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Hello,my friends,

Welcome to Changchun, I am very glad to be your tour guide during your trip in Changchun, on behalf of our travel agency and myself to show our warm welcome, I think all of Changchun people will do the same, of course, if they know you are coming here.

Ok, now please allow me to introduce myself, I am Christle, or you can call me Miss.Yang.

I believe you had a good time in Baicheng, the hometown of the cranes, you may be close to nature and become the friends of birds, and it is really an interesting thing for us. You know, my hometown is also Baicheng, and I live nearby Momoge National Nature Reserve, xianghai is also an interesting place ,now let me to touch some attractive things about natural, cultural and historical atmosphere.

When you travel in Changchun, I will try my best to make our journey go smoothly. I hope you would have a pleasant and rewarding experience here. As a Chinese saying goes,"Nothing is more delightful than to meet friends from afar.”And I highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We are on the way to our hotel, the hotel is located in a convenient area, there is an airport near the hotel, and there are beautiful scenery surrounding it, and we can appreciate the scenery just in our hotel building.

My friends, you need to remember the number of our coach-jiA258222, please remember, jiA258222.

Changchun is the provincial capital of jilin province, it is famous for its history and culture. We will visit some tourist sites: the Puppet Manchukuo Relic, To know history and Manchurian culture; Changchun Movie Wonderland, travel in an tragic place; Changchun Jingyue National Forest Park,be close to nature easily, and so on.

Now, I would like to repeat some important point, please remember our hotel namexxx, the number of the coachjiA258222,jiA258888,our gathering time is at 7:00 o’clock tomorrow, please do not be late, I’ll thank you very much for your support. I shall do all I can to make everything easy for you, I am sure you are gonging to enjoy your trip, and have an unforgettable experience in china.

Thank for your attention!

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