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unit8 Have you read Treasure Island yet period 1

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Unit 8
Section A
Period 1 (1a-2d)

Have you heard of these books?

Alice in Wonderland

Have you heard of these books?

Little Women

Have you heard of these books?

Treasure Island

Have you heard of these books?

Oliver Twist

Have you heard of these books?

Robinson Crusoe

Have you heard of these books?

Tom Sawyer

New Words
treasure island classic page n. n. n. n. 珠宝;财富 岛 经典作品;名著 (书刊或纸张的)页, 面,张 匆忙;赶快 赶快;急忙(做某事) 预期;预定

hurry v. hurry up due adj.

Have you heard of these books? 1a Check (√) the ones you know.
____ Alice in Wonderland ____ Little Women ____ Treasure Island

____ Oliver Twist
____ Robinson Crusoe

____ Tom Sawyer

1b Listen and complete the chart.
Title Name Have they read What do they it? think of it?

Book 1: Nick

Book 2: Sandy

Book 3: Kate


1c Practice the conversation. Then talk
about the other books in 1a.
A: Have you read little women yet? B: No, I haven’t. Have you? A: Yes, I’ve already read it.

B: What’s it like?
A: It’s fantastic.

yet 常用于现在完成时的一般疑问 句或否定句的句末。用于疑问句中时, 意为“已经”;用于否定句中时,意 为“还”。

-Where are you going for your holiday? -Well, we haven’t decided ______. A. already B. yet C. either D. too

【点拨】选 B 。答语意为“我们还没有决 定(去哪里)”。 yet“ 已经;然而”,常 与完成时连用,且常用于否定句或疑问句, 置于句末。故选B。

一般用于肯 定句,用于 常放于句中,实义动 疑问句时表 词之前,助动词之后 already 示惊讶,出 。 乎意料。


一般用于否 常放在句尾,not yet 定句或疑问 常用在答语中,意为 句。 “尚未;还没有”。

2a Listen. Who has read these books?
Circle the names. 1. Treasure Island Mark / Tina

2. Oliver Twist 3. Robinson Crusoe
4. Tom Sawyer

Mark / Tina Mark / Tina
Mark / Tina

2b Listen again and write T for true and
F for false. 1. Oliver Twist is about a boy who went out to sea and found an island full of treasures. 2. Robinson Crusoe is a classic. 3. Tina thinks that Treasure Island is a fantastic book. 4. Tom Sawyer is about a boy who lives in the United Kingdom.

2c Use the information in 2a and 2b to
talk about the books.

A: Has Tina read Treasure Island? B: Yes, she has. She thinks it’s fantastic. A: What’s it about? B: It’s about…


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