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A:Hello,Mrs White!

B: Hello, Mrs Wu!

A:Are you going to do some shopping? B;Yes,What about you ?

A:1.__Me too.______ It's said the things in the new market are nice and cheap. I want to go there

2._how about go there together_____

B:That's good.3._However,_______ I'm busy now. A few Chinese friends will come to see me in an hour. I'm afraid I can't be back before they come .

A: It doesn't matter.We can go when we are free. B: By the way ,4._Do you know where it is,____ I haven't been there yet . A:It's on the other side of the river . It's a little far from here. B:How long will it take me to get there by bike? A: Half an hour .5._but we can take bus______ It will take right there. B: Tanks a lot . See you ! 1.me too2.do you want to go there with me? 3.but 4.where is the new market? 5. the new market is cheap ( A ) A: Hello! Could I _________to the headmaster, please? B: ______ on for a moment, please. I'm sorry he isn't here _________ now. may I help you? A: That's very kind _________ you, but I want to speak to him _________ my son, Jim Green. I would like to _________ him as soon as _________, please. B: Are you _________ later today, Mr. Green? A: Sorry. I'm free every day _________ today. B: Are you able to come here tomorrow? A: I think so. What time? B: _________8:30 and 9:00. A: I think so. Yes, I think that would be fine. B: I'll _________ a message on his desk. A: Thank you very much. Goodbye! B: Goodbye! ( B ) A: _________would you like playing, volleyball or _________? B: _________. I like football. A: I like playing football, _________. Let's go to play football sometime, _________we? B: OK. I'm very glad _________. A: When _________ we go, this afternoon _________ tomorrow afternoon? B: I'm going to _________ a football match of World Cup _________TV. A: I hear you are going to _________ your grandmother. B: Yes. But the match is _________ important that I can't _________ it. ( C ) A: _________ can I _________ _________ you? B: I'm looking for a pair of black shoes. A: _________ _________ _________you like? B: Size eight. A: The shoes you want are here. Which pair do you want? B: The one _________ the right _________ nice. How much? A: Fifty yuan. B: I'm afraid that's _________ _________ expensive. Do you have any _________shoes? A: Yes, _________ _________ the pair next _________them? Only thirty yuan. B: OK. Can I _________ them _________, please? A: Certainly. B: This pair of shoes _______me quite well. I'll take it. Here ________ the money. Goodbye A: Goodbye! ( D ) A: Can I _______ you? Would you like something to _______? What _______ some cakes? B: No, _________. I think I'd like some bread. A: Would you like something to _________? B: A cup of coffee, please. A: _________sugar? B: Yes, _________. A: Some _________ bread? B: No. the bread is delicious, _________ I can't eat _________ more. Thank you. ( E ) A: _________me, please. Could you tell me _________ to get to the East Street Hospital? B: Go _________ this street _________you _________the second traffic lights. _________right and you'll _________ the hospital at the _________ of the road. A: How _________ is it? B: About three kilometers. It'll _________ you about _________an hour. But you'd _________ catch a bus. A: _________ bus shall I take? B: The Number 2 bus will take you _________. A: Thanks a lot. B: You're _________. ( F ) A: Good afternoon! Sit down, please. What's _________with you? B: Good afternoon , Doctor. I _________ _________ a headache. A: Have you _________ your _________? B: Yes, I have. It's a bit higher. A: Jack, _________ your mouth and _________ “Ahh”. B: Ahh…A. It's _________ _________. You just have a cold. A:

I've got a fever, too. B: How _________ have you been _________ _________? A: _________this morning. Do I have to _________ in bed? B: No, _________this medicine and you'll be all right soon. A: Thank you very much, Doctor. Good-bye. ( G ) A: ________ to the radio, Jack. The weather report _________ it's going to rain tomorrow. B: Turn it off, please. I _________care about the weather. I'm writing a _________ and I have to post it before noon. It's _________ my penfriend in China. A: Would you buy 10 80-fen stamps ________ me, please? B: OK. Oh, it's _______ outside now, not _______. Never believe the weather report, Mike. A: What _________ weather! B: May I use your raincoat? A: _________. I left it at home. 补全对话参考答案 (A) speak Hold by of about meet possible free except Between leave (B) What basketball Neither too shall to shall or watch on see so miss (C) What do for What size would on looks How much much too cheaper how/what about to try on fits is (D) help eat about thanks drink With please more but any (E) Excuse how along/down/up until/till reach/see Turn find/see end far take half better Which there welcome (F) wrong have got taken temperature open say nothing serious long like this Since stay/lie take (G) Listen says don't letter/postcard to for raining tomorrow bad Sorry

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