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( )1. What’s the matter _____ you? A. with B. on C. in D. at

( )2.---I have a sore throat.

---You _________drink more hot tea ________honey.

A. should, has B. should, with C. need, has D. need, with

( )3. I’ll help________ signs after school.

A. put off B. putting off C. put up D. putting up

( )4. I don’t want to go there _________. Will you please go with me?

A. alone B. lonely C. right away D. myself

( )5. Why don’t you _____ to bed early to get enough sleep ?

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

( )6. Mariah used to ________interested in music, but now she’s used to _______tennis.

A. be, play B. being, play C. being, playing D. be, playing

( )7. The disabled man has trouble ________common things like carrying things.

A. do B. to do C. does D. doing

( )8. They plan to write some notices and ________after school.

A. give away them B. give them away C. hand out them D. hand them out

( )9. You look unhappy. ______________?

A. What did you happen B. What’s the wrong

C. What’s the matter D. What was happened

( )10. My uncle isn’t _____ at the moment.

A. feel well B. feeling well. C. feeling good D. feel good

( )11.My mom would never ______ me to do that.

A. allow B. let C. make D. enjoy

( )12. The emperor was everyone laughed at him.

A. so; that B. such; that C. too; to D. so; to

( )13._____Daming’s help , the problems are solved successfully .

A .As for , B Thanks for C Thanks to D According to

( )14. Grace spends an hour her homework every day.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

( )15. What did they ask you ________out with?

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped

( )16. He bought 3 _________.

A. kilos apple B. kilos apples C. kilos of apple D. kilos of apples

( )17. A friend of _________sent me a photo of ________yesterday.

A. me, him B. mine, him C. me, his D. mine, his

( )18. To our _________, Jack arrived on time today.

A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprises

( )19. It’s _________interesting work.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )20. It is the best way

A. deal with B. dealing with C. to deal with D. to deal

( )21. Don’t the meeting. Because it’s important.

A. put off B. put away C. put on D. put up

( )22. You can’t get good grades you study harder than before.

A. if B. unless C. when D. so

( )23.—You _______ write him a letter to say you are sorry for it.

—I ’m not good at writing letters. I want to talk about it _______ the phone.

A. could;on B. should;in C. can;over D. must;by

( )24. I met Mr. Li I was leaving the library.

A. when B. until C. after D. while

( )25. It ________ her four hours_________ the work yesterday.

A. takes, finish B. take, finishing C. took, finished D. took, to finish

( )26. The old woman tried the mountains away with his family.

A. to move B. moving C. to moving D. moved

( )27. My father the newspaper when I arrived home.

A. reads B. is reading C. have read D. was reading

( )28. — I had a fight with my brother this morning.

— _________

A. That’s nothing. B. Great! You are right.

C. You should say sorry to him. D. You shouldn’t talk to him first.

( )29. She looked _________ when she heard the _________ news.

A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprised

C. surprising; surprising D. surprised; surprising

( )30.If you don’t go, I won’t go _______.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither


. She works in a big hospital. gets up at five in the morning. She often hasat 6∶50. that she goes to the by bus. She cleans her office when she gets early. Then her work-mates come. begin work at 8∶00. They are very busy all day. She home at 5∶00. Then she doesfor her family. After supper shebooks. Sometimes she watches TV or talks with her parents.

( )31.A. teacher B. worker C. doctor D. driver

( )32.A. He B. She C. Her family D. They

( )33.A. breakfast B. lunch C. a meal D. supper

( )34.A. Before B. On C. For D. After

( )35.A. park B. hospital C. factory D. shop

( )36.A. there B. to there C. over there D. here

( )37.A. She B. Work-mates C. Her work-mate D. They

( )38.A. stays B. goes C. leaves D. walks

( )39.A. shopping B. washing C. cooking D. cleaning

( )40.A. reads B. sees C. looks at D. watches



Mr. Gao lives in a town. When he was twenty-five, his son was born. He calls him Gao Xiaobao. The little boy is clever. He and his wife love him very much. It’s September 1st today. A new school year begins. Gao Xiaobao is happy and wears his most beautiful clothes. He’s going to

school with his new bag. ―Let me take you to school, dear.‖ said Mrs. Gao. ―Thank you, Mummy,‖ said the boy. ―The school is not far from here. I can walk there myself.‖

At school a teacher met the little boy and asked, ―What’s your name, my little friend?‖ ―Gao Xiaobao, sir.‖ answered the boy. ―How old are you?‖ ―Six, sir.‖ ―What’s your father’s name?‖ ―Gao Dabao, sir.‖ ―How old is he?‖ ―He is six, too, sir.‖ ―Oh,‖ the teacher said in surprise. ―Is he as old as you?‖―Yes, sir,‖ said the boy. ―He became a father only on the day when I was born.‖

( )41. How old is Mr. Gao now ?

