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( )1.—You _______ write him a letter to say you are sorry for it.

—I ’m not good at writing letters. I want to talk about it _______ the phone. A. could ; on B. should ;in C. can ;over

( )2. It ________ her four hours_________ the work yesterday.

A. takes, finish B. take, finishing C. took, to finish

( )3. —I’m sorry I broke my neighbor’s window. What should I do ?

—I’m afraid you have to ________ it.

A. look for B. pay for C. cut up

( )4. Don’t ________ it. Let’s have a try again.

A. argue with B. cut out C. get on

( )5. — _______________? — My car doesn’t work.

A. Why are you here ? B. How do you do C. What’s wrong? ( ) 6. — We can use QQ to talk with each other on the Internet. — Really? Will you please show me _________? A. what to use B. how to use it C. how can I use it

( )7.The boy is because he argued with his best friend just now. A. happy B. upset C. tired

( ) 8. — I had a fight with my brother this morning. — _________ A. That’s nothing. B. Great! You are right. C. You should say sorry to him. ( )9. She looked _________ when she heard the _________ news. A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprised C. surprised;


( )10. Little Tom is an orphan. He now feels_______ without his only friend the dog, Lucky.

A. even more lonely B. very more lonely C. still more alone

( )11.You shouldn’t ________ your hope. Everything will be better. A. give up B. fix up C. cheer up

( )12.A lot of meeting were______ because of the dangerous disease. A. turned off B. set off C. put off

( )13.Don’t _______ the people in trouble. Try to help them. A. hear from B. go over C. laugh at

( )14.—Tom, it’s cold outside. ______ your coat when you go out. --OK, Mom. A. Take off B. Take away C. Put on

( )15.During the past three years , several earthquakes ___in different places of the world.

A . happen B .happened C .took place

( )16.What ______ you ______ when the telephone rang just now?


A .are ; doing B .were ;doing C .do ;do

( )17.Look,the birds are singing ____ the tree and there are so many apples _____ the tree.

A .in ;in B .on ;on C .in ;on

( )18.I got on the bus and sat ______ it.

A .in front B .in front of C .in the front of

( )19.After the UFO ______,several aliens got out.

A .landed B .took away C .arrived in

( )20.Davy can't find his younger sister ,so he ______ her name on the street.

A .said B .spoke C .shouted

二、完形填空 (10分)

Many people today like reading stories about UFOs. In many countries ,people are UFOs. There are some different ideas about UFOs. Among them , one is that they carry visitors coming from other stars. Theyto fly much faster this idea. Some people said they saw a few UFOs land on the earth.said they saw some strange visitors coming out of the UFOs. they were carried away in the UFOs ,by the strange visitors.

Some people made mistakes when they said they ever saw UFOs.they saw a weather balloon or an uncommon plane. Sometimes they saw the light from the moon.

But there are a lot of things we can't understand.Now ,people still can't understand UFOs .It maymany years to find a clear answer and then people will give UFOs another name. ( )21.A.finding B .looking for C .studying ( )22.A.boring B .popular C .beautiful ( )23.A.seem B .look C .like ( )24.A.agree B .disagree C .believe ( )25.A.Another B .Others C.Some ( )26.A.even B .ever C .never ( )27.A.sent back B .sent for C .sent away ( )28.A.However B .But C .Maybe ( )29.A.strangely B .clearly C .hard ( )30.A.cost B .spend C .take 三、阅读理解 (30分)


Mr. Gao lives in a town. When he was twenty-five, his son was born. He calls him Gao Xiaobao . The little boy is clever. He and his wife love him very much. It’s September 1st today. A new school year begins. Gao Xiaobao is happy and wears his most beautiful clothes. He’s going to school with his new bag. ―Let me take you to school, dear.‖ said Mrs. Gao. ―Thank you, Mummy,‖ said the boy. ―The school is not far from here. I can walk

there myself.‖

At school a teacher met the little boy and asked, ―What’s your name, my little friend?‖ ―Gao Xiaobao, sir.‖ answered the boy. ―How old are you?‖ ―Six, sir.‖ ―What’s your father’s name?‖ ―Gao Dabao, sir.‖ ―How old is he?‖ ―He is six, too, sir.‖ ―Oh,‖ the teacher said in surprise. ―Is he as old as you ?‖―Yes , sir,‖ said the boy. ―He became a father only on the day when I was born.‖ ( )31. How old is Mr. Gao now ?

A. Six. B. Twenty-five. C. Thirty –one.

( )32. Mr. and Mrs. Gao love their son because _______________.

A. he likes to go to school B. the boy is clever C. he can go to school


( )33. Gao Xiaobao didn’t let his mother take him to school because_______________.

A. she was too busy B. his friends could took him together C. the school is near and he could take care of himself ( )34. How did Gao Xiaobao go to school ?

