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听说 lifestyle

发布时间:2014-05-04 13:25:09  

My Lifestyle

As a graduate student, my lifestyle is so simple. Learning the knowledge is my first and the most important thing I should do during the three academic years.

But, to be frankly, I also want to pursue a suitable and desirable lifestyle. I like reading some books when I want, I like drinking a cup of tea when I want, I like playing football when I want. In a word, I prefer doing what I want to do, rather than always complying with the orders from any other one.

The reason why I will say that is I think as graduate students, we should have more time to do what we like to do. The self study is always emphasized by the university so that we can learn more knowledge in other ways, not merely limited by the test books.

We are all adults, so we have the capacity to distribute our time and energy to run our life. We need a free environment so that we can do our best during the three academic years.

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