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成都七中育才14届初三下英语九年级unit14和unit15学案 (5)

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Unit 13/Grade 9

Class:_________ Name:________________ No.________

I. Target Language

A. Grammar focus

(1) make … + _______________

(2) make … + _______________

(3) be made _________________

B. Words

因此____________ 坚硬的_____________ 口号______________ 神秘的_____________

广告业__________ 瞄准______________ 含糊不清的________ 内疚的_____________ 谚语_____________ 思想n.____________ 有价值v. __________

C. Phrases

使我紧张_____________________ 使她困倦______________________

使我想跳舞___________________ 让你一直等_____________________ 挡光__________________________ 降价销售_______________________

御寒___________________________ 毕竟__________________________ 给我留张便条___________________ 感到尴尬______________________ 感到自责_______________________

C. Sentences

1. 有时候,广告词听起来很好,但不会告诉你任何有关产品质量的信息。(at times, quality)


2. 其他时候,广告里的图片比真正的东西看起来好得多。(at other times)


3. 有时广告会导致你买根本不需要的东西. (lead…to)


II. Extra Exercises

一. 单项选择。

( ) 1. —Hey, waiter, I’d like some rice.

—Sorry, sir. Here rice __________ only for lunch and dinner.

A. is made B. is planting C. is served

( )2. Our boss is having a crucial meeting. Please make sure to ________ the strangers.

A. give out B. keep out C. take out

( )3. I’m greatly ___________ about what you said. Could you explain that to me clearly?

A. moved B. misleading C. confused

( ) 4.The children were made__________ homework first by teachers and parents.

A. to do B. do C. did

( )5. I don’t like these awful pictures. They made me _________.

A. pleased B. bored C. funny

( )6. Loud music always makes people __________.

A. to want to dance B. wanted to dance C. want to dance

( )7. —Can you teach me how to surf the Internet?

—Take this book. It will lead you _______ it well.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning

( )8. —Mom, I want to buy this dictionary. It is good and not too_______.

—Let me see. It is really a useful dictionary. And the price is _______. OK, I will buy it for you.

A. high; low B. expensive; cheap C. expensive; low

( )9. —I would rather _______ you the secret right now. —Why not?

A. not tell B. not to tell C. don’t tell


( )10. I’m sorry to have kept you ______ for almost two hours.

A. wait B. to wait C. waiting

( )11. —You should _________ the customers tea before meals.

—But they said they couldn’t wait to eat!

A. provide B. afford C. serve

( )12. Do you mind ______ the window? I feel so cold. I’ve ________ a bad cold for a week.

A. closing; had B. close; got C. closing; caught

( )13. —Didn’t you see the sign, sir? Smoking is not allowed here! —____________ .

A. Never mind B. I’m sorry C. Sure. I don’t smoke

( )14.—Why was he late again?

—He arrived at the station late. __________ , he missed the early train.

A. However B. Therefore C. Because

二. 完形填空。

Last Sunday Mr Clark and his wife went to the seaside. The arrived home very 1. _________. Mr Clark 2. _______ the front door and they all went into the house.

It was very dark so Mrs Clark turned on the light. On the way 3. _________, she spoke in a low voice, “Listen! I can 4. _______ someone in the living room.” They all went downstairs again and stood 5. _________ outside the living room door. They could hear voices in the living room.

“You are 6. ________.” Mr Clark said, “There are two men there. They are talking.” Then he called out. “Who is there?” But 7. _________ answered. Mr Clark opened the door quickly and 8. _________ the light. There wasn’t anyone in the room. Then he noticed something and laughed. The 9. _________ was still on. “I remember 10. _______ it on this morning,” he said, “but I forgot to turn it off!”

( ) 1. A. early B. late C. tired

( ) 2. A. opened B. locked C. broke

( ) 3. A. upstairs B. downstairs C. home

( ) 4. A. see B. hear C. listen

( ) 5. A. quietly B. sadly C. happily

( ) 6. A. wrong B. right C. true

( ) 7. A. someone B. anyone C. nobody

( ) 8. A. opened B. turned on C. turned off

( ) 9. A. radio B. light C. blender

( ) 10. A. to turn B. turning C. to put


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