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动 词 时 态 练 习(09真题)

( ) 1. Sam ______ Chinese since he came to China. He speaks good Chinese now. (2009 广东)

A. learns B. learned C. has learned D. will learn

( ) 2. If it ______ tomorrow, we will stay at home. We won’t go to the museum. (2009 广东)

A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. rained

( ) 3. ——Shush, be quiet! The baby ______ in the next room. (2009 广东)

——OK. Sorry.

A. sleep B. slept C. sleeps D. is sleeping

( ) 4. Prison Break is the best American TV play that I ______ these years. (2009 安徽)

A. watch B. will watch C. have watched D. was watching

( ) 5. ——Alice, turn down the TV, please. I ______ on the phone. (2009 安徽)

——Oh, sorry.

A. have talked B. talked C. am talking D. talk

( ) 6. Mr. Green won’t leave here until his wife ______ back tomorrow. (2009 吉林)

A. come B. came C. comes D. will come

( ) 7. It ______ outside. You’d better take an umbrella with you. (2009 江西)

A. rains B. is raining C. rained D. has rained

( ) 8. ——When did you become a volunteer? (2009 包头)

——Two years ago. I ______ this group since then.

A. joined in B. took part in C. have joined D. have been in

( ) 9. ——______you ______ the film city of life and Death (Nanjing! Nanjing!) (2009 云南)

——No, not yet. A painful memory. I will see it this weekend.

A. Will, see B. Are, seeing C. Have, seen D. Do, see

( ) 10. When I got there, he ______ them to dance. (2009 宁夏)

A. is teaching B. teaches C. was teaching D. taught

( ) 11. ——Would you like to go and see the film with me tonight? (2009 宁夏)

——Thank you, but I ______ it already.

A. saw B. have seen C. will be D. will see

( ) 12. ——I’m sorry to keep you waiting. (2009 宁夏)

——Oh, not at all. I ______ here for only a few minutes.

A. was B. have been C. will be D. am

( ) 13. She will write to you as soon as she ______ to Guangzhou. (2009 宁夏)

A. got B. will get C. gets D. get

( ) 14. ——Did you see the accident yesterday? (2009 新疆)

——Yes. It happened when I ______ past the museum.

A. walk B. am walking C. will walk D. was walking

( ) 15. ——What do you think of what she did? (2009 新疆)

——What she did still ______ us feel very sad now.

A. makes B. make C. is making D. is made


( ) 16. ——When ______ Jessy ______ to New York? (2009 武汉)


A. does; get B. did; get C. has; got D. had; got

( ) 17. ——How clean the bedroom is! (2009 武汉)

——Yes, I am sure that someone ______ it.

A. cleans B. cleaned C. has cleaned D. had cleaned

( ) 18. I used to love this film when I was young, but I ______ it that way any more. (2009 南京)

A. don’t feel B. didn’t feel C. haven’t felt D. hadn’t felt

( ) 19. A H1N1 flu is terrible, but our government _____ action to prevent it already. (2009 芜湖)

A. has taken B. took C. will take D. was taking

( ) 20. ——Did you go to the flower show in the City Square? (2009 绍兴)

——No. I ______ how to make food then.

A. learn B. learned C. was learning D. am learning

( ) 21. The teachers ______ the office for a few minutes when we arrived. We didn’t meet them.

(2009 常州)

A. had been away from B. had left C. have been away from D. have left

( ) 22. I first met Lisa three years ago when we ______ at a radio station together. (2009 兰州)

A. have worked B. had been working C. were working D. had worked

( ) 23. ——What subject ______ your cousin want to study? (2009 昆明)

——He ______ to study computer science.

A. does; want B. does; wants C. do; want D. do; wants

( ) 24. ——Have you ever been to Mount Tai? (2009 龙岩)

——Yes. I ______ there last year.

A. went B. have gone C. am going

( ) 25. Attention, please. There ______ a football game between China and Korea this evening.

(2009 淄博)

A. is going to be B. has been C. has D. will have

( ) 26. Listen! Someone ______ the doorbell. (2009 宿迁)

A. rings B. rang C. is ringing D. was ringing

( ) 27. ——Were you at home at 7 o’clock last night? (2009 宁波)

——Yes, I ______ a shower at that time.

A. took B. was taking C. was taken D. am taking

( ) 28. The boy ______ down the street when the UFO landed. (2009 仙桃)

A. walks B. walked C. is walking D. was walking

( ) 29. Linda ______ a lot since she entered Harvard University. (2009 甘肃)

A. change B. has changed C. will change D. changed

( ) 30. ——Where is your father, Leo? (2009 达州)

——He is in Hainan on vacation. He ______ for two weeks.

