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unit 3测试题

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六年级下unit 3复习题

一, 单项选择

( )1.---What ___you do last weekend?

---I played football with my friend.

A.do B. does C. did

( )2.---What did you do last weekend? ---I ____my clothes.

A. washed B. wash C watched

( )3.---Did you _____them clean their room? ---Yes, I did.

A. helped B. help C. wash

( )4.I’m tired and happy today. Because I _____my Grandparents in the country with my parents yesterday.

A. visited B. visit C. visits

( )5.I_____busy last Sunday. I _____my room and ______clothes.

A. am, clean, wash B. was, cleaned, wash C. was, cleaned, washed

( )6.---What do you usually do on the weekend? ---I often _______.

A.do my homework B. did my homework C.do homework

( )7.---What did you do last weekend? --- I __________.

A. go swimming B. went swimming C. goes swimming

( )8.---Did you ________? ---Yes, I did.

A. play the piano B. played the piano C. played piano

( )9.---____you go hiking last weekend? ---Yes, I___ hiking.

A. Do, go B. Did, went C. Did, go

( )10.---What did you do yesterday, Mike? ---I_________.

A. water the flowers B. climbed the mountains C. clean the room

( )11.____you ____TV last night?

A. Do, watch B. Did, watch C. Did, watched

( )12.They ____on a trip in February 2010.

A. go B. goes C. went

( )13.We’re going to _____mountains tomorrow.

A. climb B. climbed C. climbing

( )14.I _____a funny comic book yesterday.

A. saw B. watched C. read

( )15.---_________is she? ---She’s 165 cm tall.

A. How old B. How tall C. How long

( )16.I _______football yesterday. A. plays B. played C. play

( )17.---How ____are you? ---I’m 48kg.

A. old B. heavy C. tall

( )18.Did you _____your room and ______your clothes.

A. washed, cleaned B. clean, wash C. visited

( )19.Did you ____your grandparents last weekend?

A. visit B. visits C. visited

( )20.---Did you ____to the park? ---No, I _____to the zoo.

A. go, go B. go went C. went, go

二, 对话配对。

( )1.Did you watch TV last night? A. I’m sorry to hear that.

( )2.What did you do last weekend? B. I’m 51kg.

( )3.How heavy are you? C.I played football and watched TV.

( )4.When did you go to the park? D. No, I didn’t.

( )5.I failed the math test. E. Last Sunday.

三, 根据句意和首字母完成单词。

1.I helped my mother w____ the clothes yesterday.

2.Mike w____ hiking last weekend.

3.I p_____ the violin last night.

4.She likes p_____ the violin.

5.Amy didn’t v_____ her grandparents last weekend.

6.Last weekend we r_____ books in the library.

7.Last summer holiday, I went s_____ with my father in the river.

8.Mary d____ her homework yesterday evening.


一, 下列句子均有一处错误,请将正确的句子写在题后横线上。

1. This is Susan lovely case. ___________________________________

2. This is him brown tie. ____________________________________

3. This is her father cat. ___________________________________ 二, 仿照例句,根据提示完成句子。

例子:Helen\blouse\green A:What colour’s Helen’s blouse?

B:Her blouse is green.

1.Sophie\car\blue A:_________________________________________ B:_________________________________________

2.Tom\umbrella\black A:_________________________________________ B:_________________________________________

3.Gary\dog\brown and white A:_________________________________________ B:_________________________________________

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