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成都七中育才14届初三下英语九年级unit14和unit15学案 (4)

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Class:_________ Name:________________ No.________

I. Target Language

A. Grammar focus Unit 12/Grade 9

be supposed to do sth.用法概要

你们应该握手。You _________________ shake hands.

句中be supposed to do 表示“应该”、“被期望做……”,是一种表示提建议的句式,可以用英语解释为

be expected to do sth.

如:你得五点钟到那儿。 You _____________________ be there at five.

我们不应该在这里抽烟。 We _____________________ smoke here.

B. Words

习俗_______________ 鞠躬______________ 亲吻________________ 国土_______________

对于______________ 抹_________________ 餐巾______________ 指向_______________

礼仪 _____________ 吃饱的______________ 恭维______________ 调羹_______________

餐刀 ______________ 垃圾________________ 一队人_____________ 构成______________

短语________________ 结合_______________ 符号_______________ 在…旁边__________

电子邮件____________ 谜语_______________ 实验n._____________

C. Phrases

握手_________________________________ 和某人第一次见面_____________________

吃了错误的食物_______________________ 顺便造访朋友的家_____________________ 相当宽松的规定_______________________ 就餐礼仪_____________________________ 用筷子指别人_________________________ 毕竟_________________________________

特地做某事___________________________ 在餐桌上如何表现_____________________ 说恭维话 ____________________________ 没有理由紧张_________________________ 祝酒_________________________________ 制定约会_____________________________ 网上对话_____________________________ 在适当的时间_________________________


C. Sentences

1. 当你被邀请7点到,你应该晚点到。


2. 花时间和家人和朋友相处对我们来说是很重要的。


3. 我曾经习惯用筷子和勺子吃饭,但现在我不得不用刀、叉和勺子。


4. 许多网络英语我们看起来都不熟悉。


II. Extra Exercises

一.单项选择。从A, B, C 三个选项中选择正确选项。

( ) 1.Although he made such a big mistake, please don’t shout at him like that. ______, he is only a little boy.

A. First of all B. After all C. Not at all

( ) 2. It’s rude to ____________ others in the street and talk about their appearance.

A. point at B. listen to C. hear from

( ) 3. I bought something to eat for you. Please _________my home and take it someday this week.

A. drop by B. come by C. pass by

( ) 4.As students in Grade 9, we have ___________doing many exercises every day.

A. used to B. got used to C. been used for

( ) 5. He rushed away after having a big fight with friends, ____back sometimes to see if they are following.

A. was looking B. looked C. looking

( ) 6. The story is so funny. I _________ while reading.

A. can’t wait to laugh B. stop to laugh C. can’t stop laughing

( ) 7. The teachers __________to think of ways to help students go to their ideal high schools.


A. go out of their way B. run out of money C. pay attention to time

( ) 8. George is an exchange student, so the traditions here ______________him.

A. are familiar to B. are unfamiliar to C. are similar to

( ) 9. I really can’t __________how the ancient people lived without computer.

A. think B. imagine C. know

( ) 10. She has to take the seat ________ a man who is smoking, because there’s only one seat left.

A. beside B. besides C. next

二. 完形填空。

Every once in a while, I think about the question, ”Would a different choice in life have a strong influence on the result?” I also wonder, “ Do we really have 1._______ or is everything just fate(命运)?”

Do I 2.______ in fate? I believe that we are put here to learn lessons, and we have to keep studying 3.______ we grow up. We have to stay at school, in order to learn 4.________ we must learn. How we react(反应) is the

5._________ to change our fate. That’s when great things start to 6._______ in your life.

Do I believe we have choices? Oh, yes! But only if we are 7.______ for them. Only if we can 8.________ our negatives into positives, therefore, we can get choices that lead us out of 9._________.

How we react is the key that decides 10._________ happiness, our fate, and our choices. So, start by putting positive energy out and watch the miracle(奇迹) happen! Receive hate with love and anger with peace.

( ) 1. A. time B. choices C. lessons

( ) 2. A. live B. lie C. believe

( ) 3. A. because B. what C. until

( ) 4. A. how B. which C. what

( ) 5. A. key B. time C. place

( ) 6. A. happen B. lose C. sleep

( ) 7. A. sorry B. ready C. sad

( ) 8. A. do B. fall C. change

( ) 9. A. excitement B. fate C. danger

( ) 10. A. your B. his C. our


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