A. has been away B. has left C. has gone D. left

( ) 31. The teachers ______ the office for a few minutes when we arrived. We didn’t meet them. 2

(2009 常州)

A. had been away from B. had left C. have been away from D. have left

( ) 32. ——My family ______ where we will go on vacation. (2009 台州)

——Why don’t you go to Taiwan Island?

A. didn’t decide B. haven’t decided C. won’t decide D. aren’t decided

( ) 33. Miss Gao isn’t here. She ______ to the bus station to meet Mr. Brown. (2009 重庆)

A. go B. has gone C. has been D. would go

( ) 34. Look! The workers ______ a bridge over the river. (2009 南宁)

A. build B. built C. will build D. are building

( ) 35. ——There ______ a charity show this weekend. Would you like to join us?

——Of course. I’d love to.

A. is B. has C. will be D. will have

( ) 36. ——Susan stays alone in the classroom and looks sad. (2009 泰安)

——______ to her?

A. What happens B. What has happened C. What is happening D. What was happening

( ) 37. ——You are ______ on the phone, Tony. (2009 泰安)

——Yes, mum, ______.

A. wanted; I’m coming B. called; I’m coming C. needed; I’ll come D. asked; I’ll come

( ) 38. ——I’m sorry to keep you waiting. (2009 宁夏)

——Oh, not at all. I ______ here for only a few minutes.

A. was B. have been C. will be D. am

( ) 39. ——Good evening. I ______ to see Miss Mary.

——Oh, good evening. I’m sorry, but she is not in.

A. have come B. come C. came D. had come

( ) 40. ——Can I help you? (2009 江西)

——I bought this watch here yesterday, but it ______ work.

A. won’t B. didn’t C. doesn’t D. wouldn’t

( ) 41. ——______ to Tibet? (2009 仙桃)

——No, never. But I’m planning to go there next year.

A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go

( ) 42. She ______ as an animal trainer since 2003. (2009 北京)

A. has worked B. works C. will work D. worked

( ) 43. It’s Saturday tomorrow. Our class ______ to have a picnic if it doesn’t rain. (2009 龙岩)

A. goes B. will go C. went

( ) 44. All the students in Class 5 will climb the mountain if it _____ rain tomorrow. (2009 绵阳)

A. won’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. doesn’t

( ) 45. ______ many students in China ever ______ to s westerner before? (2009 沈阳)

A. Are; speaking B. Do; speak C. Did; speak D. Have; spoken

( ) 46. ——Have you read a book called Jane Eyre?

——Who ______ it?


A. writes B. has written C. was writing D. wrote

( ) 47. ——Did you watch the football match yesterday? (2009 苏州)

——Yes, I did. You know, my brother ______ in the match.

A. is playing B. was playing C. has played D. will play

( ) 48. ——Hello, Mike. Long time no see. Where were you? (2009 黄冈)

——Oh, not only my parents but also I ______ Wuhan for a month.

A. have gone to B. have been to C. has been in D. have been in

( ) 49. Thanks to our government, the areas on the west coast of Taiwan strait are ______ rapidly.

(2009 福州)

A. develop B. developed C. developing D. development

( ) 50. ——What does your sister like doing in her spare time? (2009 武汉)

——She ______ watching TV.

A. likes B. liked C. has liked D. had liked

( ) 51. ——Do you usually go to work early every day. (2009 四川)

——Yes, the bus usually ______ me to work.

A. takes B. fetches C. catches D. gets

( ) 52. There ______ many students in the library after school every day. (2009 北京)

A. has B. have C. is D. are

( ) 53. Yang Fen ______ every Saturday afternoon volunteering in an old people’s home.

(2009 孝感市)

A. costs B. takes C. pays D. spends

( ) 54. ——Why did you buy a radio? (2009 江西)

——______ English.

A. Learn B. Learning C. To learn D. Be learning

( ) 55. ——Is Mr. Green at home? (2009 黔东南州)

——No, he ______ Shanghai.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. is going to

( ) 56. ——______ you ______ your drawing? (2009 陕西)

——Not yet! It will be done in a few minutes.

A. Did; finish B. Will; finish C. Do; finish D. Have; finished

( ) 57. ——My spoken English is poor, what shall I do? (2009 湖南娄底)

——Join an English language club to practice, you’ll ______ it.

A. be good at B. drop in C. deal with

( ) 58. ——May I borrow your camera? (2009 山东)

——Of course. You can ______ it for 2 or 3 days.

