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成都七中育才14届初三下英语九年级unit14和unit15学案 (1)

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Units 14&15/Grade 9

Class:_________ Name:________________ No.________

I. Target Language

A. Grammar focus

1. Present perfect tense(现在完成时)

⑴ 陈述句的结构 …+ have/ has+ already (可省)+ v.(P.P.)+…

e.g. He _______ ________ _______ off the light.(turn)

All the students _______ _______ _______ the exam.(pass)

⑵ 否定句的结构…+ haven’t/ hasn’t+ v.(P.P.)+…+yet(可省).

e.g. Tina _______ _______ the housework ________.(do)

My cousins _______ _______ up _______.(get)

⑶ 一般疑问句的结构 Have/ Has+…+ v.(P.P.)…?

--_______ you _______ your camera?

-- No, I _______ _______ it _______./ Yes, I _______ _______ _______ it. (pack)

2. 阅读以下表达个人观点的句型,并分别给出自己的例句。

B. Words

洗澡/游泳n.________ 砍;劈v. ___________ 不管怎样adv. ___________ 奖赏n. _________ 波浪n. ____________ 舞台n. _____________ 打击v./n. _______________ 根源n._________ 海外的adj. _________ 祖国n. _____________ 政府n.__________________ 目的/意图n._____ 脚步/步骤n._________ 巨大的adj.__________ 挑衅的adj.______________ 栖息地n. _______ 磅n.________________ 厌恶的adj.__________ 极力主张v.______________ 原料n.__________ 丢弃v.______________ 社团n.______________ 灵感n.__________________ 空余的adj._______ 塑料(的)n./adj.________ 自豪的adj.___________

C. Phrases

买一本旅游手册__________________ 把冰箱清扫干净 _________________ 把它放入车库 _____ 生火做早餐 ________ 海外华人________________________ 保重____________________________ 写一首诗________________________ 写原创歌曲 拉倒____________________________ 经历乡村生活____________________ 拯救星球________________________ 看村民们做日常事情 _____________ 砍柴____________________________ 许多对中国的记忆________________ 十英尺长________________________ 重100磅________________________ 在极小的笼子里__________________ 活教材__________________________

教育某人做某事__________________ 关心_____________________________

强烈要求某人做某事______________ 依次做某事______________________

用过的苏打罐____________________ 用垃圾建成_______________________

C. Sentences

1. 他们正要离开去开启一个新的开始。(be off)


2. 你知道他们把他们赚的一半的钱捐给了为无家可归的孩子服务的慈善机构吗?(charity)


3. 多亏了寻根活动,我开始理解了我的中国根。(thanks to)



II. Extra Exercises

一. 单项选择。

( )1. Don’t you think you should get your umbrella ______? It often rains there at this time.

A. packed B. be packed C. packing

( )2. More and more people get ill because the air __________.

A. becomes polluted B. has becoming clean C. have been polluted

( )3. After the final exam, we’ll have a ________summer holiday. I can’t wait!

A. two-months B. two month’s C. two-month

( )4. ________ your donation, so many homeless cats can have a home to stay.

A. Thanks to B. Thanks C. Thank to

( )5. The woman under the tree can’t be my mom. She _______Hong Kong for vacation.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. is going to

( )6. We’ve told him our ideas about the project and it’s his turn _______us his own ideas.

A. showing B. to show C. shows

( )7. After a long week of work, everyone looks forward _______a relaxing weekend.

A. to have B. having C. to having

( )8. Today is _____ unusual day. I have read ____ useful book. I’ve learned so much from it.

A. an, a B. a, an C. a, the

( )9. This school often ______ students about saving food, so most of the students eat all the food that is given.

A. lets B. asks C. educates

( )10. The child’s story is a(n)_______ to the writer. Because of the story, the writer can write such a good book.

A. inspiration B. meaning C. improvement

二. 完形填空。

Students these days often have a lot of worries. Sometimes they have problems with their schoolwork, and sometimes with their friends. 1. ______ can they do about this? Laura Mills, a teenager from London, says, “I think 2. ________ to someone helps a lot. Unless we talk to someone, we’ll certainly feel 3. _________.”

Laura once lost her wallet, and worried for days. She was afraid to tell her 4. ______ about it. She even walked three miles to school every day because she didn’t have any 5. ________. She just kept thinking, “If I tell my parents, they’ll be angry!” In the end, she talked to her parents and they were really 6. ________. Her dad said he sometimes made careless mistakes 7. ______. They got her a new wallet and asked her to be more careful. “I will remember to share my problems in the future!” Laura said.

Robert Hunt advises students about common problems. He feels the same way 8. _______ Laura. “It’s best not to run away from our problems. We should always try to solve them,” He thinks we should find someone we trust to talk to. Students often forget that their parents have 9. _______ experience, and are always there to help them. In English, we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it 10. _______. So you’re halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it!

( )1. A. How B. What C. Why

( ) 2. A. communicate B. talking C. to argue

( ) 3. A. better B. worse C. relaxed

( ) 4. A. friends B. teachers C. parents

( ) 5. A. money B. time C. confidence

( ) 6. A. angry B. understanding C. outgoing

( ) 7. A. himself B. herself C. themselves

( ) 8. A. like B. with C. as

( ) 9. A. more B. no C. less

( ) 10. A. in half B. like pieces C. into small


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