A. By car . B. On foot . C. By bus .

( )35. Gao Xiaobao thought_______________.

A. Gao Dabao became a father only for six years B. his father was younger than him

C. his father and he were born on the same day


It's sometimes reported that strange objects have been seen high up in the sky. These unidentified flying objects—UFOs have made a lot of people interested. Some of the reports about them are difficult to believe. Some have been explained in scientific ways ,and others have never been explained.

It is not easy to decide whether a report is true or not. One report of UFOs came from a British plane on its way from New York to London in 1954.The British plane was flying over an island at 19,000 feet when the captain (机长) noticed that something was on their left and a little lower than their plane. It was about five miles away.

―It was not one object but several,‖ the captain said ,―We saw one large and six smaller objects. I sent out a signal(信号) to report about them and I received the answer that the other planes were coming out to meet us. Before the planes arrived ,the smaller objects entered the big object. The big object then became smaller and moved away fast.‖

( )36.Some ______ have been explained in scientific ways.

A .people B .planes C .of the reports about UFOs ( )37.In 1954,a British plane met a UFO when it was flying from ______to ______.

A .America; France B.England;America C.America;England ( )38.The captain ______ and saw something on the left of their plane.

A .looked up B .looked down C .looked back


( )39.How many objects did the captain see?

A .Seven. B .Six. C .Five. ( )40.The big object moved away because ______.

A.of some unknown reason B.it was afraid of the plane C.it had received a radio report


Mary and Peter were having a picnic with some friends near a river when Mary shouted,―Look!That's a spaceship up there and it's going to land here.‖

Frightened(受惊吓的) by the strange spaceship ,all the young people got into their cars and drove away as quickly as possible except Peter and Mary. They were more curious (好奇的) than frightened. They watched the spaceship land and saw a door open ,but nobody came out ,so they went to look into it. In the centre of the floor ,there was a lot of food. Peter followed Mary into the spaceship and did not hear the door close behind him.The temperature fell in no time and very soon the two young people didn't know anything.

When they came to themselves ,they were surprised to see that they were back by the river again. The spaceship had gone. Their car was nearby.

―What happened ? ‖asked Mary.

Peter scratched (搔) his head ,saying slowly ,―Don't ask me. Perhaps we had a problem .Come on. It's time to go home.‖

After driving about fifty meters ,they found a thick wall made of something like glass stood in their way. On the other side of the wall ,a few strange aliens were looking through the wall and reading a notice which ,translated into (译成) English ,said ,―New comers at the zoo: a pair of earth villagers in their field with their ‖

( )41.Which of the following is TRUE?

A .It was Peter who saw the spaceship first. B .The spaceship landed on the river. C .All the young people went for the picnic by car.

( )42.What happened after Mary and Peter entered the spaceship?

A .They were asked to eat much food. B .The temperature went up. C .The spaceship flew away with them.

( )43.What can we learn from the end of the story?

A .Peter and Mary became villagers. B. Peter and Mary went back home. C .Peter and Mary were in another planet (星球)

( )44.The underlined part ―house on wheels‖ means ―______‖ in this story.

A .wall B .space C .car

( )45.How did Peter and Mary feel when they saw the strange spaceship ?

They felt______.

A .frightened B .surprised C .curious

四.从方框内选择适当的选项补全对话 (有两个多余选项) (10分)

A: 46.______

B: I went to fly a kite. A:47.______

B: By the river. A lot of children were flying kites there. A: 48.______

B: Yes ,but the wind wasn't strong. It was good weather for flying a kite. A: 49.______

B: Zhang Lei and Liu Hua. They both bought two new kites and got there earlier than I did. A: 50.______

B: Yes. We played there for about three hours. A .Who helped you to mend the kite? B .What did you do yesterday afternoon? C .Who did you fly kites with?

D .It was windy yesterday ,wasn't it? E .Were you very busy yesterday? F .Where did you fly the kite?

G .Did you enjoy yourselves yesterday? 五.书面表达 (10分)

下面是大明写给他的朋友Tom的信,信中描述了他的烦恼。请你以他的朋友Tom的身份,给他写一封回信,在信中指出他的问题并给他提出建议。 Dear Tom,

My classmate, Lucy, bought a new pen. I liked it very much, so I used it without her permission. Unluckily, I broke it. Then I put it back secretly. Now she finds out the truth and is very angry with me. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

Yours, Daming

Dear Daming,

I know your problem._______________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Yours, Tom



下面是大明写给他的朋友Tom的信,信中描述了他的烦恼。请你以他的朋友Tom的身份,给他写一封回信,在信中指出他的问题并给他提出建议。 Dear Tom,

My classmate, Lucy, bought a new pen. I liked it very much, so I used it without her permission. Unluckily, I broke it. Then I put it back secretly. Now she finds out the truth and is very angry with me. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

Yours, Daming

Dear Daming,

Yours ,Tom

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