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一. 形容词
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 形容词作定语 形容词作表语 形容词作宾补 形容词的比较级和最高级 多个形容词排序 形容词的特殊用法 形容词辨析

1. 形容词作定语
1. 2. 3. 4. He is a tall man. It’s a beautiful present. The red pencil is mine. There is something wrong with the watch. 5. Is there anything special? 6. There is nothing new.

1. 形容词作定语修饰名词时, 放在名词 的前面. 2. 形容词作定语修饰不定代词, something , anything, everything, nothing 时, 放在代词之后.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. He is very strong. It’s getting warm. The soup tastes delicious. What he said proved true. She fell asleep.

1)表语放在系动词之后, 系动词有be , become, get, prove, get, turn, look, sound, feel, taste, smell等.

2) 有些成对出现的形容词
? Interesting/interested She became ______________ interested in English. ? Surprising/surprised Everyone was ____________ surprised at the news. ? Exciting/ excited What we experienced is really ________. exciting ? Moving/ moved The film was so ________ moving that everyone was _______ moved to tears.

3. 形容词作宾补
1. Running in the morning makes him strong. 2. We think the film really interesting. 3. Who has left the door open? 4. I found her asleep on the grass.


形容词作宾补 主语+谓语+宾语+形容词(作宾补)
1. 请保持教室清洁. Please keep the classroom clean. 2. 我觉得这个故事很有趣. I found the story interesting. 3. 他说的话让我很高兴.

His words make me happy. What he said makes me happy.

A. 规则变化 1) 一般情况直接加-er, -est. taller tallest 2) 以字母e结尾的只加-r, -st. finer, finest 3) 以辅音字母加y结尾的词,变y为I, 再加-er, -est. easy-easier-easiest busy-busier-busiest 4) 重读闭音节结尾,双写最后一个字母,再加-er, -est. Hot-hotter-hottest big-bigger-biggest 5) 多音节和部分双音节在前面加more, most. more important the most important

B. 不规则变化 Good/well ---better---best Bad/ill --- worse---worst Many/much ---more---most Little ---less---least Far--farther/further--farthest/furthest

C. 原级比较法
I hope this book is as good as that one. As…形容词(副词)原级…as 与…一样 She is not as young as my sister. The horse can’t run as fast as it did. Not as/so …形容词(副词)原级…as 与…不一样 / …不如…

1. 我和她一样勤奋.

I am as diligent as she is.
2. 她的书不如我的多.

She has not as many books as I have.
3. 汉语同英语一样难学.

Chinese is as difficult a language as English.

D. 比较级用法 1) 形容词比较级+than, 表示一方超过另 一方. She

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