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both prop.两个;两个都 [点拨] (1)作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。both of“??中的两个”,of后跟可数名词复数或代词。 (2)both作定语,修饰可数名词复数,即both+名词复数。 (3)both?and? 意为“??和??都”,连接句子中两 个并列的成分。当连接两个主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。 其否定结构是neither?nor?意为“既不??也不??”, 连接两个主语时,谓语动词的单复数遵循就近原则。 [拓展] all指三者或三者以上都,其反义词为none。

活学活用 ( C )(1)There are many tall trees on ________ sides of the street. A. either B. all C. both D. neither ( B )(2)—Are you ________ from America? —No,none of us. A. both B. all C. any D. either

proud adj. 骄傲的;自豪的 [搭配] (1)be proud of sb./sth. 为某人/某事而骄 傲(自豪) My parents are proud of me. 我的父母以我而骄傲。 (2)be proud to do sth. 为做某事而感到骄傲(自豪) I am proud to walk up Mount Tai. 登上泰山我感到自豪。 2

[拓展] pride是proud的名词,常用短语: (1) be the pride of 是??的自豪 Yao Ming is not only the pride of Shanghai but also the pride of China. 姚明不仅是上海的骄傲也是中国的骄傲。 (2)take pride in= be proud of 为??而骄傲

活学活用 ( C )Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won the gold medal for China so we're proud _______ them. A. in B. on C. of D. for

live v.活着;生存;过活;自谋生计 Few people can live through the bad war. 很少有人在那次残酷的战争中活下来。 [搭配] live on? 靠??谋生 live a?life 过着??的生活 如:The old man lived on his small salary in the past.这位老人在过去靠他微薄的工资生存。 The Chinese people all live a happy life. 中国人都过上了幸福生活。 3

活学活用 1. 用live的常见搭配填空 (1) People in that island _______ live _____ on rice and fish year by year. (2) She dreams of ________ living ____ on a farm with his fiancé(未婚夫). 2. 根据汉语提示完成句子 My father has ever ________ lived ____ a ______ hard life (过着艰难的生活)in the past 30 years. ______

protect v.保护 [拓展] protection n.保护 [搭配] protect?from? 使??免受??(在主动语 态中from可以省略) protect against 防御;防护 4

活学活用 用protect的适当形式或短语填空 protect crops _________ against the attack (1) Trees can _________ from strong wind. protect his face ______ (2) He raised his arm to _________ from the blow. protection (3) The president traveled under the ____________ of a number of soldiers.

provide v. 提供;赡养 [点拨] provide后面可以跟双宾语,常用结构: provide sth. for sb. = provide sb. with sth. 为某人 提供某

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