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Module 10 On the radio Unit One I hope that you can join us one day.

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Unit 1 I hope that you can

join us one day.

Do you like listening to the radio?
1. What do you like listening to on the radio?

2. What do you hate listening to on the radio?

broadcasting station (广播电台)

China National Radio

China Radio International

Voice of America (VOA) British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What kind of programs do you like?



What kind of programs do you like?


entertainment news

What kind of programs do you like?

weather report

sports news



Talk about the names or expressions of
the radio channels you know and make a

list of things you can hear on the radio.
interviews, music, news, …

Complete the table by interviewing some of your friends.

What’s your favourite radio channel?
Name Favorite radio channel

Listen and check the types of news you hear. culture government √ sports √ weather

Listen again and complete the sentences. 1.Zhang Li reads __________________ the latest news from China and around the world on Radio ________________________ Beijing. 2.The president of Russia will stay in three days China for ___________. China and 3.The match is between _________ English _________.

Listen again and answer the questions. 1. What’s the latest news? The president of Russia arrived in Beijing today for a three-day visit to China. 2. What’s the score of the China-English match at the moment? The score is China 2, England 1.

Radio Beijing

Listen and answer the questions.
1. Where are Lingling and Tony?

They are at the radio station.
2. What are Lingling and Tony doing?

They are looking around the Radio Beijing station.

Read and complete the notes. 1.When the red light is on, it means we’re on air _____________. 2.We collect ____________________________ the latest national and international news and write reports in the _________________ newsroom. speak English really well if 3.You should _________________________ you want to be a presenter. 4.This is also where we _______________ do interviews with the big sports stars.

Read again and answer the questions.
1.Who is taking them around it?

Chen Huan.
2.What does everyone need to do on Radio

Everyone needs to speak English well.

3. Why don’t Lingling and Tony agree with each other about the result? Because they have different ideas. Lingling hopes Germany wins the match, but Tony hopes England wins the match.

1. Thank you for showing us around. show / take sb. around (+ 地点) 带领某 人参观(某地) Daming showed / took the foreigners around Beijing last week. I’d like to show / take you around our city.

thank you for doing sth. 为做某事而感 谢 thank you for sth. 为某事而感谢 谢谢你帮助我。这句话可以说:

Thank you for your help. / Thank you
for helping me.

2. When it’s on means we’re on air. on air (广播或电视)播出,正在广播 The radio station is on air from 6.00 a. m.

You will be on air

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