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★绝密·启用前 九年级(上)英语学科独立作业卷

9周英语独立作业卷(10. 30)

Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

B. hopeless C.necessary D. unnecessary B. polluting C. protecting D. harmful

( )3. My parents go to work by bike ________ by bus.

A. instead

B. instead of C. but

D. and ( )4. We tried to stop the flames from spreading, but we knew it was ________. A. unusual B. enjoyable C. hopeful

D. hopeless

( )5. Let’s try our best to ________ paper to save the trees. A. use B. make

C. recycle D. waste

( )6. Do you know how to ________ ice into water? A. change B. dry C. make D. produce

( )7. There are usually ________ people in the supermarket every weekend. A. too much B. much too C. many too D. too many ( )8. These are plastic bags. Don’t ________. A. throw away it B. throw it away C. throw away them D. throw them away ( )9. Drinking too much ________ your health.

A. do harm to B. is harm to C. does harm to D. do harmful to ( )10. It’s better to teach a man fishing than ______ a man fish.

A. giving

B. to give C. give D. gave

( )11. Whenever you throw rubbish in public places, ____all of the rubbish goes into the dustbin A. make sure that B. be sure of C. sure D. you are sure ( )12. ________ to the meeting on time tomorrow. It’s very important. A. Don’t come

B. Do come C. Not come D. Coming

( )13. It’s impossible ________ a taxi on such a rainy day. A. for getting B. of get C. to get D. to getting

( )14. We should buy things ________ locally.

A. producing B. are producing C. are produced D. produced

( )15. — We can sell the waste for recycling such as glass, paper and metal.

— ________

A. Not at all. B. Don’t let them get to you. C. That’s a good point. D. Are you crazy? 四、完型填空: (10分)

We all know that trees are useful in our everyday life. They (1)______ us many things, such as wood, oxygen, rubber, medicines and many other things. They can (2)_____ tell us a lot about our climate. The following are the reasons. If you (3)______ a tree, you can see that it has many rings. Most trees grow one new ring (4)______ year. Because of the reason, we know (5)_______ a tree is. A tree over a hundred years old means that it has more than a hundred (6)______. When the climate is dry or very cold, the trees do not grow very much and their rings are usually (7)______. When it is wet and warm, the rings are much thicker. If the rings are suddenly very thin or suddenly very thick, this means that the (8)_______ changed suddenly. If we look at the rings on this tree, we can learn about the (9)______ for a hundred years. We can see (10)_____ our climate is changing today. ( )1. A. tell B. ask C. give D. get ( )2. A. not B. too C. to D. also

( )3. A. cut across B. climb up C. walk past D. look at ( )4. A. every B. many C. the first D. from

( )5. A. how big B. how long C. how old D. how much ( )6. A. trees B. leaves C. people D. rings ( )7. A. big B. thick C. small D. thin ( )8. A. climate B. trees C. rings D. animals ( )9. A. people B. things C. climate D. life ( )10.A. how B. why C. when D. while 五、阅读理解(10分)


You may feel curious (好奇的) about students in other countries: Do they also have so much homework? What do they do in their spare time?

On April 8, a report came out on the lives of high school students in China, Japan, South Korea and the US. It surveyed around 6,200 students from the four countries last year. You will find the answers to many of your questions in this report. Who studies hardest?

Chinese students spend the most time studying. Nearly half of Chinese students spend more than two hours on their homework every day. That’s much more than students of the US (26.4%), Japan (8.2%) and South Korea (5.2%). Who sleeps most often in class?

Japanese students fall asleep in class most often. About 45% of them said they sometimes doze off(打盹儿) in class. In South Korea, it’s 32%; in the US, 21%; and 5% in China.

South Korean students don’t like taking notes. About 70% said they write down what the teacher says in class, many fewer than in Japan (93%), China (90%) and the US (89%).


★绝密·启用前 九年级(上)英语学科独立作业卷

Who is the most distracted (分心的)?

American students are the most active in class, but also the most distracted: 64.2% said they chat with friends in class; 46.9% said they eat snacks in class; and 38.9% said they send e-mails or read unrelated (无关的) books in class. What do they do after school?

In their spare time, most Chinese students study or surf the Internet. Most American students hang out with their friends. Most Japanese students do physical exercises. Most Korean students watch TV. 1. The report is about ___________.

A .the countries B. the subjects C. the students’ lives D. the high schools 2. What country isn’t mentioned in the report?

A. The US B. South Korea C. Japan D. India

3 ___________ of the Chinese students spend more than two hours on their homework. A .26.4% B. 8.2% C. 5.2% D. 48.6% 4. What of the following sentences is Not true?

A .The survey from the four countries was made last year. B. Most Japanese students do physical exercises after school. C. About half of the American students chat with friends in class D. The students in South Korean don’t like taking notes in class. 5. Who studies hardest ?

A Chinese students B Japanese students C American students D English students


This is not a diet. It's a simple way to lose weight~ And you don' t even have to give up the food you love or join a gym. You just follow some habits that thin people have. Keep them, and you'll become thin.

