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初一下英语Unit7 SectionB 2a-2c课件

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Section B 2a-2c

How is the weather? Which season(季节) is it? What is she doing? What is she drinking? She is sitting by the pool and drinking juice. How relaxed

She is!



When I travel, I like to buy some beautiful postcards. I often write what I see and hear on them and then I send them to my friends. What about you? Do you like sending postcards to your fiends? Here are two students. They also send postcards to their friends.





2c Fill in the chart with information from the postcards in 2b.
Name Where is she? Su Lin How’s the weather?

in Canada

warm and sunny

What is she doing?
注意人 称

having a great time visiting her aunt in Canada (L1) going to summer school (L3) studying English and learning a lot (L3) visiting some of her old friends (L4) sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice. (L6)

Dear Ms Feng, How’s it going? ……………………. ………………………………………… ………………………………………….. See you soon. 结束语 Mike 署名



1. I am having a great time visiting my aunt in Canada.
我正在加拿大拜访我的姑姑并且我玩得非常开心 have a great/good time 玩得很开心/过得很愉快

同意短语: have fun

have a good/great time doing sth
做某事很开心 翻译:我和我弟弟在玩电子游戏玩得很开心
having a great time playing I am _____________________computer games with my brother.

2. I am learning a lot. 我学到了许多知识 learn a lot


3.I am sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice.

我正坐在游泳池边上和橙汁。 by 在这里的意是: 在…旁边 4.My family and I are on a vacation in the mountains. 我和我的家人正在山区度假 在度假 (be)on (a) vacation的意思: 你正在大连度假么? on (a) vacation ______you Are ______________in Dalian?

选择正确的选项 1. —You like pop music, _______ you? —Yes, very much. A. aren’t B. don’t C. doesn’t D. haven’t 2. —Ms. Feng is a good teacher, _______? —Yes, I love China. A. isn’t she B. is she C. doesn’t she D. does she

( )3.—Hi,Jim! ____it going? --___.I don’t pass the math test(测试). A.How, Great B.How’s. Terrible C.How’s. Not bad D.How, Terrible ( )4.There is ___picture on the wall. What can you see in___ picture? A. a,a B. a,/ C. a,the D. the,a ( )5.—Bill, how is my house? --Wow,you___ a nice house___ a big garden. A.have, in B. has, in C. has,with D. have, with

※ 句型变变变 1. I have fun playing basketball. (同义句) a good I have ___ ____ time ____ playing basketball. 2. I am studying English in Beijing. (划线提问) _____ are you _______ What doingin Beijing? 3. She speaks English every day.(用now 改写) is speaking She _______ _________ English now. 4. How’s

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