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八上 U3同步测试题

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U3、I’m more outgoing than my sister.

一、 根据句意及首字母提示,完成下列单词拼写。

1. B_____ Lily and Lucy are outgoing. They have lots of friends.

2. Edison showed great i_______________ in science when he was a little boy.

3. Nina went to school t ________________she didn’t feel very well today.

4. It's not polite (礼貌的) to l_________________at others when they make

mistakes (错误).

5. I’m d_________________ from Rick. He is a little calmer than I.

二、 根据句意,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 1.I am always_____(care) when crossing a street with my little brother,because I should take_____(care)of him.

2.We will have a ten-minute_____(brake)between the classes,and don’t run and jump or you may_____(brake) the vases(花瓶) in the hall

3. She _____(share) my troubles as well as my joys this years

4.We went out together,sang ______(loud) and made a lot of _____(loud) noise after the high school entrance examination

5.We _______(compete) with each other in all kinds of ______(compete) that year

6.As a writer,he has great______(talent),at the same time ,he is a ____(talent) actor.

三、 单项选择

1.I am good at____ , But Li Lei is good at _____ .

A. Chinese, play computers

B. Chinese, to play computers

C. Chinese, playing computers

D. China, play computers

2.Larry is much taller than ______ in my class.

A. all students B. any student

C. any other student D. other students

3.He is ________ a teacher. He loves his students like a father.

A. over B. really C. more than D. better than

4.The Yellow River is _____ the Changjiang River.

A. longer than B. as long as

C. not so long as D. not long as

5.Li Ping and Li Ming____black eyes.

A. has both B. have both

C. both have D. both has

6.Here are photos of_____twin sister and .

A. me, I B. my, me C. me, my D. I, me

7.She likes singing, dancing and talking with others.

But I often stay at home and read books. So I am

______than her.

A. funnier B. quieter

C. more outgoing D. wilder

8.Liu Ying is not ____ good at sports ____ her sister.

A. much, than B. a little C. as, so D. so, as


五、 完形填空 阅读理解

The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you'll get your words mixed up(混合) and people will not understand you. Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can' t understand them. But if you keep your sense of humor(幽默感),you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make. Don't be unhappy if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes. It's better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you,because they don't

understand what you are saying. The most important thing for learning English is:“Don't be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.” The writer thinks that the best way for you to learn a language is ____.

A. writing B. listening

C. using it D. learning grammar

What should you do in learning English?

A. Be careful not to make any mistake.

B. Write as quickly as you can.

C. Laugh more often.

D. Speak English as much as you can.

When people laugh at your mistakes,you should ____.

A. not care

B. be happy D. be unhappy C. feel worried

When you make a mistake,you should ____.

A. keep quiet B. keep your sense of humor

C. be kind D. get angry

The story tells us:“_____”.

A. Only foolish(愚蠢的) people make mistakes

B. Few people make mistakes

C. People never make mistakes

D. There is no one who doesn't make mistakes


be exercise people do and from health not with away 选词填空

Most people enjoy hiking(徒步旅行).Hiking is not only a ______(1) but also relaxing activity.The reason why people go hiking is different_____(2) person to person.Here ______(3) some of most popular reason for people to hike:

First of all,hiking is very good _______(4)which will improve(改进) _____(5)body and make it more strong .

Secondly,hiking is simple and cheap.All you need to _____(6)is to wear a pair of hiking boots(靴子)and your smile to start.

Finally,hiking is the best way to get _____(7) from your everyday life.You could hike alone or go____(8)your friends.After hiking,you will have a clear mind ______(9)then return to work with confidence(自信).So why_____(10)plan your hiking route(路线)right away? 七、 补全对话

A: Who is your best friend?

B: Sure. Mary is.

A: 1___________________________?

B: She is tall, thin and medium height.

A: 2_________________________________?

B: No, we have many things in common. For example , We both study well and like sports.

A: 3_________________________________ ?

B: Yes, but I am better at schoolwork than her.

A: 4______________________________,Mary

or you?

B: Mary. I am not as athletic as her.

A: Do you like to 5_____________________?

B: yes, I do. But I also like to have friends who are different from me.



1【解题思路】选C。此题考查be good at的用法, at后跟名词或动名词。

2【解题思路】选C。此题考查连词than两边的对等性, 句中 Larry与 any other student对等,但包含在A.B中,并与D不对等。

3【解题思路】选C。此句意为“他不只是个老师,他像慈父般爱学生”。more than还有“超过、多于(over)”的意思。more?than意为“比 多”,中间常插入多音节或部分双音节形容词或副词的原级,用于比较级的句子。

4【解题思路】选C。此题考查基本的地理知识,即长江和黄河的长度。这是每个学生起码应掌握的内容,也是素质教育的要求。as?as构成同等比较级;not as(so)? as 意为“不及

阅读理解参考答案:1. C 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. D


1. 第一句“The best way of learning a language is using it.”

2. 第二句“The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible”

3. 阅读全文可得此答案。

4. 阅读全文可得此答案。

5. 从最后一句The most important thing for learning English is:“Don't be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”可知。

选词填空1 healthy 2 from 3 are 4 exercise

and 10 not


73.What does she look like?

74.Don’t you look the same?

75.Is she good at schoolwork?

76.Who is more athletic?

77.have friends who are like you? 5 people’s 6 do 7 away 8 with 9

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