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Unit5 It must belong to Carla.

Period 1

Summarize modal verbs in a sentence.(用一句话总结情态动词)
? Such as “He can play the guitar. Can 表示 某人具有的能力。”

Listen to the short passage, and try to write some key words.(记录重点词)
The basketball must be _______ The English book could be _______ The English book might be ________ The hair band can’t be__________

must : probably true 100%; could or might : possibly true 20-80%; can’t: almost not true 0。

Talk about the pictures with “must, could, might, can’t”

A: What’s this ? B: It must be a _____.

A: Where are they going? B: They must _____.

A: What’s this? B: It might be a ____. Or it could be a ____.


Who is he?

Where is the girl?

Read the passage and finish the chart:
Carla loves volleyball. Jane’s little brother has a toy car. DengWen loves cats, he also loves reading magazines. Mary likes reading books, Hemingway is her favorite author. Grace always listens to classical music. She has many CDs. Now they are having a picnic(野餐),guess the owners of these things.
Thing Owner I got it. (我发现了) ___________ must and “belong to”: The volleyball The difference between “be”be Carla’s. The toy car be + sb’s must belong to Jane’s little brother. belong to + must be __________. sb Deng Wen’s The magazine

The book

Mary must belong to _________.
must ___________ Grace. belong to

2a. Bob and Anna found a backpack in front of their school. Listen and write down the things in the backpack.

Things in the backpack 1. T-shirt 2.____________ hair band

tennis balls 3.____________

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks. ? ? ? ? ?

must 1. The person ______ go to our school. 2. The person ______ be a boy. can’t 3. It ______ be Mei’s hair band. could might 4. The hair band ______ belong to Linda. 5. It ______ be Linda’s backpack. must

Each group collects five things, the other groups guess the owners. Then write a short passage. (各小组搜集五种物品,邻组同学猜测物主,以短文形式呈现。)

Sample: I think the English book must be Zhang Ming’s, because his name is on it. The soccer ball could belong to Li Hua, he likes playing soccer very much. The hair band can’t be a boy’s; it might belong to Han Mei, because she loves red..
要求:1 使用情态动词表示推测。 2 使用be 或belong to 表示所属关系。 3 说明推测的原因。

Knowledge Tree

belong to, author, picnic, hair band, possibly


It must belong to Carla. It could be Tony’s.


must: 100% could, might:20%---80% can't 0%

Unit 5

? A: Make up two conversations according to 1c. ? B: Finish 2c in your English books. ? C:Collect some English sayings and ask the students to guess the meanings.
You can choose one to finish. (任选其一完成)

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