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1 too much 太多2 lie down 躺下3 see a dentist 看牙医4 get an X-ray 5 take one’s temperature 6 put some medicine on 7 have a fever 8 play computer games 9 all weekend 10 take breaks/ take a break 11 without thinking twice 12go to a doctor 13 get off

14 take sb. to the hospital 做X光检查量体温在……上敷药发烧玩电脑游戏整个周末休息没多想看医生下车送某人去医院

15 wait for

16 to one’s surprise17 thanks to18 in time等待






19 think about

20 have a heart problem21 get to22 right away

23 get into trouble24 do the right thing25 fall down26 play soccer27 put…..on sth.28 a few29 come in

30 get hit/sunburned

31 be interested in32 be used to

33 take risks/take a risk34 lose one’s life35 because of36 run out of37 cut off38 get out of

39 make a decision/ decisions40 be in control of

41 go mountain climbing42 give up





1 need to do sth. 需要去做某事

2 see sb, doing/ do sth. 看见某人正在做/做了某事

3 ask sb, sth

ask sb, to do sth.4 expect sb, to do sth.5 agree to do sth.询问某人某事要求某人做某事期望某人做某事同意做某事agree with sb.同意某人



6 help sb.(to)do sth.7 want to do sth.8 tell sb. to do sth.

9 habe problems (in ) doing sth.10 be / get used to doing sth.11 use sth. to do sth.12 seem to do sth.13 keep on doing sth.14 mind doing sth.


1, What’s the matter with him?

=What’s the trouble with him?

=What’s wrong with him?

2S he talked too much yesterday and didn’t drink enough


She worried too much.

Eating too much is bad for your health.

too much在此相当于一个副词,修饰动词。

Some children in Africa don’t have enough food to eat.There was enough rain last year.

Is the water warm enough for you.



3 happen

How did the accident happen?

Do you know what is happening over there?

(1)表示某人或某物发生某事时,某人或某物必须放在介词to后面,用句型” Sth. happens to sb. / sth.来表达。

What has happened to Tom?

If anything happens to him, please let me know.

(2)当happen作“碰巧”讲时,常用句型Sb. Happens to do sth. 和It happens +thatShe happened to meet her friend in the shop.It happened that I had no money with me.

happen/take place

4 have to / must

(1)have to强调客观上的需要。Must主观上的必要性

(2)don’t have to/mustn’t

---What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll prepareearlier today.

----Honey, You ____ . Let’s go out to have somethingdifferent.

5 agree to / agree with/ agree on

(1).agree with sb. of/about sth,表示同意“某人”的意见、想法、解释等。(对象是人或人的观点)

(2).agree to+n./v(原),表示同意“某事或某建议”,不但同意而且认可并“愿意协力合作”。(对象是事,且这件事一定会实行)

(3).agree on/about sth, 表示在某事件上取得“一致意见”。


(4).agree in "doing" sth,同意做某事。

(5).agree upon sth,用法与agree on相同,两者有时可以互换。


They agree to start at once。

他们一致同意立即出发。(一定可行的事)We agree on the plan.

我们同意这个计划的初步构想。I agree with you about this.




fall down 摔倒fall behind 落后

fall in 倒塌fall from the tree从树上跌下fall into the river 掉进河里

fall on the ground 落到地上

fall off the chair 从椅子上摔下来

fall asleep 入睡

7 put on/wear/dress / be in

Put on “穿衣戴帽”,表动作

wear 表状态

dress 宾语只能是人。I dress him every morning.be in 后接表衣服的名词或表颜色的形容词。

The girl in red is his daughter.

8 Aron Ralston is an American man who is interested in mountain climbing.

who is interested in mountain climbing为定语从句修饰名词man, who为关系代词。当被修饰词为人时,常用关系代词who或that引导定语从句.Do you know the girls who/that are dancing?The man that/who you are waiting for won't comeinterested/ interesting

I'm interested in the interesting book.

9 He was not ready to die that day.

ready 形容词,常做表语。

Lunch is ready.

Have you got everything ready?2014-5-6

(1)be ready to do sth.“准备好了做某事”,主要强调已经准备好了要做某事,表示即将去做。We are ready to answer the question.She is always ready to help others.

(2) be ready for "为....做准备"

He was ready for the death.


dead death

A dead man can't speak.

His death is heavier than Mount Tai.

I use my pen to write a letter.

I use a knife to cut apples/ for cutting apples.2014-5-610 use sth. to do sth.

11 keep on doing sth. ”继续做某事“

keep doing sth. "继续不停的做某事”

keep sb, from doing sth."阻止某人做某事“keep sb. doing sth. “使某人一直做某事”12 mind

mind sth. 介意某事

I don't mind the price at all. 我完全不介意价钱。mind doing sth.介意做某事

Do you mind lending me 5 dollars?


mind sb. / one's doing sth. 介意某人做某事

He won't mind me / my coming. 他不会介意我来的。2014-5-6



lying1 On my way to school, I saw a man _____ (lie)

on the bench of the park.

2 He stayed at home all the afternoon without_____ (do ) anything.doing

keep3 You should _____(keep) what he said in heart.

4 When I was driving along the road, the accidenthappened________ (happen)

5 To _____ (we) surprise, he changed his mindour

the next day.



2 The mother was so tired that she ___and restedon one of the beds.

4 ----I hope you'll be better soon.


long without a rest.


6 She is used to ___ in such a quiet village and

8 ---




11 ---Nick, would you mind ___out of the bathroom?---

12 --

---9:00 from Monday to Friday and 9:30 on weekends

A, when does the clinic open

13 It will be hard for us to get up in the morning if we __2014-5-6


25 The old man usede to __ in a small village among

hills, but now he has been used to __ in the big city.

27 You should eat___ food and take ___ exercise.2014-5-6

Emma failed her exams, I think she shoud work


I agree. ___ she does, she'll get good grades.

31 I had a hard time with math and I wasn't ___ to get32 You have to leave now ___ you can catch the early


it every day.

A, practise to speak B, practise to speak2014-5-6


One day , an old man w_____ to see the doctor. The ent

doctor examined him and said, "Medicine won't hellp you.estYou must have a good r____ , Go to a quiet country for amonth, go to bed e____, drink milk, walk a lot, and smokearly

just one cigar each day.

aterA month l_____, the man came to the doctor again, "

How are you"? said the doctor, " I'm glad to see you again

oungerYou look much y______ than before." "Oh! Doctor, I

eelf______ quite well now." said the man. " I had a goodrest, I went to bed early, I drank a lot of milk. I walked a lot. You a_____ certainly helped me, But you told me to dvicemokes______ one cigat a day, and that one cigar a day almost

irstmokingkilled me at f_____.It's no joke to start s________ at my


Predicting the future can be difficult. There are many comepredictions that never ______ true. Before 1929, therewas no ______ in movies. The head of one of the _____soundbiggestmovie sompanies in the United States predicted that notalkone would want to see actor ____. Of course, he waswrong, In 1977, the head of the largest computer compan

noin the United States said,"___ one will want to have a

computerhome______ in his or her _____. " He thought that computerswould be ______ used by most people.never


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