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新概念lesson1----lesson10综合测试题 一, 单词辨音,找出划线部分读音不同的选项。(16分)

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 二, 单项选择。(24分)

1. My name is Robert. I _____ a new student.

A.am B.is C. are D. was

2.----What’s your______?

----I am an English teacher.

A. work B. job C. career D. duty

3.My name _____ Wang Xiaohui. I _____Chinese.

A.am, is B.is, am C. are, is D.is, are

4.She works in the police station. She is a _____.

A. policeman B. milkman C. postman D. housewife

5.----____are you today?

----I am very well, thank you.

A. What B. Who C. How D. Where

6.----This is Mary.

----____to meet you.

A. Nice B. Good C. Fine D. Well

7.Steven isn’t tall. He is ____.

A. cold B. short C. hot D. clean

8.Mr.Black isn’t a student.____ a teacher.

A. She is B. He am C. He is D. He are

9.----Is this your dress?


----Is this your dress?

A. Yes. B. Thank you C. Excuse me! D. Pardon?

10.This isn’t a Chinese car._____ a Japanese car.

A. It’s B. That’s C. She’s D. He’s

11.Hans is here. That is ____ car.

A.my B. his C. her D. their

12.This is ____ old car, and that is ___ new car.

A. a, a B. an, a C. an, the D. a, the


1.The ______ is a doctor.

2.Peter isn’t thin. He is _____.

3.Her son is not old. He is _____.

4.This umbrella is_____. I like this color.

5.---Is that Tim’s shirt? ---Yes, it is. It’s ____ shirt.

6.---Is this Emma’s umbrella? ----Yes, it is. It’s______ umbrella.

7.---Is this ____ watch? ---Yes, it is.

8.---Is that your blouse? ---Yes, it is. It’s ____ blouse.

9.Look at that woman. ______ very tall.

10.My car isn’t dirty.______ clean.


1. It is not French.____________________

2. He is Chinese._____________________

3. It is Italian._______________________

4. He is American.____________________

5. She is not German.__________________

6. That is my teacher.__________________

7. He is not French.____________________

8. She is Swedish._____________________

9. He is my son.______________________

10. Here is your shirt.____________________


1.Is this your_________(手提包)?

2.Thank you_____ ______(非常).

3.Is this your________(手表)?

4.Here is your coat and your______(雨伞).

5.Is she your ______(老师)?

6.Is that your______(房子)?

7.Wu Ling is a _______ (中国的)girl.

8.This is my ______(女儿).

9.My _____(学校) is big and beautiful.

10.Nice to _____ (遇见)you.

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