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love is blind

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Love is blind means that when a person loves another, he fails to see the faults or imperfections of the person he loves. Like the Western wedding vows " From this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor and cherish. "

Love is blind, so you were so certain you loved that person that you wouldn't listen to anyone who said that you didn't know the feeling of love. Actually, it is other people that didn't know your feeling of love.

Love is blind, and whatever you have done your family will love you forever. For example, in the movie The Other End Of The Line, although Shriya struggled for the traditional that she didn't bring herself to accept a lackluster life with her fianc, which is crazy in India at that time, her father forcefully stands up for her, pointed out that whatever she had done, she is his daughter, and he loves her.

Love is blind, whoever you are and whatever you her do, your lover will love you forever. And so do you. You blind to the things you don't like and you blind to the faults about your lover, and these even are the reasons you fall in love. The lover will go to any lengths to meet the beloved's every need, to the point of endangering or even losing his or her own life. As we all know, when Juliet finds out Romeo is dead, she kills herself too, just so that she can die with him by her side. Therefore, the happiness and welfare of the beloved is of utmost concern.

All in all, my perspective is that love is blind, we act carelessly without assessing any of our actions, and we are blinded by love.

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