某事 (2) keep sb. Doing sth 让某人一直做某事

41. Doing chores helps to develop children’s independence and teaches them how to look after themselves.

做杂务不仅可以培养孩子们的独立性还可以教 他们如何照顾自己。

develop independence 培养独立意识。develop v→development n 发展→developing adj.

发展的 →developed adj. 发达的 a developing country 一个发展中国家a developed country 一个发达国家

42. since既然 (表示对方已知的事实或理由,常放在句首)

Our neighbor’我们照顾

与take相关的短语: take photos/pictures 照像 take away拿走 take out算出) take care当心 take medicine服药 take place发生 take one’s temperature量体温 take a walk散步 As a result , he often fell ill and his grades dropped. as a result 结果 (插入语,放在句首,用逗号隔开)fall ill 入睡


1. Could you please…

2. Could I+ do sth. ? Could I use your computer?

4. She won’ t be happy if she sees this mess..


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