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新目标九年级上册Unit 3

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Unit 3
Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

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?语态分为两种,即主动语态和被动 语态.[主动语态表示主语是动作的发




把下列句子改成被动语态 1. They allow us to have part-time jobs. ____________________________________. We are allowed to have part-time jobs 2. The teacher asked Anna to finish the picture. Anna was asked to finish the picture ____________________________________. 3. People in the UK speak English. ____________________________________. English is spoken in the UK. 4. We must send the postcard at once. The postcard must be sent at once. _____________________________________.

5. The old cat has eaten the fish.
___________________________________. The fish has been eaten ( by the old cat ). 6. I can’t find the watch anywhere. ____________________________________. The watch can’t be found anywhere. 7. When will you work out the math problem? _____________________________________ When will the math problem be worked out? ———————————————————.

8. Where have you put my backpack? ____________________________________. Where has my backpack been put?

1. David broke the cup.

The cup was broken by David.
2. A thief has stolen my keys.

My keys have been stolen.
3. They can take good care of my child. My child can be taken good care of.

4. They will not clean the office.
The office will not be cleaned.

5. They haven’t told me about it. I haven’t been told about it.. 6. The workers are repairing my car now. My car is being repaired now. 7. He gave me a book. I was given a book. A book was given to me. 8. I saw him cleaning the room. He was seen cleaning the room.

他从来不上课迟到。 He is never late for class. He never arrives late for school. 我有时候和爸爸一去听音乐会。 Sometimes, I go to concerts with my father. 你和同学一起学习过吗? Do you ever study with your classmates?
玛丽常常提前做完作业。 Mary always finishes homework early.

How often do you do these things at school?always/ sometimes hardly ever never

fight with others
copy other’s homework get school late

bring a mobile phone to school wear necklaces

A: Do you ever ……? B: I sometimes……

A: Do you ever get to class late? study with friends? finish test early? worry that you’ll fail a test? B: Yes, I …… / No, I ……

Why is Peter going to fail the test?

1. Peter is going to… c 2. He isn’t allowed to… e 3. Peter wasn’t allowed to… 4. He could… b 5. He should be allowed to…

a d

Should he be allowed to take the test later?

Listen to the tape and fill in the chart. What rules they talk about? What do they think about the rules? Rules
wear uniforms study in group

s during the evening have long vacation



Read the passage in 3a and answer the questions: 1.What problems do they talk about? School uniforms, study in groups and vacations.

2. What does the writer think of them?

1) What does the writer think of uniform? He / she thinks the uniforms are ugly and they want to design their own uniforms. 2) What does the writer think of studying in groups?
He / she thinks they should be allowed to do so, because they can learn a lot from each other though they get noisy sometimes.

3) What does the writer think of vacations?

The vacations are too short and they can be longer.

Read the article again and answer the following questions.

1. What do the students in this article think about
the school uniforms?

The students think the uniforms are ugly.
2. What kind of clothes do they usually wear?

They usually want to wear their own clothes or
they want to be allowed to design their own uniforms.

3. How do they like to study?

They like to study in groups during the evening.
4. What are their ideas about vacations? They think that vacations should be good for volunteers? 5. Why are they good for volunteers?

Because longer vacations would give volunteers much
more time to have a good experience.

My friends and I talked about the

rules that we have in school.
定语从句 The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. 宾语从句 表语从句

Our teacher believe

that if we did that,
we would concentrate


more on our clothes than our studies. 宾语 从句

concentrate … on
more …than 条件状 语从句

Review the phrases
concentrate on… keep…happy be good for… get noisy

learn …from each other

at present


have an opportunity to

Complete the conversation according to the following school rules. A: What are the school rules, Alex? B: Well, we are not allowed to talk in the _____ library. A: I am not either. I don’t think anybody ____, School rules can talk in the library. 1. No talking in B: We must wear school uniforms. be allowed the library. A: Me, too. We should____ ____to choose 2. Wear uniform. our own clothes. 3. Don’t arrive B: We mustn’t arrive late for class and we late for class. mustkeep ___the classroom clean. 4. Keep the A: I know. I think that’s right. classroom B: We mustn’t listen to pop music. clean. A: Really? We mustn’t listen to pop songs 5. Don’t listen to the classroom, but should in we ____be allowed to pop music. listen to pop music outside. B: Idon’t ___think this rule is fair ,either.

Are you pleased with all your school rules? What school rules should be changed? Why? A: What school rules do you think should be changed? B: I think we should be allowed to wear our own clothes. A: What’s the reason?

B: we would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying.
A: How about you?

C: I don’t think so. I think we should go to school in uniform.

Are you pleased with all your sch

ool rules? What school rules should be changed? Why?
surf the Internet /study with friend/wear mini skirt/earring

A: What school rules do you think should be changed? B: I think we should be allowed to.................... A: What’s the reason? B: we would feel ........ and......................

A: How about you?
C: I agree/disagree. I think we should.................

Read the passage in Self check 2 and underline the statements. 1. We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. 2. We should visit primary schools and help teach young students. 3. We should be allowed to volunteer at newspaper office once a week. 4. Some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons off to volunteer and help others.

Dear Editor, I would like to reply to the article. I agree with most of your ideas. The article said that students should be allowed to take time to visit the old people and primary schools. I quite agree with you about this because they can be very good experiences. As for having Friday afternoons off, I think it’s not necessary for most students, because we have two-day weekends.



Zhang Hanyun is a teenager. She is allowed to sing. She is serious about singing. Now she is a singing star, and she has achieved her dream.

What’s his hobby?

If he wants to achieve his dream, what should he do?
Do you think practice much can get in the way of schoolwork?

Skim the passage and answer the following

What does Liu Yu want to be? He wants to be a runner.

Do his parents agree with his decision? No, they don’t.

Scan the reading to find points that show
his parents don’t agree with him

? Our son needs to be realistic.
?He needs to think about what will happen if he doesn’t become a professional runner in the end. ?He should study hard in the evenings. ?They don’t allow him to practice running on school nights.

?He needs to spend time on his homework.

Read carefully again and fill in the chart.

Parents’ points They worry about his ________. They think he should spend time on ______. They think he needs to be _________. They think it’s a difficult dream to _______.

Liu Yu’s points He wants to be a __________. He just wants to do what he _______. He is serious about _______. He _______ himself.

1.We have nothing against running. 我们没有理由反对他跑步

2. But we do think that our son needs to be realistic.
对动词进行 强调

3. But I’m serious about running.

Be serious about: 对…非常热衷。
4. Being a professional runner is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. 定语从句

5. It’s a very difficult dream to achieve. 这个梦想很难实现。/ 这是一个很难实 现的梦想。 6. Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream. 倒装句 只有那样我才有实现梦想的机会。
Only in this way can we learn English well.

There are some important phrases behind these pictures. Choose one ,

then explain it and make a new sentence.

get in the way of

be serious about

spend time on

achieve one’s dream


care about

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