( 1 ) Wake - up

When you wake up in the morning, sit up slowly without using your hands. With legs straight out, bend( 弯曲) forward until you feel sore in your back. It will burn about 10 calories (热量单位,卡路里). (2) Start with soup

When you have a meal, order a clear soup, and have it before having the main food. In this way, you'll feel fuller, so you'll eat less when the main food comes. (3) An apple (or more) a day

Apples are full of fiber(纤维) and water, so your stomach will want less. The study shows that people who eat at least three, apples a day lose weight. (4) Stand up and walk around

Every time you use the mobile phone, stand up and walk around. Heavy people sit

平均) two and a half hours more each day than thin people. This skill is very important as standing up and walking around will burn 50 or more calories. Use these skills, and you will have a big weight loss. 6. What should we have first if we want to eat less main food? A. Soup. B. Ice cream.

C. Salad. D. Cheese.

7. Why does eating apples make one's stomach want less food?

A. Because apples are delicious. B. Because apples are full of fiber and water.

C. Because apples are sour. D. Because only apples are filled with calories. 8 A. Sitting up slowly without using your hands helps burn calories.

B. Eating apples every day is good for people's health. C, You have to join a gym if you want to lose weight.

D. It' s good to walk around while talking on the mobile phone. 9. What's the purpose of the passage?

A. To give some advice on how to lose weight.

B. To advise people to eat apples every day. C. To tell people how to enjoy a better life. D. To advise people to give up bad habits.

10. In which part of a newspaper would you most probably read the passage? A. Shopping. B. Teaching.

C. Family. D. Health.

六、任务型阅读 (共3小题,每小题1分,共3分) 请阅读下面的单词及解释,然后根据要求完成任务。

请读下面各句,理解每句中个green 的意义,将适当的释义的序号填入句后的空格内。 1. Tom is still green at the job, because he is a young man green from school. ________ 2. Green tomatoes are sour. ________

3. I own only two of those new green cleaning products, they make no pollution. ________



★绝密·启用前 九年级(上)英语学科独立作业卷

How green are you? Do you care about protecting the environment and saving 1 Try these questions and see.

? Do you try to or ride a bike to school?

? Do you buy new clothes just because they are the latest 3 f ? Do you open a window instead of on air conditioning? ?

Do you buy things locally instead of made abroad?

? Do you take your own cloth bag when shopping instead of using 6 p bags? ? Do you sort the waste before 7 t it away?

, but we produce waste every day and it

harm to our environment. Though we are young, we can still do something to help. In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can a real difference to the environment. 八、词汇运用(7分)

1. we take cloth bags to go shopping instead of using ________ (塑料制的) bags. 2. I think it’s ________ (必要的) for us to master (掌握) a foreign language. 3. Why don’t we buy more________ (产品) made in China. 4. Air p________ is quite harmful to our health. 5. Try to use (再生) paper because it saves energy. 6. Even the simplest everyday activities can ________ (减少) pollution. 7. We should ________ (关心) about our parents. It’s the right thing for us to do.

8. —Would you please ________ out (挑拣) some bigger apples for me? —Of course I will. 9. Don’t (浪费)________ water. Please turn off the tap after you wash your hands.


10. It is ________ to throw away the plastic bags. 11. The foreigners had an ________ time on the Great Wall yesterday. 12. I think ________ education for kids is important. 13. Most students in our school often collect ________ waste for recycling. 14. If we don’t work hard, our future will be ________. 九.作文(10分)


目前环保存在着许多问题:水变得更脏了, 汽车更多了,空气污染更严重了等; 为了保护环境,人们和政府做了大量的工作:植树造林,减少烟排放,垃圾收集等; 作为青少年我们应该怎么做?以How to be green?为题写一篇作文。 要求:


2.可以作合理想象,雷同试卷或抄课文一律作零分处理; 3.字数不少于100词。


★绝密·启用前 九年级(上)英语学科独立作业卷

六 任务型阅读:(3分)

2 3


1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _______ 6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______ 周英语学科独立作业答题卷(10. 30)


浪费的金属 污染循环 环境的9. 可重新使用的 八、用所给词的适当形式填空(7分)

10. 希望渺茫的11. 减少重新利用 13. 有必要的14. 塑料制的15. 修复 16. 陶瓷17. 在意18. 瓶19. 代替20. 布挑拣二 词组:(20)

1.节约能源 2.认真,谨慎对待…… 3.扔掉,抛掉(某物) 筹款 5.环境保护环境教育 7.关掉……对…抱有希望 9.再生纸9.一个陶瓷杯 10.考虑 思考10.两者都……/…和…都 11.有点,有几分,稍微关心,担心 13.最新款式 14.代替,而不是 15. 省钱16.塑料袋17.对……造成伤害对……产生影响/很重要 19可回收材料在贫苦地区 三、单项选择(15分) 四、完型填空(10分) 五、阅读理解(20分)

1. _______ 2 _______ 3 ______ 4. _______ 5 _______ 6. _______ 7 _______

8 _______ 9 _______ 10. _______ 11 _______ 12_______ 13. _______14_______ 九.书面表达 (10分)


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