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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum? Selfcheck

I have collected stamps before. I have found pans are useful to make a pancake.
I have seen a UFO recently. I have written a thanks note to him in the past. I have been to Hang Zhou recently.

Have Yes was have have did been like


Yes, I’ve already bought a newspaper.

Have you bought a newspaper?

Yes, I’ve already Have you do done my homework . your homework?

Yes, I’ve already fed the dog .

Have you fed the dog?

Yes, I’ve already watered the plants.

Have you watered the plants?

Yes, I’ve already cleaned my room.

Have you cleaned your room?


OK, let’s play computer game!

1 I ____ you success in your new job. A wish B hope C want D would like 2 How are you going to get there ? I don`t know _____ A already B still C ever D yet 3 Is Li Lei in ? Sorry, he ____ shopping . A has been to B goes C has gone D has been in 4 She has had ___ songs __ the top ten. A a little in B a little on C a few in D a few on 5 The students in his class ____ come from China . A most B mostly C more D much 6 ______ have they been here ? For about two years. A How long B How soon C How often D How far

1 If it will rain tomorrow , we won`t hold the sports meeting . 2 I have bought the dictionary half a year ago . 3 His grandpa has died for tow years. 4 Peter won`t go to see the film because lost his ticket. 5 Where is Tom ? has lost He has been to Guangzhou.
gone been dead



、选择填空 根据题意, 选择最佳选项。 ( )26. I ______ no reply from her yet. B A. have B. have had C. had ( )27. — ______ have you been in France? C — For two years. A. How soon B. How often C. How long ( )28. — Have you ever eaten Chinese food? A — Yes, but I’ve ______ tried such a delicious dish. A. never B. ever C. yet C ( )29. This plant has to ______ twice a week. A. be watering B. water C. be watered A ( )30. The film has ______ for about ten minutes. A. been on B. finished C. begun

your help. A. Thanks for; thanks to B. Thanks to; thanks for C. Thank; thanks ( )32. You’d better _____ the drawers of your desk. They are full of C old paper. A. give out B. sell out C. clean out C ( )33. I am ______ busy today. I have ______ work to do. A. too much; too much B. too much; much too C. much too; too much B ( )34. In our school there are two ______ teachers. One third of the teachers are women. A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of A( )35. If you want to see the sunrise, watch the ______ sky in the morning. A. eastern B. southern C. western

B( )31. ______ you, I was saved from drowning. A million ______

( )38. C I _________ traveling alone around China. A. used to B. prefer to C. look forward to ( )39. — I’m sorry, Miss Zhang. I left my homework at home. — _________ Don’t forget to bring it tomorrow. B A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. It doesn’t matter. C. You’re welcome. ( )40. — You have to clean the blackboard today. — No

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