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重庆市永川区第五中学校七年级英语下册 Unit10 Where did you go on vacation(第二课时)导学案

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Unit10 Where did you go on vacation



1.自己先拼读单词,再听磁带跟读,熟读熟记单词。 2.阅读理解语法中的句子并用铅笔译成汉语,写在句子的下方。


一、看看我有多棒: 先拼读单词,然后听磁带并跟读,完成汉译英:

1.are(过去时) ________ 2.come(过去时)________ 3. read(过去时)_________4.rain(过去时)__________

5.rain( 形容词)_______6.friend(形容词)_______ 7.friendly(反义词)_______8 awful(反义词)__________

二、用所给词的适当形式填空: 1.What about ___________( go) to the beach after supper?

2.Did you go ____________(shop) with her yesterday?

3.He __________(read) a book last weekend.

4.She practiced ___________(speak) English last Sunday.

5.His grandpa ______ ____(not work) two years ago.

6.On Saturday two kids v__________ their friends.

7.Yesterday we had a math t____________.

8.How was your weekend, Tom? It was g__________.

9.She s__________ at home because her mother was ill.

10..Last Sunday we went to the b________. We swam.

11.We often see talk s_________ on TV.

12.I did some ____________(read) over the weekend.


13.Sally often __________(do) her homework at night.

14.I _________(study)for the science test last Wednesday evening.

15.His mother was _________(happy), because he didn’t do his homework. 16. They ____________(have) a party last night.


Mr Smith is an English teacher. He comes from America. He has a daughter. Her name is Amy, and she is a good engineer(工程师) in New York. Mr Smith likes traveling (旅行) very much. He can speak Spanish very well. Now he is in China, so he wants to learn Chinese. He studies very hard, and he goes to Chinese classes every evening. He has a lot of friends in China and they often help him. He likes to talk with them. He tells his daughter that he can speak Chinese now.

( )1.Mr Smith works in _______

A. a hospital B. a police station C. a school

( )2. Mr Smith is good at _______

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. Spanish

( )3. His Chinese is ________

A. not very good B. very good C. not very well

( )4 –Where does he learn Chinese? --_________

A. In an evening class B.At home C. In his friend′s home

( )5. Does he study very hard?

A. Yes, he doesn’t. B. No, he doesn’t

. C. Yes, he does.

究解决. ?

1.大声拼读Unit10单词和教材P60Grammar Focus。




1.熟读句型完成2c. 2.听录音,完成2a,2b,然后找出词组并熟练应用。


1.He stayed at home.

2.I didn’t watch TV last night.

3.Did you go to the park? Yes, Idid./No,I didn’t.


4.Were you at school last Sunday? Yes,I was./No,I wasn’t.

总结:动词过去式分 动词和 动词的过去时。句型结构:

肯定句:1.主语 +V过去式+? 2. 主语+was/were+?

否定句:1. 2. 一般疑问句:1. 2. 答语: 1. 2.


( )1 ______ you busy last week? A . Are B. Was C. Were D. Do ( )2.Where did Vera go vacation?

A.for B.in C.on D.to

( ) 3.Did he go to Central Park ?

A.Yes, he didn’t B. No, he didn’t C. Yes, he does D. No, he did

( )4.A: ___? B: It was snowy.

A. What was the weather like yesterday ? B. How was the food? C. How was the weather yesterday ? D A and B

( )5.__ you __ soccer last weekend?

A.Did, played B. Do, played C. Did, play D.Did, plaied

( )6.Who cooked the supper today? I _____ . A. did B. was C. am D. do

( )7. .Where were you _____ last Friday evening ? A. in B. at C. on D. /

( )8. _______ was the weather like yesterday ?

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a ( )9. Lucy usually _______ on vacation in Shanghai. But last year she ________ to Guanghou. A. goes, went B. goes,goes C. go, went D . went, went

( )10. Where did she go on vacation ? ______ . A. She stays at home . B. She visits her uncle . C. She went to New York City . D. She wants to go to Hainan .



1.She went to the beach last Sunday._______ _______ she ________ last Sunday?

2.She bought a book for me.(改为否定句)She ________ ________ a book for me.

3.What was the weather like yesterday?(用sunny作回答)________ _________ sunny. 4.The people in New York were friendly.______ _______ the people in New York? 5.Mary does her homework every day.(一般疑问)______ Mary _______ her homework every



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