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2014春季人教版八年级下学期Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum检测题

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum?



( ) 1. I don’t like those two coats because ________ of them fits me.

A. either B. neither C. none D. all

( ) 2. ––I really want to go to the –– So do I. We can swim in it.

A. water park B. aquarium C. zoo D. space museum

( is fun to learn another language.

A. That B. This C. It D. What

( ) 4. ––I hear your teacher ________ to Japan once. ––Yes, he _______ there last year.

A. goes; went B. has been; has been C. went; went D. has been; went

( ) 5. –– _______ have you been studying English? –– Since last year.

A. How far B. How soon C. How long D. How often

( ) 6. The Smiths have lived here with us ________ 1999.

A. for B. since C. before D. in

( ) 7. –– I have never been to Disneyland. How about you? –– A. Me, too B. So do I C. Me, neither D. Yes, I have

( ) 8. When my mother came back home last night, I was still _________.

A. wake B. woke C. waking D. awake

( ) 9. ––Tina, we are going to take a holiday in Europe. ––_________.

A. It’s wonderful B. With pleasure C. That’s OK D. Have a good time

( ) 10. Jim needs _________ his English if he wants to be a flight attendant(服务员).

A. to improve B. improve C. discover D. to learn

( ) 11. The island is quite warm all year round, because it’s ________ the equator.

A. next B. close to C. far from D. across from

( ) 12. Linda __________ the space museum after school yesterday.

A. has been to B. was going to C. went to D. goes to

( ) 13.-Tell us something about Canada, OK?

-I’m sorry. _________ Jack _________ I have ever been there.

A. Either; or B. Not only; but also C. Both; and D. Neither; nor

( ) 14. My sister would like to be a dancer __________a singer. She likes dancing more.

A. rather than B. than rather C. would rather D. more rather

( ) 15. ________you are free, come to my home and let’s have some coffee.

A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whoever D. However



Which is the best way to learn a foreign language? We remembered that we all learned our own language when we were . Think of what small children do.They listen to people say and they try to imitate(模仿) what they . When they want something they have to for it. They are using language, talking it all the time. If use a second language like this all the time, they will learn it more language by hearing people speak it, by seeing what they write. In school, though you learn to hear and speak, to read and write, you must learn all new words through the ear, you can read them, spell them and write them

( )16. A. boys

B. girls B. difficult C. children D. young people D. easy ( )17. A. important C. interesting

( )18. A. what ( )19. A. see ( )20. A. send ( )21. A. in

B. which B. listen B. look

B. teachers B. hardly B. and

B. earlier


D.when D. speak D. ask D. with D. workers D. carefully D. then D. later

C. hear C. wait C. on

C. children C. quickly C. but

C. before

B. by

( )22. A. people ( )23. A. slowly ( )24. A. not ( )25. A. first


根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,其中有两个为多余选项。 A: It’s very late. Are you still on the computer? B: Well, yes. A: What kind of e-mails? are from the relatives.

A: A: B: I’ve already had 40 people’s addresses in my address book!

B: Some are messages from my friends and some

B: Of course! Usually people want a quick reply. A: E-mail is really very convenient(方便的). 四.阅读理解 (共10小题;每小题3分,满分30分)



Tanzania(坦桑尼亚)is a country which has a lot of animals, such as gnus(角马),lions , cheetahs(猎豹),elephants, giraffes, crocodiles and so on. Every year, many people in the world travel to this African country to watch the animals closely. But do you know how they travel?

By bus——This is the most common way. When people get on a bus, they’ll find that the bus is a little strange. It is different from the buses we often see. There are no big windows at all, but some small windows. And it looks like a cage. What are they used for? Oh, people can use it to watch animals, especially those dangerous animals ,and take photos. We know that people are most interested in the lions. So when two buses meet , the drivers will stop and ask each other whether they have found lions.

By boat——We can often see many people are in a boat, enjoying the beautiful scene along a river of a lake, and they can also enjoy hippos(河马)and crocodiles from a nearer distance.

By hot balloon(热气球)——In the early morning, when the sun is beginning to rise, a large hot balloon is also starting its journey. Taking a hot balloon makes most of the travelers excited. After some time, the balloon will land in a certain place, and the waiters will serve people a delicious and special breakfast. But the cost of taking a hot balloon is

also very high. A person should pay 400 dollars for an hour’s trip.

( )31. Which is the most common way of traveling in Tanzania?

A. By bus B. By plane C. By boat D. By hot balloon

( .

A.it has no doors B.it looks like a cage C.people can take photos D.it has no driver

( )33.If you want to watch hippos carefully, you’d bette

A. take a bus B. take a hot balloon C. be on a boat D. swim in the river

( )34.Which one is NOT right?

A. Tanzania is an African country

B. Many people go to Tanzania for travelling.

C. Taking a hot balloon for a whole morning will cost 400 dollars.

D. The different traveling ways can make people happy.

( )35.Which one can be the best title?

A. Different animals in Tanzania B. The ways of traveling in Tanzania

C. Why do we take a bus to travel? D. The beautiful country-Tanzania


When you are in England,you must be very careful in the street because the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street,you must look to the right first and then the left. If the traffic lights are red,the traffic must stop. The people on foot can cross the road carefully. If the traffic lights are green,the traffic can go. The people on foot must not cross. In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from work,the streets are very busy.

When you go by bus in England,you have to be careful,too. Always remember the traffic moves on the left.So you must be careful. Have a look first or you will go the wrong way. In many English cities,there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. From there you can see the city well. It is very interesting.

( )36.When you are in England, you must be more careful in the street because________.

A. there are many cars and buses on the road B. there are no traffic lights

C. the buses and cars move on the left D. people on foot may cross the road

A. the right;the left B.the left;the right C. the front;the backD. the back;the front

( )38. If the traffic lights are green, mustn’t cross.

A. the people on foot;the traffic B. the traffic;the people on bike

C. buses;cars D. the traffic;the people on foot

( )39. In England, you must always remember that the traffic _______.

A. is busy B. moves on the left C. moves on the right D. with two floors

( )40. In many cities in England, there are big buses ________.

A. with a lot of people in them B. with lots of seats in them

C. with two floors D. with interesting colors



(娱乐) park?

(不寻常的) museum.

(油画) in the art museum.

(不管---还是)it is rainy or not, we should go to school on time.

(春季)comes after winner.

B) 根据句意,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

48. Have you ever tried 49. My grandpa loves drinking tea and (collect)tea sets.

50. Have you ever (hear) of the Night Safari in Singapore?

六.书面表达 (共1小题;满分20分)

埃及千年神庙惊现中文涂鸦―丁 ××到此一游‖。此事曝光后,引起国内外广泛关注,某国外英语网站就此发起讨论。请你以一名中国中学生(网名Whitecloud) 的身份,跟帖发表自己的看法。提示:1.表明身份;2. 发表看法;3. 你的行动 要求:1. 词数:80词左右, 开头已给出,不计入总词数。2. 文中不能出现自己的姓名和所在学校的名称。







26-30 GDEAC


31-35ABCCD 36-40CADBC


41. amusement 42. unusual 43. paintings 44. Whether 45.Spring

46. peaceful 47. encourages 48. Japanese 49. collecting 50. heard



One possible version:

Whitecloud: I come from China.I’m also a middle school student like Ding. When I read the news, my heart ached. What Ding did made me sad. Ding should feel sorry for that. As a student, it’s very important to care about what we do in public. For example, we’d better keep our voice a little quiet. I will be more polite to people around me and take better care of public things. And I’m sure we Chinese will show our best to the whole world!

Sincerely yours,

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