A. borrow B. lend C. receive D. use

( ) 59. ______ your coat, Emily. It’s warm enough in the room. (2009 山东)

A. Take off B. Try on C. Put on D. Turn off

( ) 60. Why not come over at the weekend? My family ______ seeing you again. (2009 杭州)

A. enjoyed B. would enjoy C. will enjoy D. have enjoyed


( ) 61. She lay down on her bed and shut her eyes. Here “shut” means ______.

A. opened B. closed C. turned off D. rested

( ) 62. ——I thought you had ______ English. (2009 武汉)

——No. It has been useful in my work.

A. studied B. dropped C. failed D. passed

( ) 63. ——Why are you in such a hurry, Mike? (2009 福州)

——There ______ an NBA basketball game in ten minutes.

A. will have B. will be C. is going to have D. are going to be

( ) 64. I ______ a lot but I don’t play very often now. (2009 苏州)

A. use to play tennis B. was used to play tennis

C. am used to play tennis D. used to play tennis

( ) 65. ——Do you like playing computer games? (2009 山东)

——No, but I ______.

A. used to B. didn’t C. do D. don’t

( ) 66. ——Are you going to help John with his Chinese this evening? (2009 山东)

——No. He ______ to England. He will be back next month.

A. returned B. has returned C. returns D. will return

( ) 67. ——Hello! This is Henry speaking. I’d like to speak to your father. (2009 淄博)

——Sorry, he has ______ Shanghai.

A. been in B. been to C. gone to D. come to

( ) 68. ——How long could I ______ your English-Chinese dictionary? (2009 淄博)

——Only one day, please.

A. keep B. borrow C. lend D. come to

( ) 69. ——Jack, I haven’t seen your brother for a long time. (2009 福州)

——He ______ Shanghai on business for two months.

A. went to B. has gone to C. has been in D. has been to

( ) 70. It ______ outside. You’d better take an umbrella with you. (2009 江西)

A. rains B. is raining C. rained D. has rained

( ) 71. She often ______ new words in the dictionary. It is a good habit. (2009 陕西)

A. looks after B. looks down C. looks up D. looks out

( ) 72. I will call you as soon as I ______ the ticket to the football match. (200 陕西)

A. will get B. get C. got D. am getting

( ) 73. Jimmy can’t buy any new books because he has ______ in his money. (2009 贵州)

A. sold out B. run out of C. come out

( ) 74. ——Where is Peter? (2009 湖南娄底)

——He ______ volleyball with his friends in the school gym.

A. plays B. played C. is playing



( ) 1. My friend ______ me. I have to leave now. (2009 河北真题)

A. waits for B. waited for C. is waiting for D. was waiting for

( ) 2. Keep practicing and you ______ your English. (2009 河北真题)

A. improve B. will improve C. improved D. were improving

( ) 3. Be sure to let Tom know the notice as soon as he ______. (2009 河北真题)

A. will arrive B. was arriving C. arrives D. arrived

( ) 4. I ______ the wrong thing. Can I use your eraser? (2009 河北真题)

A. write B. wrote C. am writing D. will write

( ) 5. Helen loves to talk about travel. She ______ many places. (2009 河北真题)

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has gone for D. has been from

( ) 6. The news ______ very interesting! Tell me more! (2009 河北真题)

A. is B. are C. were D. was

( ) 7. The children ______ a P.E. class on the playground when it suddenly began to rain.

(2008 河北真题)

A. have B. are having C. had D. were having

( ) 8. Nick ______ a new camera. He has taken lots of pictures with it. (2008 河北真题)

A. buys B. is buying C. bought D. will buy

( ) 9. How’s Annie? I ______ her for a long time. (2008 河北真题)

A. don’t see B. won’t see C. didn’t see D. haven’t seen

( ) 10. I’ll do it better if the teacher ______ me another chance. (2007 河北真题)

A. give B. gives C. gave D. will gave

( ) 11. Henry speaks Chinese very well. He ______ in China since 2002. (2007 河北真题)

A. stays B. stayed C. is staying D. has stayed

( ) 12. When I went to say goodbye to Anna, she ______ the piano. (2007 河北真题)

A. is playing B. plays C. was playing D. played

( ) 13. My father ______ on business for two week. He’ll return in 3 days. (2006河北真题)

A. left B. has left C. has gone D. has been away


1-5 CBDCC 6-10 CBDCC 11-15 BBCDA 16-20 BCCAC

21-25 ACBAA 26-30 CBDBA 31-35 ABBDC 36-40 BABAC

41-45 AABDD 46-50 DBDCA 51-55 ADDCB 56-60 DADAC

61-65 BBBDA 66-70 BCACB 71-75 CBBC


1-5 CBCCB 6-10 ADCDB 11-13 DCD


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