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( )1. This is _________ alarm clock.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. We don’t like_________.

A. broccoli B. broccolis C. a broccoli D. broccolies

( )3. _________. Is this your pen?

A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Hi

( )4. Do you have two ________?

A. tennis racket B. tennis rackets

C. tennis’ racket D. tennis’ rackets

( )5. He _________ his homework at school.

A. doesn’t do B. don’t does

C. isn’t do D. does not

( )6. ________this your guitar?

A. Am B. Is C. Are D. Do

( ) 7. Let’s _________ now.

A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to ( ) 8. How much are these shoes?

_________ twenty dollars.

A. Are B. There C. They’re D. Their

( ) 9. My father usually________ a shower _________the morning.

A. take; in B. takes; in C. take; on D. takes; at

( )10. ________you play the violin?

A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When

( )11 ---This is my sister Ann.

---Is _____ a student?

A. she B. he C. her D. his

( )12. I ________ two baseballs and my friend ________five baseballs.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has

( ) 13. ---Is that your book?

---Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it isn’t C. it’s D. this is

( )14. Miss Wei often helps us ________ our English.

A. at B. in C. of D. with

( )15. I want __________ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join




I like my Chinese teacher very much. He is a 16 man, about 25 years old. He is tall

17 black short hair. He is a very humorous(幽默的) person. He often 18 us jokes(笑话) and 19 to make our class more 20 . In class, he is a very 21 teacher. If we don’t listen to him carefully, he will give us some punishment(惩罚) by 22 us some questions. But after class, he becomes a very good

23 of us. He often talks with the girls and plays 24 with the boys. All of us really like him.

He is our 25 teacher.

( )16. A. old B. young C. very old D. aged

( )17. A. and B. for C. with D. at

( )18. A. tells B. says C. speaks D. speak

( )19. A. a story B. storys C. story D. stories

( )20 A. tired B. difficult C. interesting D. boring

( )21. A. busy B. strict C. interested D. well


( )22. A. ask B. asks C. asking D. asked

( )23. A. teacher B. teachers C. friend D. friends

( )24. A. a basketball B. the basketball C. basketballs D. basketball

( )25. A. favorite B. the favorite C. favoritest D. a favorite III.经过一学期的英语学习,你的阅读理解能力一定有了很大提高。(20分) A

Dear Mr. Wang,

Someone comes to the office to see you in the morning, but you and your wife are out. He comes

here at 10am. Because he is very busy, he goes away half an hour later. He tells me that he is your

classmate at college(大学). Now he teaches Chinese in a high school(高中) in this city and he lives near the No. 6 Middle School. He is a very tall man with short hair. He

wears a pair of glasses. He tells me his telephone number is 33426685. He is often at home at 7:00

pm. So you can call him in the evening.

( )26. The author(作者) writes this note(便条) to ______.

A. Mr. Wang B. Mr. Wang’s wife C. Mr. Wang’s classmate D. me

( )27. Mr. Wang’s classmate is __________.

A. a teacher B. a worker C. a farmer D. an actor

( )28. When is Mr. Wang’s classmate often at home?

A. In the morning B. In the afternoon. C. At 7:00pm. D. We don’t know.

( )29. How long does Mr. Wang’s classmate stay in the office?

A. Ten hours. B. An hour. C. Two hours. D. Half an hour.

( )30. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Mr. Wang and his wife are classmates.

B. Mr. Wang’s classmate is short.

C. Mr. Wang goes out with Mrs. Wang in the morning.

D. Mr. Wang’s classmate meets Mr. Wang in the morning.


I will never forget my first English class. It is very interesting. It’s the first class in the morning. The teacher goes into the classroom with a smile on his face. At the

beginning, he makes a self-introduction(自我介绍). And he tells us that his English name is John. Then he asks all of us to think of English names

for ourselves. We are very excited(兴奋的) to find a good name. Then he asks us to write our names down on a piece of paper. I think

about my English name for a long time. Then I come up with(想出) a beautiful name ---Shirley. All the students write their names down and give the paper to the teacher. When the teacher

calls “Shirley” to answer his question, three girls stand up at the same time.

( )31. What do we do in the first English class?

A. Tell the teacher our Chinese names. B. Find English names for ourselves.

C. See an English film. D. Draw pictures.

( )32. What does our teacher do first?

A. He asks every student to make a self-introduction.

B. He introduces(介绍) himself to all of us.

C. He asks us many difficult questions

D. He tells us a story.

( )33. What’s the English name of our English teacher?

A. Jack. B. Shirley C. John. D. Tom.

( )34. Where do we write down our English names?

A. On the blackboard. B. On the desk. C. On our hands.

D. On the paper.

( )35. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The teacher gives every student an English name.

B. Our teacher is a young girl.

C. Three girls choose(选择)the name “Shirley”.

D. The teacher calls our Chinese names in class.

IV 单词拼写(每小题1分,共10分)。

36. My mother and father are my p______________.

37. I’m a student. I do my h______________ every day.

38. C____________ is our homeland(祖国).

39. E____________ me, is this your pen?

40. Bill’s pants are long, but Emma’s pants are s____________.


song paint classmate .play Saturday sing friend music swim same different picture

I have four good __41____. They’re Jennifer, Victor, Cindy and Leila. We are in the _42____ class. So we’re _43______ too. Jennifer swims very well, she wants to join the ___44____ club. Then she can

swim on ___45____or Sundays. Victor wants to join the art club because he is good at __46______.

Cindy is a pop music fan. She can sing a lot of __47___. So she wants to join the __48____ club.

Leila wants to join the music club because she __49____ the violin very well. And she wants to be a

___50____ when she grows up(长大). I like them.


My name is Tommy Wang. T-O-M-M-Y, Tommy, W-A-N-G, Wang. I am a Chinese boy. My telephone number is 85523963. My telephone is white. Look! This

is my pencil box. ① It’s big and beautiful. It’s white. What’s in it? This is ② ________ eraser. It’s white. This is a pencil. It’s white. ③ This is a ruler. It’s white, too. I like white. I like green, too. Look! ④ My schoolbag is green. My notebook is green,

too. But my favorite color is white.

This is my good friend. His name is John. ⑤ He is English. Linda is John’s sister. I like my friend. Like English.

51. 把第①处黑体字部分的句子译成汉语。


52. 在第②处填入一个适当的冠词。


53. 把第③处黑体字部分的句子改成复数。


54. 就第④处黑体字部分句子的划线部分提问。


55. 将第⑤处黑体字部分的句子改为同义句。

___________________________________________________________ VI.书面表达(共15分)


(1)我叫Frank, 今年14岁,是一名Guang Ming Middle School的学生;

(2)可参照以下句型:I can ….

I like ….

My favorite… is/are ….

My hobby is …/ My hobbies are ….

I go to school ….





III A: 26—30 AACDC

B: 31—35 BBCDC





51. 它大又漂亮。 52. an 53. These are rulers.

54. What color is your schoolbag? 55. He comes from England.

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