A. Six. B. Twenty-five. C. Thirty. D. Thirty –one.

( )42. Mr. and Mrs. Gao love their son because _______________.

A. he likes to go to school C. he can go to school himself

B. the boy is clever D.he can answer the teacher ’s questions

( )43. Gao Xiaobao didn’t let his mother take him to school because_______________.

A. she was too busy B. his friends could took him together

C. the policeman could help him

D. the school is near and he could take care of himself

( )44. How did Gao Xiaobao go to school ?

A. By car . B. On foot . C. By bus . D. By bike.

( )45. Gao Xiaobao thought_______________.

A. Gao Dabao became a father only for six years

B. his father was younger than him

C. his father and he were born on the same day

D. his father was named Gao Dabao when he was born .


To Be Famous

Chopin(肖邦) was born in March,1810 near Warsaw(华沙) in Poland(波兰). He was one of the greatest musicians in the world. In 1831, when he went to Paris, no people but he could play the piano very well.

At that time people in Paris liked the Hungarian(匈牙利的) pianist Liszt(李斯特).

One night, at a concert, Liszt went to the piano and all the people shouted. As all the lights in the concert were turned off, a wonderful piano concert started. The music was so good that the

listeners were all greatly interested. They kept praising the pianist and thought that Liszt reached something new in playing the piano.

Suddenly, all the lights were turned on again as the music came to an end. And there stood a young man instead of the famous Hungarian pianist Liszt.

Liszt planned all this. As the lights went out, Liszt left his chair and let Chopin take his place. So with the help of Liszt and his own talent(才能), Chopin soon became famous.

( )46. Chopin was________.

A. the greatest musician in the world B. a famous Polish pianist

C. a famous Paris pianist D. one of the greatest musicians in Hungary

( )47. The wonderful piano concert started________.

A. after all the lights were turned on B. when Liszt sat down at the piano

C. after all the lights were turned off D. when Chopin went to piano

( )48. When the music came to an end, ________.

A. Liszt stood at the piano B. all the lights were turned off again

C. Chopin stood at the piano D. people went out of the hall

( )49. Chopin became famous________.

A. before he came to the concert B. because he was a student of Liszt's

C. because people in Paris liked him D. since he played so well at the concert

( )50. From the story we know________.

A. Chopin could be famous because of his own talent and the help from Liszt

B. Liszt planned to make Chopin famous

C. Liszt was Chopin's teacher

D. one could be famous only with the help of a famous pianist


Mr. Jenkins is a farmer. One day he drives his truck to town and on the way his truck knocked down a boy and hurt(弄伤) him. He takes the boy to a hospital and he pays a lot of money for that, but the boy’s parents want to get more money from him, so they say their son can’t lift(举起) his right arm above his head.

Mr. Jenkins’ lawyer comes and asks the boy some questions. ―Now, my boy,‖ he says,

―Mr.Jenkins’ truck knocks you down in the street.‖ ―Yes, sir,‖ he says. ―And you can’t lift your right arm now?‖ ―Yes, sir,‖ he says. ―Could you show how high you can lift your right arm?‖ Slowly the boy lifts his right arm before his nose. ―Poor boy,‖ says the lawyer, ―And how high can you lift before the accident?‖

―Oh, I can lift it very high.‖ Says the boy, and the right hand goes up high above his head.

( )51. Mr. Jenkins’ truck knocks down ________.

A. a lawyer B. a boy’s father C. a boy

( )52. The boy’s parents want to get ________ from him.

A. more trucks B. more money C. more monkeys

( )53. Mr. Jenkins’ lawyer asks the boy to ______.

A. ask some questions B. answer some questions C. lift his left arm

( )54. The boy says he can’t lift his _________ now.

A. right arm B. left arm C. right foot

( )55. There is _______ wrong with the boy.

A. something B. anything C. nothing


A: Hi, Peter. You look unhappy. What’s wrong?

___. What should I do ?

B: I don’t think so. I don’t like A: Well. You should say B: Yes, I know I should, but it’s not easy.

A: Hey, I know. You could give him .

B. Well, that’s a good idea.

56.______ 57. ______ 58. _______ 59. _______ 60.______


A) 根据句意,用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成句子。(5分)

61. Could you please (make) your bed?

______(get) to my home by bus.

64. Jim has a (stomach).

65. My teacher told me (not speak) Chinese in English class.



You should and have a good rest.


They out all their money.


Mary is her old sister.


Don’t around.


When I called him, he for the bus.

六、书面表达 (10分)

你将代表学校参加中学生英语演讲比赛,演讲的题目是Learning to get along with our parents. 请用英语写一篇演讲稿,内容如下:




Good morning, ladies and gentlemem:

Today my speech topic is Learning to get along with our parents.

These days ,most of us feel it hard to get along with our parents.






That’s all for my speech .thank you .

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